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Silin is an undead mage playing on the US Proudmoore server.

This is not my first character.

In the past, I played an night elf druid Silir on the US Magtheridan server. (I've long since retired that character).


  • End game progression
  • loot
  • crafting professions particularly tailoring, alchemy and jewel crafting
  • Fishing for stress relief


  • Guild/raid/server/loot drama
  • farming for gold
  • cheating players
  • people who use /trade as a /lfg or /general

WoW things to do when you get to 60 Edit

  • Jump off the twin peaks
  • Go see the old god "the dead one" in darkshore
  • Linken's quest chain
  • Jump the gap at Thandol Span (there's a quest for alliance side too)
  • Visit Faldir's Cove
  • Go see weather

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