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A boss fight of mine, designed to not be an idiot, unlike most bosses, who could've used their almost infinite powers much better than they did when players encounter them.

He is easily one of the longest, most complicated fights players will ever face.


Men'an was an eredar priest, loyal to Archimonde when Sargeras came. Like his master, he accepted Sargeras' "gift" freely. He was always powerful and wise, and many came to him for advice both before and after the corruption. After Archimonde died, Men'an moved to where he had to under the demon's ranks; Kil'Jaeden. Men'an desires greatly to become immortal like Kil'Jaeden and Sargeras, but the well of eternity had long been destroyed by this time, and Men'an had no way of getting what he wanted. Or so most thought.

As the brilliant tactician that he is, he devised a plan to not only cheat death but give him almost limitless power, substituting for his lack of immortality. For his plan to take action, though, he needed many hard to find and dangerous "supplies". The first was bait, which he supplied in the form of kidnapped members of the red and blue dragonflights. They soon became more than simply bait as Men'an's plan folded out in his mind. The legion had failed time and time again to invade Azeroth, and he had a scheme that would destroy Azeroth using an unstoppable army, as well as the original goal, to make him immortal.

Nowadays, Men'an is as cunning and fearsome as he is ruthless and deranged. Few stand in Men'an's way, and he can calculate the odds of any fight years before the fight is to be.


Men'an has the attacks of a shadow priest, as well as some corrupt versions of regular priest spells.

Phase 1Edit

  • [Unholy Flame]—Deals fire damage each second to people standing within the Unholy Flame. Covers all but middle of stage during all of phase 1.
  • [Unholy Nova]—Hits everyone within 20 yards with shadow damage and knocks them back 15 yards.
  • [Shadowflame]—Targets in a cone in front of the caster take Shadow damage immediately, and Fire damage over 8 sec.
  • [Devouring Plague]—Afflicts the target with a disease that causes Shadow damage over 10 sec. 150% of damage caused by the Devouring Plague heals the caster.
  • [Shadowfiend]—Summons a shadowfiend from each of the 4 Shadow Vortexes in the room.
    • [Shadow missile]—Creates a shadowy missile that follows a random player around. Missile moves at 90% run speed. Channeled, 5 sec.

Phase 2Edit

  • [Vampiric Aura]—All damage taken by all players increases Men'an's Vampiric Power by 50% of damage dealt. Active at all times during phase 2.
  • [Shadowflame]—Targets in a cone in front of the 4 Shadow Vortexes take Shadow damage immediately, and Fire damage over 8 sec.
  • [Shadow Mirror]—All heals from or to the target heal Men'an for the same amount. Also, target takes 10% health every second. Lasts 10 seconds. Casts on the person that has aggro on the most mobs (tank) and person who has done the most healing (healer).

Red WyrmkinEdit

  • [Heal]—Heal the target. 2 sec. cast. spammed.

Red DragonkinEdit

  • [Dragon Breath]—Targets in a cone in front of the caster take fire damage every second. Channeled.

Blue WyrmkinEdit

Basic melee.

Blue DragonkinEdit

  • [Arcane Missiles]—Fires a series of arcane missiles on the target, dealing arcane damage. channeled.

Phase 3Edit

Men'an retains all abilities from Phase 1 and two.

Phase 4Edit

Men'an retains all abilities from phase 1. All adds become Vampiric Purple Dragonflight.

  • [Shadow prayer:Pain]—Inflicts all raid members with a Dot that deals Shadow damage every second for 5 seconds.
  • [Shadow prayer:Death]—Inflicts Shadow damage to the whole raid. Triple damage if target is below 30% health.
  • [Vampiric Touch]—Deals shadow damage to the target , and drains 6% mana from the entire raid each second for 3 seconds.
  • [Silence]—Silences the whole raid for 5 sec.

Vampiric Purple DragonflightEdit


Phase 1Edit

Every 5 seconds, an add spawns at each of the four locked doorways. These adds enter the room in phase 2. Exactly half way between each pair of doors, there is a Shadow Vortex on the wall.

