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AllianceNPC 32Landro Fordragon
Mordanath, The Dark Lord
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Paladin
Affiliation Old Gods
Position Chief of the Haradrim
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) N/A

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Landro Fordragon Edit

Landro was a noble member of the Order of the Silver Hand during the rule of Lordaeron, however when Arthas Menethil disbanded the order, Landro was lost - Being a Paladin was his life. He returned to Alterac his hometown and lived there as a Guard, until the Warmonger Ogre's overran the place, He was forced to flee to Silverpine Forest along with a handful of refugee's, As they approached Shadowfang Keep he found the Worgen swarming the place, the Refugee's ran and Landro fought the Worgen tooth and nail until they overran him, Landro fled through the forest until he stumbled off a cliff and into his death...

Landro awakened two days later as an Undead of free mind, And wandered the land as an errant knight until he came upon Stormwind and felt hope return to him... However the Cathedral of Light denied him and cast him out of Stormwind, Landro infuriated travled the land as rage consumed him... If it was for fun of toying with the mind of others or the Old Gods had purpose to do so they whispered to him, and began to bend him to their will...

Current Day Edit

Due to service to the Old Gods his life was restored, and he has wandered this land fueled by his lust to serve the Old Ones to search for all that may help him in his goal of freeing them, and/or bringing the end of days to their enemies. He has studdied the Arcane, learned the magic of Fel, learned to Shapeshift, Grow large and small, and much more... He currently has traveled to Azshara and lives in a tower on the mountain side.

Quotes Edit

  • On the Old Gods - "Are They evil? Millenia's ago they ruled this entire world and perhaps even beyond... Only for another Race who did not share their ideals to come and take their lands, This race created us and if not for them we would not be here but if they saw us they would destroy us. Their mind cannot comprehend our nature. How would you feel if your lands where stolen from you and you had been imprisoned in shackles beneath the earth, your warriors and servants slain, fled, or met similar fates to your own, As you watched for more then 50,000 years as your once mighty Empire crumbled and all that you had ever knew... ever loved was destroyed and forgotten. How would you feel? Sure they caused the deaths of many, but they do not view us as we do, We are their enemies creation, each and every being on Azeroth made by their enemy to inhabit and keep their lands. Would you draw your sword against them?"

Notes Edit

Thanks to Peter Jackson and his crew for several of the pictures, and J.R.R Token for inspiration. And helping me keep the dream.

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