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This is my old page, I still use some of this, but for the most part it's just fond memories.

The Old Page Edit


Skreeran the First

Skreeran is an avid WoW fan. He is very creative, and has a background fan-lore that is so strung out and detailed that most wouldn't even be interested in hearing the whole story.

But here's a try...

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About Me Edit


Skreeran (70 Holy Paladin, 375 Mining, 305 Enchanting)

Skreerantwo (80 Holy Priest, 390 Herbalism, 342 Alchemy)

Skreeranone (63 Blood Death Knight, 359 Gnomish Engineering, 141 Inscription)

Iminyourbase (Level 37 Troll Rogue, 300 Goblin Engineering, 75 Skinning, this will by my primary PvP toon)

I moved to WoW from Runescape, and Skreeran1 was my character there (it said Skreeran was taken for some reason). I steadily began making lore for him, coming to an image for him that I liked (I got a pair of goggles unintentionally, and fell in love with them), but then I eventually moved to WoW. I still loved my character however (so much so that I had already made a mugshot for him in Fire Emblem 7 style, which you can see at the top on this page), so that is part of where I came up with the "world before the Titans" theme at the beginning of my lore.

I play on the Azuremyst server mostly, having started out playing a Human paladin who I did my best to model after Skreeran1, but that turned out pretty badly, so I decided this new Skreeran (the name of my pally), was a descendant of Skreeran the First (that 1 in there helped me after all :P). When thinking of a number to signify what generation of descendant Skreeran was, I liked the Eighth for some reason. Well, this led to some problems with the timeline (you can't cover 10,000 years with eight generations), so I came up with the Ancient Elf immortality feature. This also worked well with having my second character, Skreeran the Second (Skreerantwo), be legitimately alive in the current time period. All the other details (such as the five generations in-between), I hammered out over time, and so this is the current state of my fan lore.

Oh, I almost forgot, Tana149 was my brother's RS character, but I couldn't have him be Tana the One-hundred and forty-ninth, so when time came around to name his toon, we named him Tanathegreat. One slight problem, his RS character had been a grandmaster Archer (at least as far as RP goes), but he wanted to be a rogue. So I had to come up with the whole "paralysis spell" plot device.

One more thing, Iminyourbase ("Base") started as a twink, but I liked the character so much I just had to get him into my lore. He was so charismatic for a troll. Well, Iminyourbase didn't make a good legitimate name, but "Base" did alright, and that was my nickname for him anyway. So I incorporated him as an indirect part of my lore, but a fun part nonetheless.

Writing Edit

I've written two short stories for my lore so far, and I'm working on the third. I post these to my DeviantART account (, and you can find them there.

In order of when I wrote them:

Trapped in Twilight (Skriral and his experiences with the Twilight's Hammer Cult)

The Troll and the Tikbalang (Part of Base's history, as told by him)

A Word on Skreeranian Numbering Edit

S.N. stands for Skreeranian Numbering. It is the count of years since the birth of the patriarch of the Skreeran clan, Skreeran the First, as told by his elder son. This system, along with many others, was presented by Skreeran III as a possible calendar for dating to his kindred, the people of Strom. Until then, dating was done by Human in according to the positions of stars in the sky, along with the appearance of certain comets and other astronomical phenomena, but this is never entirely accurate, and always difficult to understand, and thus the leaders of the small nation had proposed that a new system be introduced. While Skreeranian Numbering does have a few pockets of supporters, it was mostly displaced by the proposal of A.S., the Age of Strom. However, by the time the Skreeran I was reawakened, S.N. had become a popular system, due to the Skreeran clan being one of the most powerful families on Azeroth at the time. Here are some important dates in Skreeranian Numbering:

War of the Ancients: 52
Quel'thalas: 3229
Founding of Strom: 7202
Troll Wars: 7229
First War: 10,029
Second War: 10,035
Third War: 10,049
Current Year: 10,056

If anyone has a better idea on the years between these events, or they are incorrect, please e-mail me at

(Note: Yes, I know that Azerothian history goes back way farther than the War of the Ancients, after all, the dragons were comissioned by the Titans some 64,000 years ago I believe, but being that there would be no way for Skreeran II to acurately gauge to time between the Titans arrival and his awakening, it is treated as a skip. Skreeran I was 28 years old when he was sealed away, and Skreeran II has counted 10,028 years since he awoke).

