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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


I was tired of the Academy. Just plain tired. I wanted to get out, and there's only one way to get out without spending 2 more years in the rathole. Beat someone who already graduated. Luckily, I knew someone like that. My step-brother Mag'uk. Needless to say, I challenged him.

At first when I challenged him, he simply laughed, but then noticed i was serious.

'Alright,' he said, 'but don't call me a cheater when i win.'

He smirked, as 4 of those totems of his appeared. I was prepared, though. I was going to wipe the smile off his face.

I leaped at him immediately without thinking, blades first.

'Ahhhh!' I yelled as I jumped. He simply raised his hand, and rocks grew from the ground, colliding with me and causing me to fall.

As I stared down, I saw his red, flame-emitting totem straight beneath me. I only had a split second to think, and even less to do. I grabbed my throwing knife and cut the totem before I hit the ground. Landing on my feet, i caught the knife in between my fingers.

'Impressive,' Mag'uk taunted, 'but you'll need a lot more to hurt me.'

'We'll see about that.' I grunted.

Mag'uk laughed, raised his hand again and this time, ice grew on my joints.

I pulled a smokebomb out of my sleeve and threw it to the ground with as much force as i could with my joints half-frozen. I ran over to the wall of the stadium and took out knifes. I knew how to do this. I clipped one knife to each of my shoes, held another two in each hand, and climbed the wall, then the ceiling. He came looking for me in seconds, and i smiled, as i got into position for attack.

I crawled until I was right behind him, then let go of my hands' climbing knifes, so that i was upside-down, took my daggers, and stabbed them both hard into his mail-covered back. The aftermath was not what I had expected.

Instead of him recoiling in pain, I was the one who recoiled as lightning surged through my body. He turned and smirked, as his totems reappeared.

The green one glowed the same shade of green as the layer of rock growing over Mag'uk's entire body. The blue one sent water to the place in his back where i struck, reversing the damage. The red one sent a fireball at me.

'Subtlety never was your strong point.'

'Maybe not, but this is!' I answered as I blew through his red totem, then the green, then the blue. The last one wasn't doing anything, so I left it alone. Knowing his hammers were heavy and slow in battle, I struck, dagger after dagger. Surprisingly, he was able to parry each and every one of my blows with his heavy maces perfectly, like it was dagger against dagger.

'Nice try,' he said, 'but prepare to lose.'

He raised his hand again, and strong wind blew me back. Lightning struck his hand, but instead of hurting him, it formed a ball. I knew what came next. The ball closed in on me and I shrieked in pain, knowing that I had lost.

That was then. This is now.

Chapter 1Edit

'Again? Didn't we go through this last week, Rog'Uk?'

'Yes, but I won't rest until I'm out!'

'Very Well,' I answered. My brother was getting hard to live with.

We started again. I was going to win, like last time, but he wouldn't accept that.

He immediately threw a smokebomb onto the ground, and, as usual, disappeared. I still don't know how he does that, but he does. I transformed Into the form of the pure one, knowing that this would lessen his attack. I could feel my body fading as my body changed.

I ran around, searched every corner for him. Nothing. I guess I had to wait for him to find me, but I wasn't going to be an open target.

It didn't take long for him to get me, but his attack didn't hurt much though my thick armor. I turned, and formed ice around his joints, directing the ice so that it also grows into his skin. I smiled. This was easy.

Rog'uk lunged at me, only to be thrown back by my lightning. Again he lunged, but this time the lightning didn't react. his blow paralyzed me, and I knew it was one of the major muscle nerves that he had struck. He stepped behind me and stabbed his weapon into my back. My lightning reacted, saving me a more serious blow, but that shot had hurt. A lot.

Once more, I formed the ice, but this time, i followed with a ball of lightning. I set my totem of strength, of agility, of explosions and of regeneration, then lunged.

Slamming one of his daggers with both of my hammers, I managed to disorient him long enough for another shot of ice. He flinched, then threw down a smokebomb. Here we go again. I changed my form, ran around, and searched for him. This time I found him, and whacked him with both my hammers.

'Game over. You lose,' I said.

Later that day, I made a visit to the Academy.

Chapter 2Edit

I entered the academy principal's office.

'Kor'la. We need to talk.' I said. He didn't even look up.

'What is it, Mag'uk?' he answered.

'My step-brother Rog'Uk is so obsessed with getting out of the academy he is becoming hard to live with, challenging me twice in one week, ranting about how badly he wants to get out. Can't you do anything?'

'Well, there is the advanced course but there are a few problems.'


'I can't just sign anyone up for it. They have to be a strong and talented student.'

'He almost beat the shit out of me! That's not enough?'

'It would, but without any evidence I can't sign him up.' I took a recording crystal out of my pocket. I forgot that I had left it on during the second duel.

'Here,' I said, placing the crystal on his desk. He tampered with it until it turned into an orb from which he saw the battle.

'There is still one problem. It's expensive to send someone to it and...'

'How much?'

'500 gold.' I took out my unopened paycheck from my pocket, exactly 500 gold.

'I guess that's it,' I said, exiting his office.'

*** Rog'uk ***

I sat down for lunch after evasion class, where I didn't even bother evading the blows. I barely took out my lunch before Mag'uk showed up.

'Rog'uk!' he called, and I got up.

'I signed you up for the advanced course. ?You'll be out of here in no time.'

'Thanks, Mag'uk,' I smiled for the first time in months.

-That night, the sentinel hill-

I came to the tower in westfall, looking for my trainer. Out of the darkness, a hand reached out onto my shoulder. I spun around.

'You the one who signed up for the advanced training?' the person said, lighting a candle. I saw the person's face. A female human, dressed in guards' clothes stood in front of me.

'Yes,' I said.