Unholy Flame is dangerous. All players must be in the center, where the fire does not hit. This is also where Men'an is, and he will not move from his spot. Unholy Nova will push people into the flame, and everyone must immediately get out. Because of Shadowflame, everyone must stay behind Men'an. Devouring plague must be immediately cleansed, as it heals Men'an quite rapidly, and the more time it takes to bring Men'an down to 10%, the more adds there will be in phase 2. Shadow missiles will follow a player around, but slightly slower than the player's running speed. Therefore, the player should run in circles until the missile disappears.

Phase 1 ends when Men'an reaches 10% or when 5 minutes have past. 5 minutes is how long a well-geared (not overgeared or undergeared) raid would take to bring him down to about 15%, giving him some extra health for phase 2.

Phase 2Edit

Men'an teleports to a platform out of your reach, and opens the four doors. Adds pour in, all non-elite. From one of the doorways, the red wyrmkins will spawn, healing Men'an. These are first priority. From another, Red dragonkins spawn. They aren't very dangerous; leave them until after the wyrmkins have been dealt with. From a third doorway, Blue Wyrmkins spawn. These are the least dangerous, having only a basic melee. From the final doorway, blue dragonkin spawn, caster mobs that have some potential to be dangerous. Adds still spawn, but at twice the rate of Phase 1.

All damage taken by all players will give Men'an 50% of the damage in Vampiric Power. Men'an starts with an empty bar of Vampiric power, and the Vampiric Power's limit is equal to the number of players times 1000. If he reaches this, phase 4 will start, as he has reached his goal of immortality.

Shadow Mirror is very dangerous, and is always active on two players. These two players take 10% health per second for ten seconds, killing them within this time, but healing must be limited on/from them, as all healing done will heal Men'an as well.

Phase 3 starts either when 25% of the initial number of mobs are left, or when Men'an reaches full health.

Phase 3Edit

Phase 3 is a combination of Phase 2 and Phase 1. Players must use strategy from phase 1 to avoid his attacks, but continue attacking his adds. He still has Vampiric Aura up, and still casts Shadow Mirror.

Phase 4Edit

Men'an's health is doubled, and he is healed to the full amount of his new health bar. His attacks are all twice as potent, and he gains 4 new attacks, all that strike the entire raid. Strategy used in Phase 1 should continue, except for a few things:

  • A warlock with high shadow resistance or other raid member with high resistance to his own main damage should be assigned to destroying the Vampiric Purple Dragonflight. Their Reflective Aura and Vampiric Drain make a regular DPS' attacks useless, as the mob will do the high damage from the player's attack back at them, and heal back to full because of this damage, hitting exactly the amount that they got hurt.
  • Healers need to keep the raid topped off, as his two shadow prayers can quickly bring a player down to a low amount of hp, making them vulnerable to his Shadow prayer:Death.
  • Players should use mana-conservation abilities after Vampiric Touch hits.

Vampiric Touch is very dangerous, as Men'an deals quite a lot of damage, so if healers ever run out of mana because of it, tanks will not last a second.



  • Ah, our guests have arrived. Come in, Don't worry, you are better alive to me.... for now.


  • Gather at the gates, minions! Strike at my command! I will hold them off until that moment comes.

Phase 1 timer ends

  • Just as I planned. Minions, come in, and 'greet' our guests.

Reaches 10%

  • Ugh. a little stronger than I anticipated. This will require a minor change in plans. Minions, how about an early welcome?

Random during phase 2

  • Yesss... Yesssss.... Feeeed me your power, mortalsss.
  • All going as planned.

Healed to full

  • Thank you, healers. Return to the fight now, aid the rest. I will come down and help as well.

25% of initial mobs remaining

  • I did not anticipate these mortals causing this much ravaging on my armies. It seems I must slow their onslaught.


  • I expected more... hm... no matter. I will find others.

Phase 4

  • Thank you, mortals. You have granted me everything I wished from your presence here. Your mindless fighting has let me fulfill my goal of immortality, but now you are no longer of use to me.
  • Behold, my own creations. With the power I have drained from you, I have created a new type of dragonflight. They have the blue dragonflight's magical capabilities and the red dragonflight's mastery of life. I call them.. the purple dragonflight. They are unstoppable forces of darkness. You cannot harm them without harming yourself, and they feed off of your power, like I just finished doing.
  • Now you will face the supreme wrath of Men'an the Mastermind!


  • No.... How could this be...

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