Skreeran I and the Background Lore Edit


This article is a player character biography page The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
Please make sure player character articles are named properly - see the player character articles policy.

NeutralNPC 32Skreeran I
Skreeran I
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 80
Character class Formerly Priest; currently Death knight
Location The Rift
Status Comatose

Skreeran I (Skree-rahn) lived before the Titans forged Azeroth into what it now is. He was of slender build, with long black hair (as all the firstborn of his family after him had), and an immense magical essence, largely owing to his mother being from a magically gifted tribe of barbarians. Entire civilizations existed before the titular peacekeepers arrived, including humans, elves, goblins, dwarves, gnomes, etc. (There were very few Orcs and Ogres present, because they were native to Draenor, and had to be summoned in by one of the Old Gods). The aforementioned Old God had begun to wage war on the early civilizations, and Skreeran I (a monk turned mage) went to war against him. Being a very, very powerful mage, and wielding powers of the light in addition to fire and frost, and throwing bolts of holy lightning down upon his enemies, he turned the tide of nearly all the battles he participated in to the favor of the primitive alliance. His use of light magic required him to shield his unusually sensitive eyes, and so he wore goggles to protect them from being blinded. He married an elf, named Ëina, who bore two sons, Skreeran II, who was predominantly elven, and Skortha, who was much more human-like.

In the last battle, he fought against the Old God himself, who was now taking the form of a Daemon. Taking up a light-blessed two-hand sword, he fought against the demon, while battle raged all round. Finally, as the Old God posed to strike, Skreeran I thrust his sword amidst its ribs, mortally wounding it. The god knew its avatar's fate was sealed, but it attempted to survive in a desperate last resort. It channeled its essence down the blade into Skreeran I. Skreeran I understood its plan, and he couldn't let himself be the undoing of all that he had worked for, so rather than let his mind be corrupted, he sealed his spirit into his blade, appearing dead to onlookers. He was then reverently sealed into a tomb, for his comrades didn't know that he was merely in a stasis state. Afterward, the Titans appeared from the sky, and saw the chaos and war that was being caused by the inhabitants of the world. So they selected many pure and strong individuals to be sealed away until after the remaking of the world. Among those chosen were Skreeran II and Skortha. After the Titans reforged the world, they built their crowning achievement, the Well of Eternity atop Skreeran I's tomb, which had survived.

The Geneology Following Skreeran I Edit

Skreeran II Edit

HordeNPC 32Skreeran II
Skreeran II
Gender Male
Race Half-elf
Level 80
Character class Priest
Location Silvermoon City
Status Alive
Main article: User:Skreeran/Skreeran II

Skreeran’s son, predominantly elven. He experienced firsthand the War of the Ancients, and gained immortality from his ancient elven half. He became a shadow priest out of defiance to his father.

((Yes, my actual in-game cahracter representing him is Holy, but I love healing.))

Skortha Edit

NeutralNPC 32Skortha
Gender Male
Race Half-elf
Level 60
Character class Warrior
Location Arathi Highlands
Status Dead
Main article: User:Skreeran/Skortha

Skreeran I’s second born son, from him all the other human generation of the clan were born. He awoke more than 7000 years after his brother.

Skreeran III Edit

NeutralNPC 32Skreeran III
Skreeran III
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 60
Character class Warrior
Location What is now the Ghostlands
Status Dead
Main article: User:Skreeran/Skreeran III

Skortha’s son, originally named Sergrahn. Fought in the Troll Wars, and married an elf.

Skreeran IV Edit

HordeNPC 32Skreeran IV
Skreeran IV
Gender Male
Race Half-elf
Level 60
Character class Hunter
Location Hillsbrad Foothills
Status Alive
Main article: User:Skreeran/Skreeran IV

Mapped out much of the world, and kept a journal on his travels. A half-elf, he is immortal due to his elven parentage activating his dormant ancient elf genes.

Skreeran V Edit

NeutralNPC 32Skreeran V
Skreeran V
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 60
Character class Priest
Location Northshire
Status Dead
Main article: User:Skreeran/Skreeran V

Human priest, helped found Northshire Abbey, and aided troops in the First War.

