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Ra'sha is an evil naaru that turned against his brethren and killed many to gain Sargeras' gift. He is so powerful that he has control of the usually random and unstable elements of a darkened naaru; the void portals and the shards that fly randomly around a naaru's body.

It is a battle for survival with an unusual twist in which a single mistake, usually because of the void mechanic in the fight, can spell a wipe.



  • [Basic melee]—High damage split between top 3 on aggro list within melee range. has a 50% chance to stack a stacking bleed effect on targets.
    • [Open Cut]—Physical damage every 2 seconds. Stacks double the damage done by this effect. Lasts 5 seconds.
  • [Open Void]—Open two portals to the Void, summoning a Void Lord from each one. Lasts 30 seconds.
    • [Void Beam]—Channels a beam onto the two voids, doubling their Void Pull and Void Trap's effectiveness. 10 sec. channel. Cast right after each Open Void spell.
  • [Shardstorm]—Throws shards at random players every .5 seconds, dealing high physical damage to each one and stacking two stacks of Open Cut on them. Instant. Cast if no one is within melee range. Will quickly wipe the group.
  • [Shard Barrier]—Reduces damage taken by 99%. Lasts 20 seconds.

Void LordEdit

  • [Basic Melee]—Shadowstrike damage to everyone in cone in front.
  • [Four-Sided Slash]—Slash in all directions, dealing shadowstrike damage to everyone in melee range.
  • [Void Storm]—Creates a void storm on a random location, dealing shadow damage to anyone standing in it over 5 seconds.
  • [Void Drain]—Heal 30% health. Increases shadow damage dealt. Increases melee range. Size increased by 10%. Cast whenever a player dies. The next Void Lord that spawns will have this as well.

Void PortalEdit

  • [Void Pull]—The power of the void sucks everything in, pulling all players towards it at 50% movement speed. Deals shadow damage every 3 seconds. passive. Player running is twice as fast, and therefore players can run to the opposite direction at 50% movement speed. Movement from pull does not interrupt casting.
  • [Void Trap]—Deals 150% shadow damage every three seconds done by Void Pull. Pulls players further in at 75% movement speed. Shadow damage done by this effect summons a Void Spawn with an amount of health equal to the damage done. Void spawns have a shadow-based melee. when inside the void, this replaces Void Pull.


You will need 5 tanks, and 7-11 healers, depending on how many paladins with beacon of light are in the group. The 3 Ra'sha tanks need two healers each, which means a total of 6 healers, or 3 paladin healers, and the 2 Void Tanks need one healer each, or 1 paladin healer. 3 Raid healers are also needed. The rest of the raid is 24-28 DPS.

Ra'sha is a two phase fight, one lasting 20 seconds and the other lasting 10 seconds. In the first phase, Ra'sha is vulnerable to attack, while channeling Void Beam. With Void Beam active, the two voids summoned every 30 seconds pull players at a rate equal to their movement speed, always away from Ra'sha. This can be used as a guideline as to in what direction to run to fully resist the pull. This also makes it hard to damage Ra'sha. Right away at the beginning of the fight, Bloodlust and Heroism should be used. Their 40 second duration is exactly two void beam phases, so that you have time to deal damage at the beginning. Viable damage dealers to Ra'sha during his vulnerable phases are: Hunters (instant long-range attacks), Rogues (shadowstep/sprint), Feral druids (feral charge/dash), and warriors (charge). All others should focus on the Void Lords that spawn, one from each portal.

The portals are on either side of the room, with Ra'sha exactly in the middle of the two. Ra'sha does not move and cannot be kited, so tanks must stand in the middle with Ra'sha. Void Lords spawn when a Void Portal is formed, every 30 seconds. Void pull is active during the whole fight, and players must be aware of their surroundings, and how close they are to each portal, because if they are inside the portal, then the raid will likely wipe. Why?

1. You take 50% more damage than from the regular Void Pull, meaning more healing on you, therefore more chance for you, or a neglected dps/ healer of dying, causing a wipe because of Void Drain.

2. You spawn a void spawn when you take damage, which does some hard hits, but can be killed in one or two shots. Still, increased damage, more chance of dying.

3. Increased pull means that it is harder to get out, therefore you will be stuck in the void portal for longer.

The second phase is an immune phase, in which he has his shard barrier up. During the vulnerable phase he doesn't melee, but the tanks need to still be next to Ra'sha. In the immune phase, he melees or uses Shardstorm, so the three tanks are necessary. All DPS who were attacking Ra'sha now need to switch to the Void Lords, to make sure they are down before the next vulnerable phase, when a new one spawns. Much of the strategy from phase 1 exists, but it is less intense, except for healing on the Ra'sha tanks, which will need to be consistent and high.

Though Ra'sha has very low health, this fight takes a long time.

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