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When the Elemental dies, the Marionette will assume his true form; a giant monstrosity of an ogre-mage. The battle starts when he is aggroed. Do not do this until the raid is properly spread out.



The abilities are ordered in the order that the Marionette casts them in battle.

  • [Forked Lightning]—Hits two players with lightning, and jumps to nearby players within 10 yards every 0.5 seconds. Jumps increase damage by 50%. 10 sec. cooldown. 1.5 sec. cast, uninterruptible.
  • [Imprisoning Blast]—Hits a random player with a blast of arcane, dealing damage and stunning for 10 seconds the target and nearby allies. Summons 2 Enchanted Chains.
  • [Flame Rage]—Slashes in all directions with flame, hitting up to 5 people with fire damage and inflicting them with Raging Flames. 10 sec. cooldown. Instant. Starts a 1.5 sec cooldown on all other abilities.
    • [Raging Flames]—Fire damage each second to you and nearby allies. Healing taken adds an additional stack of Raging flames and refreshes the duration. Exponential growth.
  • [Frost Storm]—Throws Ice Patches at random players' locations every 0.5 seconds. channeled, 2.5 sec. 10 sec. cooldown. Uninterruptible. Applies...
    • [Raging Cold]—Frost damage each second to you and nearby allies. Healing taken adds a stack of Raging Cold and refreshes the duration. Exponential Growth.
  • [Chain Lightning]—Hits a random player with lightning, and jumps to nearby players within 10 yards every 0.5 seconds. Jumps increase damage by 50%. 1.5 sec. cast, uninterruptible.

Enchanted ChainsEdit

  • [Enchanted Shield]—The range of all spells and abilities against the caster is reduced to melee range.


  • [Chained]—Mind controlled. 1000% damage, 500% health, untauntable, immune to crowd control. Cast on a player if enchanted chains reaches him.
  • [Shackled]—Mind Controlled. Healing increased by 1000%. Damage increased by 500%. cast on a player if the player dies.


The Marionette has a 10 second spell rotation, in the order listed above. During this time, he only melees once or twice, between Flame Rage and Frost Storm, with a speed of 1.0 and heavy damage. He uses chain lightning twice during every rotation, one after the other at the end of his rotation.

His attacks require players to spread out across the room, but two of his spells require certain players to come close to each other. These players must spread out again as quickly as possible. These two spells will be adressed later on.

Forked LightningEdit

Forked Lightning is just like Chain Lightning, but starting with two people taking damage, meaning it spreads twice as fast if your raid isn't properly spread out, and will result in a wipe. a single player can be hit multiple times, but there must be a jump to a different player between every time. If your raid is properly spread out, this shouldn't cause much trouble.

Imprisoning BlastEdit

Since people should already be spread out, this should only affect one person. This person, however, is stunned, and Enchanted Chains will spawn and go towards him. The chains must be DPSd down before they reach the person, or he becomes mind controlled, with 1000% damage and 500% health.

Flame RageEdit

5 people are hit with this(2 on 10-man), and get Raging Flame. See Raging Effects for details about removal.

Frost StormEdit

5 people are hit with this (2 on 10-man), and get Raging Cold. See Raging Effects for details about removal.

Raging EffectsEdit

You can't heal people with Raging Effects, because all that does is double the damage done each second by the effect. The only way to remove the effects is to move close to someone with the opposite raging effect (raging cold with raging flame) and let it tick. Either one ticking while in range of another player afflicted removes a stack of the effect. Once the effect is removed, move back to your spots as quickly as possible.

Chain LightningEdit

Pretty basic attack, simply making sure that you are properly spread out. This attack's danger to the raid is increased by the fact that it is right after the frost storm, when people are coming together to remove the raging effect.

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