Serian I Edit

NeutralNPC 32Serian I
Serian I
Gender Female
Race Human
Level 60
Character class Paladin
Location Lordaeron
Status Dead
Main article: User:Skreeran/Serian I

Skreeran VI, she one of the first paladins, and fought in the First and Second wars. Had twins.

Skreeran VII Edit

HordeNPC 32Skreeran VII
Skreeran VII
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Level 70
Character class Mage
Location Undercity
Status Undead
Main article: User:Skreeran/Skreeran VII

A powerful mage who fought in the Second and Third wars. Was killed by Kel’Thuzad, later broke free of the Scourge and joined the Forsaken. Had three children before his death.

Skreeran VIII Edit

AllianceNPC 32Skreeran VIII
Skreeran VIII
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 70
Character class Paladin
Location Northrend
Status Alive
Main article: User:Skreeran/Skreeran VIII

Current inheritor of the Skreeran legacy. A paladin, he wants nothing more than to wipe out the Scourge. Helped in reawakening Skreeran I. Later married a Forsaken.

Serian II Edit

AllianceNPC 32Serian II
Serian II
Gender Female
Race Human
Level 70
Character class Demon Hunter
Location Outland
Status Alive
Main article: User:Skreeran/Serian II

Sister to Skreeran VIII. Kidnapped by the shadow council and accidentally became a Demon Hunter. Her firstborn child will inherit the Skreeran name as Skreeran VIII’s wife cannot reproduce.

Skriral Edit

AllianceNPC 32Skriral
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 34
Character class Mage
Location Dalaran
Status Alive
Main article: User:Skreeran/Skriral

Mage in training. Youngest brother to Skreeran VIII. Inherited Ëina’s ability to long-distance rune cast. Joined the Twilight Cult temporarily, and was left with permanent psychological scars because of it.

The Return of Skreeran I Edit

Near the start of the assault on Northrend, Skreeran VIII (who had the knowledge of the Blade of Skreeran's location as well as the knowledge that Skreeran I was not dead), Skreeran IV (who determined that the location of Skreeran I's tomb would be under the Well of Eternity, now known as the Maelstrom), Skreeran II (who actually possessed the blade), and Tana the great, traveled deep undersea to awaken Skreeran I. After they reunited his spirit with his body, it became apparent that although his mind was pure and unchanged, his body had been corrupted by the Old God's power. As a result, he could only perform a fraction of the spells he could before, and many of them had become darkened, tainted, apart from the light. His Light spells had become unholy spells, including summoning and necromancy, his frost spells inflicted more pain, and a mere thought could cause his enemies to bleed. Though distressed with his new unholy form, he accepted it as a necessary evil. If he was to keep evil at bay, he would need to use everything at his disposal. He spent much of his time traveling the world, speaking with people who had experienced the events of the world.

Eventually, he came to the conclusion that if the Scourge was to be defeated, peace with the Horde must be made. His family pledged their loyalty to him, and agreed that whatever he decided, they would do. So eventually, all living members of his family migrated to Theramore, where they stayed for a few weeks, before they made their way to the gates of Orgrimmar, an exodus thought of as an outright betrayal by many members of the Alliance. There the family threw down their weapons, and surrendered to the guards. That night, Skreeran I was brought before Thrall. As a show of goodwill, Skreeran I pledged his clan towards the Horde's needs, as long as they were not in conflict with the Alliance. Though Thrall was highly suspicious, he could feel the strength of Skreeran I's character, and decided to allow it (at the urging of Skreeran II, Skreeran IV, and Skreeran VII, who were already well known among the Horde), as long as all members of the family were given magical blocks (preventing them from wielding magic), and were kept under heavy watch. Skreeran VIII and Serian were stationed at Splintertree Post, and lived, worked, and dressed just as the Orcs there did. But, sadly, at least three of the Orcs there were loyal to the Shadow Council, and they were aware of Serian's immense magical potential, and so they kidnapped her, Skreeran VIII pursued them and killed one, but was apprehended by guards who believed that he had simply turned on them. The escaping orcs took Serian to Jaedenar in Felwood where they attempted to resummon Kil'jaeden, who had been repelled when he attempted to come through the Sunwell. However, she unintentionally began to absorb the energy, causing the distressed Shadow Council members to be forced to sever the connection. Serian inadvertently became a demon hunter, a fact that still haunts Skreeran I, who feels it was his doing.

