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Ragor is the first fight of the Titan's Siege Halls. He is summoned by Foren when he detects your presence. The fight is a gear check with an emphasis on survivability.


  • [Fel Rain]—Calls down a rain of fel flames. Wherever a fel flame lands, a flame patch spawns. Instant. 20 second cooldown. Three fel flames will fall.
  • [Shadowbolt]—Deals shadow damage to the target. 2 sec. cast. Uninterruptible.
  • [Insignificant Blast]—Stuns the target and resets threat. Instant, cast every 20 seconds.


The strategy for this fight is simple if your raid is geared. You will need a main tank and a ranged tank (warlock). The main tank pulls and starts the fight. After 20 seconds, Ragor casts Insignificant blast, stunning the MT and resetting threat. He will then cast Shadowbolt 10 times in a row before once again casting Insignificant Blast and going back to meleeing the MT.

The main part about this fight is the Fel Rain. Every 20 seconds, 3 fel flames will spawn, which grow slowly. If someone stands in a fel flame, it will stop growing. If two people are in it, it will retract at the speed that it was growing before. 3 people will make it retract at twice the speed. More than that will do nothing. People standing in the flames will take fire damage every second, which increases if the layer isn't kept above 90% hp. To extinguish the flames before the next set spawns, there will need to be 3 people in each of the three fel flames, and all must be kept topped off by the healers. It is good to assign ahead of time who the 'damage soakers' are going to be, so that there is no confusion.

Aside from heavy healing on the tanks and damage soakers, there is no real threat in this boss fight. It simply tests your healer and soaker/tanks' gear.

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