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Grayfox is a High Elf death knight, former paladin who fought for Silvermoon when prince Arthas Menethil destroyed the high elf lands to get to the Sunwell. He was one of the first paladins of the Silver Hand sended to protect the Sunwell. He was slain defending Sunwell with his troups. After his death Knights of the Ebon Blade resurrected him as Death Knight.

NeutralNPC 32Grayfox (Alias), Bloodbane Zensun (Real Name),
Title <Crusader>
Gender Male
Race High elf
Level  ??
Character class Death Knight, former Paladin
Affiliation The Kirin Tor, Knights of the Silver Hand (formerly), Alliance (formerly), Alliance of Lordaeron (formerly), The Sunwell Guard, Silvermoon City (formerly)
Position Knight of the Ebon Blade
Location Dalaran
Status Alive
Relative(s) General Borlia Battlesun (wife), four sons, 2(twins)
Mentor(s) Gavinrad the Dire (as paladin)

Biography Edit

Grayfox was once a well respected member of the nobles the Zensun house, his family was aristocrat paladins of the Silver Hand, after destruction of the Sunwell, the only family remaind is hes child love, now his wife Ranger General Borlia Battlesun and hes children.

The High Elf kingdom and Borlia Battlesun Edit

A milenia ago, before the Scourge destroyed ethernal Quel'Thalas, the highborne elves, then called themselves Quel'Dorei or High Elves constructed a magical well the Sunwell. Around of that power was constructed elven city Silvermoon City.

Grayfox even as young child he was rased to be paladin. His first mentor was Gavinrad the Dire, paladin who accepted young Grayfox in to the order of the Silver Hand. He was made paladin in Alonsus Chapel in Stratholme. At that time one paladin was arpentice of Uther the Lightbringer, son of king Terenes, prince Arthas Menethil was deputy and oldest student of the order. With his talks with Grayfox, Arthas was impressed with new high elf.

News of the Culling of Stratholme was waited young paladin in his home. Over there coming he was escorted by young ranger captain. He didnt know who was that until she came and introduce her self to him. It was hes former child love Borlia Battlesun now capitan of the Sylvanas Windrunner ragers of Quel'Thalas. They bought spend time togheter and descus of they now and former lifes. After fall of Stratholme, Grayfox as one of the last paladins of the Silver Hand decided to stay home and to protect his people under leadership of Lady Liadrin.

Love and marrage Edit

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Death and Knights of the Ebon Blade Edit

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Family and Kirin TorEdit

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Icecrown CitadelEdit

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