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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

NeutralNPC 32"Base"
Base ID
Gender Male
Race Troll
Level 70
Character class Rogue
Location Ravenholdt Manor
Status Alive

Name: Base, members of the inner circle of the Rogue‘s Guild know this to be due to his being the sole surviving member of Project B.A.S.E (Betrayer and Apostate Slaughter Engineer), but the most common explanation arises from the fact that he is incredibly well stocked in supplies and frequently, agents of Ravenholdt will seek him out to resupply while in the wild. Other explanations include the belief that he was once the Bassist in the Tenth Level Tauren Chieftains, a fact that may or may not be true,

Race: Troll

Record: Agent BASE was first noticed by the Manor approximately four (4) years ago, when he began turning in kills to which the Guild had assigned much more experienced assassins. In order to capitalize on his skill, he was formally invited to the Rogue’s Guild. He was deemed talented enough and selected for the exclusive Project B.A.S.E.. Members of the Project were used to hunt down deserters of the Manor, as inside knowledge of all the members of the Guild could severely hurt profits. Base also chose to take on various other kills that the Guild posted, including a job given by the Steamweedle Cartel, for the head of Duke Falrevere, the leader of the Bloodsail Buccaneers. While working on the job he met up with Tana, a rogue in the service of SI7, who was gathering information on the correlation between the Defias Brotherhood and the Bloodsail Buccaneers, leading to an initial conflict. Eventually though, Tana gathered the information he was seeking and allowed Base to claim his kill. Base killed the Duke, but also learned Duke Falrevere was not the first, and the he had simply inherited the name from the previous Duke. Within days, a new Falrevere had been placed, and the goblins would not accept the bounty. Knowing that no matter how many “Duke Falreveres” he killed, a new one would always be put in place, he wisely decided to abandon the job.

Identifying Characteristics: Base can be identified by his laid-back attitude and unusually light accent for a troll. He is also known to throw death threats lightly, especially to friends.


The following information has been provided to the Rogue’s Guild by an anonymous source.

History: The troll that became known as “Base” is the child of a Winterfang female and a Drakkari male. Due to his unusual birth, he was smaller and “weaker” than the other Drakkari children, that is, weaker in physical strength. In truth, he was more agile and intelligent than the other children, and quickly learned to defend himself. As the Lich King slowly rose to power, High King Malakk demanded that all male trolls take up arms, and Base and a number of other young trolls attempted to flee south across the sea in a makeshift boat. However, the remaining Drakkari branded the refugees as traitorous cowards, and their witchdoctors cast a hex on the ship, leading it to be throttled in a violent storm. Base floated to the northern shore of Kalimdor after a few days, and was rescued by the nearby Shatterspear trolls. The chieftain, Una J'iro, a troll of his own age, took a particular interest in him and accepted him into the tribe. There he learned to remain unseen whenever he ventured outside of the mountain gorge that they resided in. The trolls there were forced to contend with the native Night Elves of Darkshore for food and resources, and were vastly outnumbered. As a result, the few that left to forage for food had to remain hidden, lest they be killed by the viscous elves. Eventually, Base decided to make his way into the world to help his foster tribe. His agility and stealth drew him into the professional killing business, first making his way into Ashenvale and working off of simple bounties offered by the Horde outposts at Zoram’gar and Splintertree Post. He eventually learned of the Rogues Guild at Ravenholdt and found his way to the guild. He was taken in and conditioned into a killing machine to hunt down enemies of the Manor as a part of Project B.A.S.E..

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