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SindoreiDruid is a WoW player who joined World of Warcraft in September, 2009. His main character is Restoration/Balance Worgen Druid named Natrox.

Playing Natrox, I heal dungeons in Restoration specilization and level in Balance specilization. Natrox has the title "Ambassador" and is currently in the guild "Starlight and Shadows" on the Saurfang Realm.

ALL my characters are on Saurfang!

Ambassador Natrox: Restoration/Balance Worgen Druid (Main Alliance character) (Tailor/Skinner)

Fallenherro the Explorer: Unholy Blood Elf Death Knight (Main Horde Character) (Engineer/Miner)

Ambassador CelestialElf: Holy/Shadow Blood Elf Priest (Tailor/Enchanter)

WereHunter: Beast Mastery Worgen Hunter (Skinner/Leatherworker) Pets: Rex-Green Raptor(Raptor) Phoenix-Golden Dragonhawk (Dragonhawk) NOOBTRACKER-Black Mastiff (Dog) Hookbait-Blue Spiny Crab (Crab)

TimeisMoneh: Sublety Goblin Rogue (Engineer/Miner)

Mwaahaha: Demonology Troll Warlock (Tailor/Skinner) Pets: Zultip-Imp Gromgore-Voidwalker Zilikzinul-Felguard Derobria-Succumbus Zhaazhon-FelHunter

Sunwálker: Retribution Tauren Paladin (Herbalist/Script)

Frostbone: Frost Undead Mage (Herbalist/Alchemist)

Blood Elf Druids would rock! And i hate Warriors :P

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