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About Me Edit

  • Name: Kevin
  • Internet Alias: Sixen
  • Current WoW Chars:
    • Izual - UD Mage on the Black Dragonflight server (Main)
    • Izual - Hu Warlock on the Proudmoore server (Alt)
    • Elzix - UD Twink Rogue on the Cho'Gall server (Forum Char)
  • Stuff
    • Legend in the Blizzard Tech Support and Open Tech Support channels on
    • Co-lead the Fallen Arms clan in Op W@R with the great Denial, who leads us to certain death.
  • Forum Information:
  • Miscellaneous:

How I got into Blizzard Edit

Well, I was dragged into Blizzard games by my dad, LONG ago... I remember watching my dad and my two uncles play Diablo 1 together back in 1995. All I remember thinking was, God, that's so cool! After watching them for a while, I somehow convinced my dad to "let me make a guy". I still remember thanking him every night for letting me make a character, since the game was rated either M or T and in 1995 I was only 4 years old. It started from there... We then got War2 and SC which I played nonstop and I just loved those games. And then we bought D2 and SC:BW, and eventually Blizzard just grew on me. We have all of the battlechests, every Blizzard game, the D2 Collectors edition, War3 collectors edition, and the WoW:BC Collectors Edition. I even own all of the Blizzard Novels... In May of 2005 I believe, I ended up in the Blizzard Tech Support channel with some friends to annoy some of the employees. Well, they were there to annoy them, I was there kind of watching and saying how it was a bad idea, etc. Turns out, I ended up making friends with the very first one, his name was KyleW who is now a Senior Rep. in the Tech Department. After talking to him for a while and stopping in during shifts, I met and got to know all of them. I got into Open Technical Support that way and then became quite popular. Ever since that day, I wanted to work at Blizzard as a Technical Support Representative and to this day I still want to be there. It's my dream to work there. Well, I don't really call it a dream, it's more of a goal, it's something I WILL accomplish, no matter what I have to do... On July 21st of 2005, ticket sales for the first Blizzard Convention, dubbed BlizzCon, started and I woke up bright and early to be the first person to get tickets. Once the tickets were ordered, I went and bragged to all my newfound friends in the Tech support channel that I was going to BlizzCon and found out that they would all be there, either working or roaming to enjoy it for themselves. When at BlizzCon I got to meet quite a few of them in person which was very nice. I really enjoyed that too, :). I've done the same thing since March of 2005, post in the OTS Forums and hangout in the Blizz Tech Channel. Well, in July of 2006, I was invited to be on the Blizzard Friends List for going "above and beyond" expectations of a normal player for the amount of tech support I was giving. Being on the BFL, I was able to beta test the Burning Crusade and will be in the beta test for whatever the next game is, =]. To this day, I am still giving Tech Support in the OTS on the Forums.

At some point in time I migrated to the WoW CS Forums, I can't quite remember when, but that's where I saw Sonic, Nixar, and Barolas, and the CSFSF for the first time. I remember saying, what the hell is the Special forces and why do these guys have it in their signatures? Of course, trying to to show my lack of knowledge of the CSF SF, I played it cool and asked Sonic for a way to get in touch with him. I believe it was Barolas who pointed me here and Sonic approving of it. When I came here, I got to know everyone in the CSF SF and that is how I became part of the group, ^_^. After joining the CSFSF I helped in the CS Forums and Tech Support Forums for a little while. I was then asked to maintain a Powerleveling Guide by Highlander, so Highlander and I had taken care of that for quite some time. Since then, I have moved to the WoW QA Forums (Bug Report/Test Realm/Tournament Test Realm) and have helped out here for quite some time with the users KayDeeThree and Duman. I've also been maintaining the "Bug Fixes Archives" thread that is stickied in the Bug Report forums as seen above.

There has also been another BlizzCon in August of 2007 where I got to meet even more people I had been in contact with, and once again, I had a blast. It was the first time the world has gotten the chance to play StarCraft2 and Wrath of the Lich King, and I was able to take part in that. Amazingly, another BlizzCon has been recently announced and is going on again at the beginning of October. There's no doubt i'll be missing that one, heh.

I was invited to play in the WotLK Alpha; good times... During the beta, something called the "Death Knights of Acherus" book was set into the game which included a tribute to a few Death Knights from the Alpha Forums, myself being one of them.

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