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Snikkbad Grimskragga Edit

A Description of Snikkbad Edit

Name: Snikkbad Grimskragga

Class: Hunter

Guild: The Legacy of Hellscream

Rank: Warboss

Server: Sisters of Elune

Race: Orc

Professions: Mining, Engineering.

Marital Status: Single

Raised in the Warsong Lumber camp in Ashenvale, Snikkbad Grimskragga is a card-carrying member of the Warsong Clan and former member of the Argent Dawn. Not so long ago the Argent Dawn requested Snikkbad's resignation from the group over a couple of incidents involving him and the Alliance. Snikkbad has a fondness for cigars and can usually be seen with one hanging from his mouth. Usually at his side is his pet wolf Lupine, a Ghostpaw wolf that Snikkbad befriended near his home in Ashenvale.

History Edit

During the third war, Snikkbad's parents fought along side Grom Hellscream and perished fighting the Scourge. Snikkbad was left to be raised as a woodcutter by his uncle's family. Snikkbad spent most of his time developing his sharpshooting skills, hunting the fauna in Ashenvale. Bored with the woodcutter's life, Snikkbad left the clan in search of adventure. He joined the Argent Dawn, but was kicked out due to a couple of incidents involving him quarreling with some Alliance, and an attack on Raine Wolfrunner, sponsored by his old clan. Recently Snikkbad has returned to the Warsong to lead The Legacy of Hellscream, the Warsong's fighting arm across Azeroth and the Outlands.

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