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General InformationEdit

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Sigfried Official alliance mini-icon Silver Hand IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 90 DARK HORIZON Officer
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
AllianceNPC 32Sigfried Fairchild
Sig on Lion
|Image of Sigfried Fairchild]]
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Warrior
Position Miner, and drinker.
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Leon Fairchild (Father -- Deceased), Hope Fairchild (Mother -- Deceased), Dantees Fairchild (Brother -- Deceased), Starr Fairchild (Wife -- Deceased)

Sigfried "Sig" Fairchild is a Warrior who was at one point to become a Paladin and future member of the Knights of the Silver Hand the incident of the Third War that took place that almost 7 years ago and left him as the sole survivor of the Fairchild clan. Sigfried has decided to continue fighting until he has finally given death to all does who oppose the goodness of people, right now here is a former member of the Argent Crusade.

In the past Sigfried was to become a Paladin but due to the death of his parents he took the path of the Warrior for he promised himself to bring justice to his enemies no matter the cost. Though he is a heavy drinker, Sigfried is a kind and honorable human.

Appearance Edit

Sigfried is a 5'7" and weights 150 lbs. not as tall as many heroes of Azeroth he has trained his mind and body to resist mayor blows from many enemies. Sigfried has many scars, though he keeps them cover to the public.

His hair constantly has change through time but Sigfried keeps it medium long and with a goatee on always. When using helmets his hair keeps it on it`s place and it could be seen during his time on the War against the Lich King when he used the standard Ymirjar Lord's Battlegear for wich it has been his favorite armor.

Sigfried loves the black color, but he would take mostly any color that goes with his personality and apparance. He is known to use many times golden color or silver.

His true passion is swords, you might see him many times with a blade on his hand for he never leaves them at all.

Personality Edit

Even though he came from a high society and very conservative in the traditions, Sigfried is very passionate, loyal, honorable and a true gentleman, he is known to treat everybody with respect though doing exceptions, (Notice that he treats Warlocks and Death Knights equal for his brother once in "life" was a Death Knight). But in times of battle his attitude turns into savage and even when in pure rage, Sigfried has compassion for some enemies. He is strong of heart, but his drinking habit takes him further to quite some struggles and few fights that he manages to keep at bay and silence.

His habits of reading, give him the title "The drunken bard." For he actually gives tales of all the stories he has heared, read or even created himself to give hope to his friends. His speeches of truth and justice are sometimes the best of all motivations in life. Even when it was almost lost hope, Sigfried is known to give words of wisdom, and lift spirits to does who surround him.

Even though he is the way he appears to be, deep inside his a sad and lonely person, blaming many times himself for the lost of his family and his love ones.

History Edit

Sigfried was born after the incident of the Second War, his father Lord Leon Fairchild and Hope Fairchild, a well respected Paladin of Knights of the Silver Hand, and a mother who was consider almost a saint for the goodness she had on her side. She had 2 sons, Dantees and Sigfried, both who were special in her heart, but Sigfried always brought her a smile to her face. During this time Leon took his son´s all around Azeroth with him and showed them the primary places like Quel´Thalas, Stormwind, Lordareon and the many other places. As well meeting Master of the Crusaders Alexandros Mograine. During the´re time in Quel´Thalas, Sigfried met his "half brother" Velanthor Whitbreeze, who he made a bond to help him when in danger in the near future. As well meeting in Dalaran his best friend Mithrandil Hellstrom, who not only would become a great Mage but had a strange obsessions with flowers and various plants.

When Sigfried was young, his father saw a potential in him that even his brother could not achived, but it was later showned that the potential he saw was a more powerful energy; Rage an energy that has seen passed to Warrior. As he grew older his abilities with the sword were almost mastered, and he was welcomed to the ranks of the Silver Hand.

At the age of 18, Sigfried and his brother were now each other on the ranks, it was not a surprise to see Dantees few steps away from his brother since being a Paladin had the benefits that everyone else would had desired. Sigfried on the other hand, trained side by side 2 of his friends and mentors in the art of combat as well being Paladins of the order, his "half brother" High Elf Velanthor Whitebreeze and Dwarf master Oben Broadwall, both of them who were experienced yet a rank further away from Sigfried. As soon as he recieved his first initiation, Sigfried learn a terrible news, a strange plague was taking the life`s of innocent people, yet there was no news from further front that what he already knew. Until knews came from him that Lord Uther the Lightbringer and Prince Arthas Menethil were heading where the source of the plague had begun. A meeting was held, it was on this meeting that the Paladins decided to prepare for a future attack from the enemy, since sources claimed that the Orcs were in fact the source of this danger. Leon, Dantees and Sigfried decided to prepare for anything that could happen and establish themselves in their own areas. But things were not as expected...

