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Neutral 32The Doomspine God
Title <The almighty>
Level Boss Elite
Health 990,000,000
Mana Unlimited
Location The chamber of Existence; Doomspine Plateau

The great, the almighty and most evil being in existence. Is the last boss in the game and has it's lair in The Doomspine Plateau. Brother to Sargeras.

Attacks and abilitiesEdit

Stub Melee: 20,000 - 30,000 on TDP or Dragnaros equipped tank.

Hellish Punch: Deals 125,000 to 750,000 damage to 5 people under the highest on the hate-list.

Dual Lashing : Deals 64,000 to 74,000 damage to the nearest 20 players around him, cast once every 3 seconds and casts True Weakness.

True Weakness: You may not attack for 30 seconds. This may be dispelled after 7 seconds, and also should.

Eruption: Erupts, dealing 75,000 Fire damage to 10 players farthest from him, also throws them into the air, Mages and Priests should be wary and use Slow Fall / Levitate as soon as possible. 10 seconds of obvious casting (Emote: Snickers loudly and then erupts in a fiery blaze).

Mana Eruption: The targeted will take damage equal to their current mana. The Doomspine God will cast this on the last player on the hate-list who uses mana.

Blaze: Erupts, dealing 75,000 Fire damage to the nearest 15 players and sending them into the air. The MT should be careful. The emote is same as Eruption's, but he laughs instead of snickering.

Frost Nova: Deals 23,000 to 46,000 Frost damage to the whole raid and freezing them for 10 seconds.

Shadow Bolt Volley: 80 Shadow Bolts that deal 12,000 to 16,000 Shadow Damage.

Frost Bolt: Deals 74,000 to 89,000 Frost damage to a single Target.

Frost Bolt Multiple: Deals 34,000 to 47,000 Frost damage to 40 targets.

Resilience Aura: Immune to critical hits.

Frost Aura: 240 yard range.

Frost Immunity Aura: Immune to Frost damage.

Strategy Edit

Phase 1 Edit


You should talk to A'dau <The Carpenter> who will stand there if you have defeated him in the past (which you should have), he will provide tanking duties in the first minute of the average two hour fight. Once he deals about 100,000,000 damage (regularly in one minute) he will yell: "This pain.. It's unbearable!". After yelling that The Doomspine God will laugh and your main tank should continue the tanking, only one healer should come with him. After 30 seconds to 1 minute all other players should come around in the Chamber. Ranged dps should stay close to the wall and be in range to cast. Melee should go to melee range. When he starts emoting for Blaze, mages and priest should change places with melee dps, if your MT has the DP trinket he should spam Mortal Strike so he/she is guaranteed to gain the Resistance buff. Mages and priests should have their Levitate and Slow fall spells ready. If TDG starts emoting for Eruption all ranged dps (except mages and priests) should run close to the MT. Again mages and priests need to be well prepared. In Phase 1 everyone should have their Fire Resistance upped as far as possible ( don't worry, you can change the gear at the step to Phase 2, Hunters and Rogues however can use Vanish or Feign Death and switch gear using macros/addons. ). TDG will fly into the air after 2 minutes and cast down multiple Fire balls to make the day harder. After 2 minutes of casting Fire Balls, he will fly down and leap towards one player and grab him into the air with him, he will fly with the player for about 10 seconds and release him when he is at the peak of the chamber and throw him down ( hint: using Parachute Cloak will prevent you from dying ) and eventually killing that player with the massive fall damage. Priests, however can use their Levitate spell, as there is no damage caused when he grabs the player. Priests should have a pair of gloves with the "ultimate hatred" enchant ( +150% threat when critically hitting with a spell, you can get this from Dragnaros ) and cast Mind Blast or any other mean of getting fast and effective threat on TDG. After throwing down 5 players he will fly down and continue Phase 1 combat for another 15 minutes. If you do not deal 10,000,000 damage to him in Phase 1 you will need to make quick work of him in Phase 2 or you will encounter Phase 6, which is a guaranteed wipe. When he descends from the sky he will cast Hellish Punch, during this it's advised not to run away, as he will cast all five Hellish Punches on the MT, which will kill him immediately, and soon cause a wipe if he's not handled properly.

Phase 2 Edit


In Phase 2 of the battle he will immediately fly into the air and disappear for 30 sec. In this phase of combat your raid should switch with Frost Resistance gear. It's also smart for the raid to stick VERY close and in the center of the chamber, that way Druids will have no problem with Tranquility. When he descends he will cast his Frost Nova, while the raid is frozen he will laugh and cast Shadow Bolt volleys, during this Druids should cast Tranquility and Priests should spam their AoE healing spells. After 10 seconds he will probably still cast another Shadow Bolt Volley, this one can be interrupted ( if it is, he will frown and continue melee-ing the top of the hate-list, which has been reset at the begining of Phase 2 )using Charge from the main tank. The first 5 seconds he will be stunnable and afterwards he will be immune again. During Phase 2 he will cast Frost Bolts ( both multiple and single ). Once every minute he will cast Frost Nova and the raid should do what they did at the begining of Phase 2, again he will be stunnable and silenceable, so take advantage of this, you will have some extra time in Phase 2 so deal as much damage as you possible can to make up for Phase 1 if you didn't deal 10,000,000 damage. The Phase 2 special: if more than 15 players are below 35% health, he will laugh and cast Shadow Bolts without casting time and spam them for 5 seconds, if this happens while players are in Frost Nova he will spam Shadow Bolt Volleys for 15 seconds. After you've dealt about 1,000,000 damage to him, he will either: a.) Jump into the air and leap onto the floor, dealing 75,000 frost damage every second during a 3 second stun or b.) Deal 1,000,000 Frost damage to 7 random people in the hate list. These two effects both have a 50 chance and will occur every 1,000,000 damage you deal. After the first million health he loses he will continue the real Phase 2.

Here he will gain a Frost Immunity, Resilience, Frost aura. Frost Aura however will deal 750 damage every 5 seconds, dealing an additional 10 damage for every person in the raid currently alive and an additional 1000 damage on every third tick. Once under the effect of this aura 1% of the damage he deals will heal him, so stack up on Frost Resistance. Once per 30 seconds he will call down an Icy Asteroid which targets the person in the middle of the hate list, during Phase 2 all ranged dps-ers must be spread out and keep 10 yards apart from each other. The asteroid itself deals 12,500 Frost damage instantly and increases the damage you take from Frost Aura by 500% ( a guaranteed death ), if someone does stand too close that person will take 6,300 Frost damage and will take only 50% additional damage from Frost Aura. When you see him cast this ( takes 3 seconds ) he will steer the asteroid, all melee dps-ers should try to get a lot of threat, but not over the MT. The wipe here can be caused by the 1,000,000 health penalty he causes, because he will most definetaly cast Multi Frost Bolts and thus dealing A LOT of Frost Damage to the raid, very wary if the whole raid gets under 30%, because if they do, you are all done for.


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Once killing him you will gain 10,000 reputation with all factions in World of Warcraft and if you kill him your first time you will gain a never-ending buff that increases your hp by 15% and all damage done by 5%.


<Mob Name> drops the following notable loot:
Inv sword 36
Inv sword 16

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