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HordeNPC 32Shondr Velana
Shondr by Velvian
Title <The Explorer>
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 80
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Zeramas, Silvermoon City, Netherwing Ledge, Dalaran, (Legerdemain Lounge)
Status Killable

Formerly a Blood Knight, Shondr was slain by Dar'Khan Drathir in the Ghostlands. Delivered to the Lich King, he was one of the Death Knights of the Ebon Hold. When released from the Lich King's grasp, he resumed what he'd set out to do long ago. The founder (and sole member) of the Azeroth Research Team, now seeks to find knowledge of the Azeroth, and beyond.



Shondr Velana was raised in the same household as his cousins Kendris and Avarila, his parents deceased during the second war. Raised in Suncrown Village, he was often bullied by his older cousin, Avarila, developing a fear of her ire. He would usually hide from her to escape. He was often scoffed at for his love of tinkering, often insulted by others for being more of a Gnome than an elf. before the Third War, he had begun training in the ways of the light, hoping to join the Knights of the Silver Hand.

Sadly, his efforts were in vain, as Arthas destroyed the city of Stratholme, dashing his hopes for joining the order. Still, he had hope that it would recover from this blow to its moral structure. It was to his horror when the Scourge attacked Quel'Thalas, led none other by the prodigal paladin Arthas himself. The Velana family evacuated to Silvermoon City in haste, taking the young paladin with them. As Arthas approached, the Velana family retreated further to a private ship.

The Velana family was lucky enough to have this private ship, allowing them to flee quickly while refugees amassed upon the shores, crowding into whatever ship could grant passage. From the distance, Shondr watched as Silvermoon burned...

Only when Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider led an army of elves from the ruins did the Velana family return to the somewhat intact Sunstrider Isle. Shondr found, however, that his powers over the light had begun to wane. He spent his time around the sunspire, trying desperately to wield the light once more.

Returning to Quel'Thalas

A breakthrough occurred when when M'uru was delivered to Silvermoon City. Regaining his power, he set out to help in the recovery of the elven lands. He steadily advanced though Eversong, reaching the ghostlands, while his cousin, Avarila, flew through the area, taking off for Kalimdor and other lands while he stayed behind, wrestling with the past.

His powers of light burned a path through the undead, increasing his hope of being a champion of the light... although his hope was marked by the nagging thought of selfishly using the Naaru, making his powers seem false, or wrongly gained. Still, he sought out Dar'khan in Deatholme, seeking to bring justice to the betrayer of the high elves.


As Shondr fought his way into the Scourge stronghold alone, he felt almost invincible. But as he entered the depths of the tower, he was doomed to fail. Unknown to him, Kael'thalas had returned, stealing away the naaru from the city. As Shondr charged into the room, he realized that he no longer held the light. He was but a foolish blood elf with a sword... Dar'khan, although impressed by his unyielding attack despite no hope of success, slew him quickly, turning over his body to Kel'Thuzad in Naxxramas.

Shondr, freshly slain, was almost ghoul fodder. However, the Lich King's plan would soon require corpses...

Shondr the Death KnightEdit

Knight of the Scourge

Shondr found himself standing within a necropolis, the haze of death lifting as his eyes burned with the icy lights of a death knight. His former paladin training and loyalties merely a vague memory, shrouded by the will of the Lich King. He'd been chosen from the corpses of Naxxramas, as he was quite fresh... In fact, he'd been dead too shortly to even develop rigor mortis.

Practically alive, his skin still vibrant as life (although much colder), Shondr followed the will of his masters, but he would deviate noticeably more than other knights. It was noticed that he took considerably longer to complete certain tasks. Not because he would wander, but rather that he would keep going beyond what was wished of him, enthusiatically slaughtering the Scarlet Crusade soldiers. (Also, he did not want to leave the Frostbrood Vanquisher...)

Taking part of the battle for Light's Hope Chapel, he watched as Tirion founded the Argent Crusade, and felt himself released from the Lich King's grasp. He was among the death knights who fought the scourge, driving them from the necropolis.


As one of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, he had to take the walk of shame through Ogrimmar, although he shortened his route greatly, due to past knowledge as a paladin. Upon amnesty, Shondr immediately headed back to Silvermoon City. Unlike in the past, nobody questioned the death knight as he learned Engineering and Mining. He then proceeded to move across Azeroth and Kalimdor, gaining in skill and producing devices. Upon reaching the Arathi Highlands, he encountered a group of death knights. He attempted to join them, but he was far too upbeat for them, and they shunned him away. Shondr narrowly missed an encounter with his cousin, Avarila, while there, hiding while she questioned his whereabouts.

Shondr quickly fled to Outland, fighting the burning legion, but more actively pursuing his engineering. He eventually constructed a Flying machine, which he was quite proud of. He sort of haphazardly explored the entirety of Outland shortly afterward.

Eventually, clad in a mismatching outfit of armor, given by grateful residents of the shattered planet, he returned to venture into Northrend, starting in Warsong Hold. there, he moved throughout the continent, eventually ending up in the Sholazar Basin. It was there he learned the skill to navigate in the cold winds while in the air. He then went to Zul'Drak, flying his mechanical steed through the darkened skies until he alighted on Zeramas. Nobody, Scourge or otherwise, was there. He claimed it as his own, yelling his proclamation to the uninterested people below.

He then joined in the Argent Tournament, believing it a privilege to serve under the Blood Elven flag. After searching, he came upon the Storm Peaks, which immediately grabbed his attention. Here technology far beyond what he'd seen (and he'd seen some advanced demon devices). Joyfully he moved all about the area, gathering as much information as he could from the locals.

Shondr TodayEdit

Shondr currently is somewhat lost. The sole member of a guild dedicated to information, he lacks any kind of support. He often wanders from place to place, sleeping in the Ledgermain Lounge in Dalaran... if not somewhere else. He's lately been around Netherwing Ledge, hoping to obtain one of the strange drakes, as his current companions are either machines or undead. He is often more than happy to have company, as long as they aren't competition (or trying to kill him.)


  • Shondr loves to make people laugh. He feels bad if he fails.
  • Shondr has bad luck with lava... he tends to fall into it.
  • Shondr is afraid of his cousin, Avarila.
  • He usually is quite polite, and hates to be a burden to others.
  • Is quite unromantic... due to a general lack of experience. is unwilling to try too

OOC FactsEdit

  • everything he says not in whisper, party, or on a channel is RP and in character.

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