== The Fall of Darrowshire and The Silver Hand ==

A few months later, news from Northrend That Prince Arthas had returned, in this event, peace was felt for some months...until the most horrible event came; Arthas killed his father Terenas Menethil II, and start causing massacre to innocent people and turning them into Undead creatures, Sigfried prepared and an army of strong soldiers were send march to Andorhal and Darrowshire. As the army prepared themselves they were ambushed and does who where among the front lines were inmediatly assasinated. Sigfried bestow his shield and sword the best he could, in battle, it was on this moment that he was marked with the true essence of battle and rage was brought into a moment where waves of undead came over him and tried to destroy what was left of the army. A few Paladin`s one of them Velanthor saved Sigfried from a sudden death, and helped him back to his home in Darrowshire. After Sigfried was able to come back to his feet, a small group of people had established a small army to prepare to defend the small town at all cost. Sigfried decided to take this as an oportunity to prepare for evacuation. Asking his mother of the whereabouts of his father and brother, he decided to head back to Andorhal hearing that his brother and father were heading to that direction as a source of defense against the Scourge arriving in the brink of time, the truth was brought into his eyes. Leon was decapitated by the blade of the Lich King and his Brother stabbed through his chest, in that moment a rage attack took him over as he prepared to attack the Fallen Prince but a group of undead attacked him and he had to fled the field, as he saw into the distance the corrupted land, Sigfried pledge that justice would come to the Corrupted Prince for all that he had done.

As he arrived back to Darrowshire, Sigfried, his mother and Velanthor decided not to waste anymore time, and head to Southshore, hearing news that a boat would take them directly to the Harbours on Wetlands, as they packed ready and decided to head south, Velanthor told Sigfried that he had to return to his home on Quel'Thalas hearing news that the Scourge was heading directly there for reasons that he wasn`t unaware of. Bidding farewell to Sigfried and Hope, Velanthor left and the caravan headed south.

For days the caravan was attacked by the Undead creatures and were protected by Sigfried and the few trained soldiers that protect it, as they arrived to Southshore, the terrible news came, Lordaeron had fallen, the Knights of the Silver Hand were killed and does who survived fleed, and everything was taken by the Scourge. There was no time to waste as soon as the ship arrived the survivor`s rallied and were taken inmediatly to Wetlands were another Caravan would take them directly to the city of the Dwarves Ironforge. As they finally arrived there, Sigfried`s mother fail Ill and once being checked by a doctor, he was told that she became victim of the Plague of the Undead, probably from one of the attacks of the Caravan or someone bringing some spores of food on them without notice. With no other option Sigfried`s mother told him that there was nothing to be done, and that he should free her from the pain and never to forget "That all evil finally finds it`s end." As Sigfried heared this last words, he decided to take the dagger out his scabbard and stab her mother into her heart, before the plague transformed her.

The Caravan reached Ironforge and Sigfried ask for a place to bury her mother, Dwarves not aware of the situation or who he was, decided not to help him but instead asked a Paladin who escaped days prior from Lordaeron, to surprise of Sigfried it was his mentor Oben Broadwall, who helped him cremate the remains of her mother and take him to his home.

== The Way or the Warrior ==

Sigfried stayed for months on Ironforge and trained under instruction of his mentor, He as well was trained in the arts of hunting, as well as combat as an assassin it was during this time he decided that the best he could do is to continue his training in Northshire Abbey Where he decided he would become a strong warrior and get his revenge against the Lich King for all that he had done.

As he reached his destiny, Sigfried reached the city of Stormwind and soon began a hard training of mental and phisical training wich endure him in the arts of combat, reaching finally high hopes for the people around towns, Sigfried was later showned that his power was more of mutilating his victims than actually give them a proper death. For that he trained himself in the arts of combat and for the next 4 years his life would give a twist on new adventures ahead of him.

During this time as well, Sigfried met a childhood friend of his, Mithrandil Hellstorm, Member of the mages Kirin Tor. For many months both of them participated in many battles together and it was thanks to him that he was able to get further status on many factions of the many allies. One of them of course The Argent Dawn, Paladins and soldiers who want to destroy the scourge and who ever gets in the way. As he continued his training, Sigfried learned even the way of the warrior as it should been.

== The Dark Portal and the death of Illidan ==

A few years later Sigfried heared the legends of the Dark Portal and decided to reach it`s desteny, unaware that the portal was now open Sigfried decided to travel through it only to find a new universe and new allies he in the future would make himself aware of.

In the next few weeks he heared the story of the Black Temple and the master of it Illidan. After engaging many battles, Sigfried face Illidan and brought him to death only knowing that after all of the time he spend here his true enemy was heading to greater and more powerful places.

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