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Foren is the final boss of the first wing of the Titan's Siege Halls. Though he is mainly a fire boss, he uses a physical attack and a shadow attack as well.


  • [Lava Crack]—Summon a lava crack that slowly expands and creeps towards its target. Instant. Cast at any enemy out of melee range. If anyone steps on one, triggers...
    • [Summon Imps]—Summons 1 unstable Fel Imp and 1 Flaming Fel Imp.
  • [Flame Release]—Engulfs the caster in flames, dealing fire damage to any opponent in melee range each second and making the caster immune to all damage. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • [Flame Instability]—The caster destabilizes, dealing 50% hp to everyone in the raid, and an additional 20% every two seconds for 6 seconds. 30 second timer.
  • [Pummel]—Wipes all threat, targets a random player, charges him, and then stuns the target for three seconds, dealing physical damage each second to the target and generating 500k threat per second on him.
  • [Shadow blast]—Five seconds after a pummel, deals massive shadow damage to the target. This gives the tank only two seconds to regain aggro, most likely through taunting, or else the target from pummel will die.

Unstable Fel ImpEdit

  • [Explosion]—Deals high fire damage to the whole raid. Cast if it catches up to the targeted player.

Flaming Fel ImpEdit

  • [Fireball]—Deals fire damage to the target. 2 second cast. Cast on targeted player


Everyone stay in melee. When he casts Flame Release, everyone must immediately go into ranged. It is a good idea to stay in a group even while moving to ranged, and moving together to dodge the lava cracks. This way, if Flame Instability hits while the group is in ranged, the healers can heal the raid to keep them up more easily. A druid can use Barkskin right before Flame Instability is to hit, then use Tranquility and Wild Growth to heal the raid. Priests can summon Lightwells for players to click on while using Holy Nova to further heal, Shamans can use Chain Heal, Healing Stream Totem and Healing Rain (unreleased ability. Available in cataclysm), while Paladins can heal the tank, who will need a lot more healing than others.

If the imps spawn, the targeted player must kite the unstable fel imp while everyone nukes it (it has a lot of hp) to avoid high raid damage. After the unstable imp is dead, focus on the Flaming fel Imp. These will spawn more rapidly throughout the fight, as they will spawn from dead players' corpses/bones as well.

Another problem is the frequent threat reset from pummel. The target will take a lot of damage, and will require a lot of healing. If Flame Release is on at the same time, the target likely won't survive. The moment pummel ends, the tank must immediately taunt, and will then require healing because of Shadow Blast.

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