Recently, Skreeran I became one of the few mortals to witness the hatching of a dragon egg. The baby blue dragon began following him, attracted to his magical energy. Skreeran I named it Benegos (Bene, meaning good, and -gos being the suffix for blue dragon names), but he is lovingly called Benny by most.

Friends of the Skreeran Family Edit

Tana Edit

AllianceNPC 32Tana
Tana ID
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Level 80
Character class Formerly Ranger; currently Rogue
Location Ashenvale
Status Alive
Main article: User:Skreeran/Tana

Best friend to Skreeran I. Used to be human, and due to unusual circumstances, became a Night Elf.

Base Edit

NeutralNPC 32"Base"
Base ID
Gender Male
Race Troll
Level 70
Character class Rogue
Location Ravenholdt Manor
Status Alive
Main article: User:Skreeran/Base

A Troll, and good friend of Tana, he has been known to help the Skreeran family on occasion.

Frequently Submitted Objections (FSOs)Edit

Frequently Submitted Objections:

I’ll tackle the big four first…

(Quick Note: Just because there’s no written evidence for something, doesn’t make it impossible unless there is proof against it. For example, my immortality ideas are not actually given in game, I thought of them myself, but being that they are explainable using a little imagination, and there’s nothing that proves them impossible, it’s at least believable, even if it is unlikely).

There were no previous civilizations before the titans! Only the Old Gods and elementals!

Okay, for this, I took a cue from the Silmarillion. Basically, I’m going by the assumption that there is a creating force bigger than the Titans that is guiding the universe, and perhaps the Titans themselves. (See: Creation Myth). In fact, if you look at it, the Earthen story is very obviously based on the creation of the Dwarf from the world of Arda (Middle-Earth). Aulë, the Valar who embodies the craftsman, who’s domain includes earth, metal, and stone, creates the Dwarf race from stone, but they do not possess life until Eru Ilúvatar (the “God” of Tolkien’s works) granted them life. The way I’m using it, at least for this theory, is that the “God” of Warcraft guides the Titans in their creating, at least in the matters of life. This “God” could easily create the pre-Titanic Elves and Humans that later appear as a result of Titan work, with or without the Titans’ knowing. (If they unknowingly copied their creator, or if they intentionally mirrored their creations after Its work).

This “creator God” theory helps to explain the origins of the Titans themselves, and the way intelligent races can appear without the Titans’ interference (the Murlocs, the Trolls, the various Demons, and so on).

If you want to get an even more convoluted explanation, you could even say these pre-Titanic races appeared through time-travel, like Rhonin and Broxigar, and seeded these primitive civilizations a la Prince Caspian. This has been applied to Garona Halforcen, who is apparently half-human, even though she was born before the crossing of the Dark Portal (See: Garona Halforcen), so it could also be applied to pre-Titanic races.

I mean, my theories (which of course I do not present as fact, but simply as an explanation for the existence of my lore) is no more “mary-sue” than the War of the Ancients Trilogy, where Rhonin, Broxigar, and Krasus all go back in time to fight in the War of the Ancients, and Malfurion makes Brox a magical wooden axe that he uses to fight off Sargeras on the other side of the portal. If a fan had written it, people would laugh, but it’s unquestionably canon. I’m not even presenting mine as canon, simply “plausible.”

Elves are not immortal! Only the World Tree can grant them immortality!

Using the first theory of origin, the elves created by the Titans might not necessarily possess some of the traits that the ones of more divine origin would.

Using the second theory, it could be said that whatever futuristic High Elves were the ancestors of these pre-Titanic elves had discovered, through mastery of the magical arts, the secret of immortality (or near-immortality), a la , the Draenei. (See: All the World’s a Stage: So you want to be a Draenei?)

So why has nobody heard of these immortal Elves before? Surely we would know about them!

