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On Daily Quests Edit

<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: I am sorry that you are having some issues with daily quests resetting.
<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: However, the recalculation timer is only an estimate. It can be a little later or earlier than it says in your quest log.
To [Grelitorn]: sure, but i was under the impression that the reset was at 4am server time. is that right?
<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: Honestly, I do not know. Each realm resets at different times.
<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: And there are too many realms for me to keep track of in my head.
To [Grelitorn]: hehe i understand that =) but ours was always at 4am, except it didn't reset yesterday at that time
<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: Sorry, Cylina. As I said it is only an estimated time.
To [Grelitorn]: ah, so it can vary from day to day?
<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: It can be a little off depending on how long it takes some of the other nightly scripts to be run.
<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: Honor calculations, etc..
To [Grelitorn]: oh okay - so it's on that same type of system. i understand now =) i thought it was more consistent
<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: :)
To [Grelitorn]: no problems then - i'll just stop trying to get them all in so close together =)
<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: Is there anything else that I can help you with while I am here?
<GM>[Grelitorn] whispers: Hehe
To [Grelitorn]: no, thank you much =)

--Thorn 11:32, 9 September 2007 (UTC)

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