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Hi, I'm new so don't judge me if this isn't good.... get over it already

Bio...(kind of) Edit

hi, i don't know why I'm making this page, because no one ever cares about me...*sniff*. but anyway, I'm fairly new to world of Warcraft and I'm not good at leveling so my highest level is only 25. and i have this to say to all gnomes "look, i know that Gnomeregan was your capital and it had all that fancy tech, but its all radiated now, and full of leper gnomes. so just GET OF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND BUILD A NEW CITY! then we can just get a whole lot of dynamite and collapse the old city and kill all the freakin leper gnomes inside.... or at least stop mooching of the dwarves and go live in the Exodar, i mean C'MON... its a spaceship."

Goals Edit

  • Get the Gnomes of their bloody asses
  • actually get to a reasonable level
  • get a REAL computer
  • Start a religion for Tilly the teapot god
  • get proper goals

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