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Recipes used in Engineering are also called schematics. All schematics are used by Engineers to learn to craft items; many of which are taught by Engineering trainers. Schematics given as a reward for completing an Engineering quest, found as loot or purchased from a vendor are usually named in the format of [Schematic: Item]. E.g., "Schematic: Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector".

Apprentice Engineering Schematics (1 - 75)

(Yellow , Green , Grey)
Item Materials Source of Recipe Restrictions / Requirements to Obtain
(30 , 45 , 60)
[Crafted Light Shot] 1x [Rough Blasting Powder]
1x [Copper Bar]
(20 , 30 , 40)
[Rough Blasting Powder] 1x [Rough Stone] Trainer

Recipes learnable from Engineering TrainersEdit

Upon gaining Apprentice level Engineering Edit

Available from Journeyman Engineering Trainers Edit

  • Apprentice level Engineering skill (which teaches initial skills)

Available from Expert Engineering Trainers Edit

  • Journeyman level Engineering skill
  • everything the Journeyman Trainers teach, and...

Available from Artisan Engineering Trainers Edit

  • Expert level Engineering skill
  • everything the Expert Trainers teach, and...

Available from Master Engineering Trainers Edit

  • Artisan level Engineering skill
  • everything the Artisan Trainers teach, and...

Available from Grand Master Engineering Trainers Edit

Bc icon requires Burning Crusade:

  • Master level Engineering skill
  • everything the Master Trainers teach, and...

Recipes gained from Engineering QuestsEdit

Engineering quests reward or make available for purchase these schematics:

During the Lunar Festival:

From elsewhere:

Bc iconBurning Crusade:


These schematics may be found as loot:

Bc iconBurning Crusade:


These schematics are available for purchase from vendors:

Bc iconBurning Crusade:

Faction Rewards Edit

Faction Rep Skill Item
Cenarion Expedition Friendly 300 [Schematic: Green Smoke Flare]
Zandalar Tribe Friendly 300 [Schematic: Bloodvine Lens]
Zandalar Tribe Honored 300 [Schematic: Bloodvine Goggles]
Consortium Revered 350 [Schematic: Elemental Seaforium Charge]

Gnome Engineering Edit

These recipes require specialization in Gnome Engineering to learn.

From the Gnomish Engineering Trainers Edit

Bc iconadded with Burning Crusade:

Miscellaneous Edit

Bc iconBurning Crusade:

Goblin EngineeringEdit

These schematics require specialization in Goblin Engineering to learn:

From the Goblin Engineering Trainers Edit

Bc iconBurning Crusade:

Miscellaneous Edit

Bc iconBurning Crusade:

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