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Shiyo Jao Edit

Shiyo Jao is a gruesome warrior and self declared Emperor of Glaenia. He is far from pretty, quite hideous, and defiantly unpleasant to be around if you expect some one fancy. His accent matches an emotionless dwarf's accent. He is taller than the average human, standing 6'2. Almost always he is clad in his blue armor with a hooded veil. Shiyo Jao is a neo-paganist worshiping ancient gods from an unsung tribe, but in order to save his own neck he does not attempt to force his religion on others. Strange enough he managed to find himself a wife, Azsharis, a night elf who is quite the sneaky one.

Turassian Religion Edit

Shiyo worships a series of ancient gods who place no physical aid into the world. All of his gods symbolize something in nature. There are three factions of the gods; The Maxin, which is the holiest of all factions, The Green (Emerald) Lands, this is a giant jungle where souls seek reincarnation - those who wander in this plane for too long are consumed to their Animalistic instincts, Vor'Shan (Void) this is a plane of darkness and nothingness... it is all Shiyo fears.

(These are the Maxin gods only)

Tyurz: This is Shiyo's god of choice, the Bull of Strength. He now classifies Tyurz with the Tauren believing them to be the people of Tyurz. (Tye-uhrz)

Attanna: The goddess of flame, she is said to have formed the Sun by accidentally burning a hole in the floor of the Maxin. She is the strongest of all his deities. (Uh-Tan-Nah)

Gras'Mula: Later determined as an orc, she is the goddess of justice, hammers, and women. (Grass-Moo-Luh)

Graz'Muka: Brother of Gras'Mula, he mimics her only for males. (Gr-ahz-Moo-Kah)

Gau'Kles: The crafter of worlds, he is said to be the first of all gods who when alive made the other gods from a portal. The moon is said to be one of his thirteen eyes that was gouged out by the unholy and crazed Vulz Yamont (V-uhlz Yah-Moh-nt). (G-aw kl-ess)

Ren'Chli: Goddess of plants, sister of Firkhal. (Rin-Ch-lee)

Chog: Hermaphrodite god of Archery: (Ch-aw-g)

Jort: Now ubbed orcish, he is the god of Lightening. (Jort/Yort)

Voral: Goddess of transportation and messenger of the Maxin. (V-or-all)

Helal: Goddess of strategy. (Hell-all)

Ishman: Scientist and Engineer of the gods. (E-sh-mon)

E'Nag: The god of parties, Alchohal, and celebration. (E-Nawg)

Dezshiikal: Goddess of love, torment, and beauty. (D-ehz-she-ik-all)

Lorishan: God of art, poetry, music, and stories. (Lor-ish-an)

Rane: The dead goddess of souls. (Rain)

Firkhal: Goddess of Animals, sister of Ren'Chli. (F-eer-c-aw-l)

These are the top gods, there are said to be thousands.

Birth Edit

Shiyo believes himself to be born in the Badlands from a family of Cultists that are now dead. He does know that some way or another he found himself living with a Tribe at Thunder Falls. He lived here until the Defias drove him out. He was originally trained to use a Zwielhander, but later learned the power of the axe over the sword.

Glaenia Edit

Glaenia is what Shiyo declares himself Emperor over. The Alliance regards it as a militia organization merely gaining members for the time being, though members with-in call it a society of it's very own.


Slaves: These are those who are fit only to work without pay, they are like peasants in a way.

Freedmen: Freed Slaves.

Citizens: They are the common folk of Glaenia:

Upper-Class Citizens: They are Citizens Shiyo knows, or another senate knows personally and give them high regards.

Soldier: Your typical grunt warrior.

War Officer: Your elite commanding officer.

Vizier: A helper of the Sultans, often like their Senate. (Grand Vizier reports to the Emperor himself)

Sultan: Those who help the govern provinces and territories.

Senate: Those who work on specific matters in favor of the Citizens.

Emperor: The head of the whole thing.

The military is referred to as the "Tidal Wave'a Lads" named for the Blue Tabard each soldier is expected to wear to battle with him. The mass amount of blue leads to what would appear to be a wave. The soldier formation is that of a Phalanx, they stay in a square box, exterior armed with shields. Behind the Phalanx is the rangers and mages. Off to the side is the flanking Light Cavalry.

Extras Edit

Shiyo was at one time addicted to Mushrooms, he recently got over his addiction.

Shiyo is some times known as a transvestite as he used to walk about in a purple dress, he still can do this... but only on holidays.

Shiyo is often seen atop a barrel, usually he will sit on barrels for hours on end.


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