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July 15, 2009

I have moved over to the

Hiya! I've made some contributions on other wikis, and have been playing WoW fFor about a year. I'm in love with the Darkmoon fFaire, so I decided I'd recreate the Darkmoon banner (below). I am given to understand there is a policy about not using fFan-made creations on this wiki, regardless of how nice they are, which I suppose I can understand. Ah well.  :) I hope to add other, more useful contributions to this wiki in the fFuture.

As fFor my own game-play, I am absolutely thrilled to get the Money achievement World Explorer at only level 73! It isn't easy, I can tell you. Proudest moment. I have added some notes on assorted pages to help others with this daunting task.

/script PlaySound("ACHIEVEMENTSOUND")

Cheers! --S


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