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The Pantheon council are a trio of high-ranking enemies of Sargeras; a naaru named Hyl'loh, an aesir titan named Sotionrim, and a vanir named Nathere. This is a battle for survival where the raid must manage multiple damaging effects while maintaining high dps. High dps is needed because you have a 10-minute limit before you 'fail the test', and therefore you must give up some extra healers to make room for dps, and leave you with minimal (4-5) healers.


Sotionrim (aoe)Edit

  • [Lightning Charge]—When you cast or receive a spell, there is a 50% chance to pass Lightning Charge onto that target, as well as damage you if you are a player, and heal you if you are a mob. Stacks to 5. Debuff on Sotionrim at the start of the fight with 5 stacks.
  • [Waterfall]—Summons two stationary waterfalls on target locations, knocking back any players who enter them and slowing their movement speed by 50%. Lasts 20 sec., cast every 20 sec.
  • [Lightning Cloud]—Summons two lightning clouds that move towards a waterfall. Any players that enter the lightning cloud get knocked back and stunned for 4 seconds. Lasts 20 sec. Summoned 60 yards away from the waterfall where it will head, speed of 3 yards per second. Cast every 20 sec. When it reaches the waterfall, they turn into...
    • [Storm Bolt]—Creates a Storm Bolt which flies towards another Storm Bolt. If this is intercepted by a player, the player will take 110% health as damage and despawns the Storm Bolt. When and if the two Storm Bolts reach each other, they turn into...
      • [Typhoon]—Summons a Typhoon, that deals damage to any players in its path. Lasts until the fight ends. Covers a 20 yard radius and moves at 70% player movement speed.

Storm SpiritEdit

Retains Lightning Charge, cast at random players.

Nathere (single-target)Edit

  • [Basic Melee]—Dual-wield 4.0 speed fist weapons, damages cone in front, 33% chance to knockback, 33% chance to stun, 33% chance to heal self for amount of damage done.
  • [Stomp]—Deals damage to everyone within 30 yards of Nathere and applies Rock Shell. Cast every minute.
    • [Rock Shell]—You take 10% less healing from all sources, 5% less damage from all outside sources, and damage every second. Stacks to 5, stacks every 5 seconds, at five stacks disappears after 5 seconds. Damage from Rock Shell is not considered outside damage, and therefore does full damage.

Earthen SpiritEdit

Retains Stomp, centered around random areas.

Hyl'loh (heal/debuffs)Edit

  • [Light Beacon]—Damage and healing taken increased by 100%. Healing taken deals an equal amount of damage to the caster, damage taken heals an equal amount to the caster. When this effect expires or is removed, the target gains Light Dust. magic dispellable. Lasts 30 seconds or until dispelled. Cast every 20 seconds on a character not tanking any of the council.
    • [Light Dust]—Reduces movement speed by 20%, Healing by 15%, and damage by 5% per stack. Stacks every 4 seconds, stacks to 5. Magic dispellable. Lasts until removed.
  • [Shock Rain]—Sends Shock Orbs at every player's locations, dealing damage and stunning everyone within 5 yards of one. Cast once every minute, orbs travel for 2 seconds before reaching their target location.
  • [Bless]—Blesses the target with the power of light, immediately healing a small amount of damage and healing twice that amount over 10 seconds. Cast every 20 seconds on the mob taking most damage.

Holy SpiritEdit

Retains Bless.


This fight is quite a difficult fight. First, tanks must pick up the three and tank them separately. Hyl'loh and Sotionrim don't hit very hard with melee, but Nathere sure does. Also, because of his stuns and knockbacks, it is hard for the tank to find time to generate, and thus hold, aggro. He also poses the least threat to the rest of the raid, and therefore can be ignored until the end.

The moment the fight begins, Hyl'loh will cast its first Light beacon spell. The target should not be cleansed just yet; they should wait until about 15 seconds in. After 20 seconds, four spells go off at the same time; Hyl'loh's first bless, Sotionrim's first Waterfall and Lightning Cloud, and Nathere's first Stomp. Only the tank should have gotten hit by Nathere's stomp. Since the Light Beacon target should have already been cleansed, they should head towards the line that the lightning cloud will follow to reach the waterfall. They should be closer to the waterfall, but not close enough to take the knockback.

They stay here until the lightning cloud reaches them. When it does, the effect of the Lightning Cloud changes; it deals damage each second to the target and removes one layer of Light Dust each time. When all 5 stacks are removed, the lightning cloud will disappear, making sure that there will not be enough Storm Bolts to create a Typhoon. This cycle should be repeated every 20 seconds. Remember to wait a few seconds each time before cleansing the Light Beacon.

Lightning Charges will be passed on from Sotiornim to his tank almost immediately, then to the healers. Since there will be limited healers to make room for extra dps, the healers (except the Nathere healer) will have to heal the tanks and the raid, meaning that they will pass on the lightning charges to the rest of the raid. Lightning charges are hard to control, but do very little damage. The only real threat is if a lightning charge is on someone with Light Beacon.

Everyone except the Nathere tank should make sure to stay at least 30 yards away from Nathere. Everyone including tanks should make sure to stay away from waterfalls and lightning clouds, and healers should be ready to mass heal anyone immobile or stunned during Shock Rain.

When one of the council is killed, they will release a spirit that retains a single attack, listed above. Nathere creates an Earthen Spirit, Sotionrim creates a Storm Spirit, and Hyl'loh creates a Holy Spirit. Surprisingly, this actually makes the battle tougher, because cooldowns/limits on the spells are removed, and turned into spells that are cast every 1.5 seconds.

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