I’m subscribing to the Highlander explanation. Basically, there are so few Immortals left, they aren’t recognized as immortal by most, but are seen as ordinary people. After all, many of them would have fought in the many, many wars fought between the rise of the Night Elves and “now,” and chances are, many of them have died. If the “immortality” gene is recessive, the only way a new immortal can be born is if two immortals have a child together, as Skreeran II and his wife. That’s why Larema is also immortal, but his descendents are not. In fact, if you look at the Shrine of Dath’Remar on Sunstrider Isle, he supposedly died in the recent invasion by the Scourge of Quel‘Thalas. This is probably a typo, but it fits pleasantly into my sub-lore. It has also been stated that some High Elves have lived as long as several thousand years[1]. Some, like Larema, that have only lived for a few thousand years might not even have their immortality noticed.

As far as my characters go, Skreeran the Second is the only one that people would see and go “Hey, hasn’t he been around for, I don’t know, ever?,” as Skreeran the Fourth spends most of his time away from civilization, and so I’ve created the idea that the fanatical Sons of the Second have spread a rumor that they actually replaced the current “Skreeran the Second” whenever he gets too old to be believable, and put another individual of similar appearance in his place, like replacing a child’s hamster or goldfish with an identical one when it dies. The rumor would make normal elves believe that this “cult” is simply doing this to make Skreeran II seems more powerful than he actually is.

Okay, I follow, but how could Skreeran I possibly kill an Old God? It took all of the Titans’ power to defeat them, and not even they could kill them, or Azeroth would suffer!

I’m using the assumption that there are more Old Gods than the five given (as hinted by the RPG, See: Old Gods, and I’m also assuming that they were varying in levels of power. Let’s use a Lovecraftian example. The God that Skreeran defeated is to C’thun, as Dagon is to Wikipedia:Cthulhu. (Dagon is killed, or seemingly killed by the player in the Xbox/Pc game Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth). In addition, with an artifact comparable to Frostmourne or Ashbringer in power, combined with Skreeran's already formidable skill, could prove enough to mortally would one of these lesser gods.

But why would the God take the form of a Demon/Daemon? The Old Gods have always appeared as tentacled monsters!

Following the assumption that the Old Gods have varying levels of power, one could also assume that they have different natural abilities. Since we’ve only encountered one so far, and heard of a second only in writing, one could assume that changing one’s shape is not beyond their reach. I mainly based this segment on the Maiar of the Silmarillion. They took many shapes, including the Balrogs, which are roughly demonic.

Now that we got those out of the way, let’s take on the smaller objections…

Skreeran I can’t be a Death Knight! He’s not dead or even related to the Scourge!

True, but he’s a wielder of both Necromancy and Rune Magic that wears plate armor and uses a two-handed sword. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and smells like a duck, it might be a goose, but if there is no goose class, you may have to settle for duck.

What’s with all these cross race relationships? I mean, Tana is married to a dragon for corn’s sake!

Well, love is weird, first of all. If one can see past outer appearance, you never know what might happen. I do admit I have quite a few characters with cross-racial relationships, but I can’t help it, they’re fun to write for. :P

Larema couldn’t have carried the Scourge for eight years! He’d have died by then!

Well, it’s like cancer, in my opinion. With the right treatment (in this case herbal treatment, much like the Athelas used to stave of Frodo's fading in the Fellowship of the Ring), you can stave off death, but eventually it’ll overcome you.

Tana can’t become a Night Elf if he’s human!

Well, under the shaping of Ysera, who can influence nature, which includes organic beings, he could certainly become a Night Elf.

You shouldn't use characters the are so powerful! It’s more interesting to read about more down to earth characters!

Yes, I agree. I like where my character are though, and if you look closely, most of my “real” characters are the ones who are more human, so to speak, rather than superhuman like Skreerans I or II.

Let’s take Skriral for example, a naive young mage who gets involved with the Twilight Cult, barely makes his escape, and suffers the consequences for the rest of his life. Or Base, a humble rogue, who despite being an unstoppable killing machine, still has his own past, and has a soft spot for children as well. Or Skreeran VIII, the heir to the name who is just trying to fit the mantle he was born into, and feels incredibly protective of his sister. I got another character coming in my new short story that should also fill this category, but you’ll meet her soon enough.

The point is, the big characters, Skreeran I, Skreeran II, and Tana, just help moves the story along for the smaller, more understandable characters at the bottom.

If you have any further objections or questions, feel free to post them in my User Talk page.

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