'Then let us begin. I am Protector Dorana of the People's Militia.'

Chapter 3Edit

'A battle? I have an advantage in the darkness,' I said.

'The sun will soon rise, and fast as well. Besides, this way I can see your true capacity.' I thought about it. To be part of the People's Militia, the girl had to be tough.

'I'll need some better blades,' I said, showing her what I received at the Academy. She tossed me two shiny, well-balanced daggers that looked so sharp I didn't dare to touch them.

'You are so dead,' I smiled.

'We'll see,' she said, blowing out the candle.

I immediately ran up the ramp, harnessing the darkness and making as much sound as possible on my way up. She soon followed, and I lunged at her. She clapped her hands, and a wave of energy propelled me backwards, off of the tower.

Even without light, I knew what the fall would do to me, so I stabbed my daggers into the side of the tower. After coming to a complete stop, i could feel the ground beneath my feet, so i pulled my dagger out of the wall.

She came down right away. I used the darkness and got behind her, making no sound whatsoever. I started feeling rays of warmth, and I stabbed both of my daggers into her back, or at least tried, as she blocked my daggers then spun around, slamming me with her sword. Recovering quickly, I slammed one of my daggers into one of her major muscle nerves, then realigned myself behind her and stabbed at her back.

This time she didn't block it, but I threw a smoke bomb to the ground as the sun was coming up and I knew how good her reaction time was.

She clapped once more, but it was much less effective when i was on the ground. I was still hidden from her eye, and i used that fact to Hit her in the stomach, hard. She leaned down, hands on her stomach, and i stabbed my weapon into her back.

She quickly recovered and hit me over the head. I couldn't see straight or think straight as I felt her slit my shoulder then swinging her sword hard into my ribs. I recovered from her blow and spun around, weapons in hand, hitting her 5 times with my daggers. she countered with a spin of her own, one that landed me on the ground, unable to move and her with her sword at my throat.

'Not bad,' she said, helping me up, 'but I know where you can improve.'

Chapter 4Edit

After a little training, I had my first mission.

'The Defias are transporting a shipment of ore and gems from the Jangolode mine to the Deadmines tonight. You need to intercept the shipment and kill everyone there. We don't want any witnesses. I'd like to help you with your first mission, but i have my own mission, given to me by Gryan Stoutmantle himself,' Protector Dorona said.

In the evening, I sneaked to the mine. After a few minutes, a few carts full of ore and gems came out, two miners pushing each one, and three tough-looking guards in front of the shipment, two of them dragging along minions. There was no way I could intercept the shipment without battling the guards, and the odds were equally biased for me actually killing all three and coming out alive.

I struck throwing knives into the wheels of the carts, and managed to do so without them spotting me.

'Get the shipment out of here!' one of them yelled. I noticed he had a bow, while the other two, the ones with minions, had no weapons. The diggers ran. I chased after them, but didnt make it far before the first guard shot an arrow right in front of me.

'Your not going anywhere,' he smiled, 'except maybe the afterlife.'

I threw a smoke bomb down, then charged, striking one in the throat, the one with the bow in the stomach, and then stabbed both weapons in to the last one's back.

He reacted, and so did his water-like minion. The second robed one's minion charged as well, and the first robed one started forming flame in his hand. I struck one of the robed one's major muscle nerves, then spun around, daggers in hand, hitting all three 5 times. The water one disintegrated, the black one jumped back, and the robed guard fell on the floor. The two came back at me, and I jumped out, letting the guard's fireball disintegrate the minion.

An arrow struck my back, and I turned around to see the first guard recovered. I charged at him, matching his arrows with my throwing knives, then ran under one, and as I was about to grab it, it lit on fire. Less than half a second later, a fireball struck my back, and I saw the two robed ones, their hands lit with flames.

The first robed one. The one that I already hurt. I forgot to finish him. I threw a knife into his heart, and he stumbled back, dead. As I stabbed at the bowman, a ball hit me in the back, and I fell to the ground. The robed one was again forming a dark ball, and I decided to use this to my advantage.

I elbowed the bowman in the stomach again, causing him to crouch down in pain, both hands on his stomach. When the dark ball approached, I ducked, watching it collide with the bowman.

Getting up, I threw a knife at the last one, but my aim was weakened due to a sudden pain in my stomach. The bowman had survived, and had stuck his dagger into my back. I cried out, then stabbed my dagger into his heart. Again I cried out n pain, as green light from the last guard's hand hit my back. The ray continued to flow, so I threw my throwing knife into his shoulder. It didn't stop him, and the same shade of green light lit his injury, healing it. I took the bowman's bow and arrow and shot three arrows into the last guard's heart.

He fell to the ground, dead, and I soon fell too, as the guard's spell weakened me to the point that I couldn't stand.

The last thing I remember is hearing footsteps getting closer. Be it friend or foe, I didn't want to be awake when they found me, so I closed my eyes and blacked out.

Chapter 5Edit

'Where did you find him?'

'Near the Jangolode mine. Unconscious. Next to three defias corpses. I could feel the power radiating out of the three corpses, meaning they weren't killed long ago.'

'You think he killed them?'

'Definately.' I groaned at that remark.

'Shhh! He's waking up!'

The voices stopped, and I strained to open my eyes, surprised to see two protectors looming over me, one being Dorana.

'Hello Rog'uk. Are you O.K.?'

'I just woke up from a coma. What do you think?!' I answered. In a sigh, I calmed down.

'I failed my mission. I couldn't stop the diggers from getting to the mine. I'm sorry.'

'You didn't fail,' Dorana said.'Protector Korelor found the diggers on the road and finished the job. Your mission went better than expected.' I looked at the other protector.

'You must be Korelor, then,' I said.

'Protector Korelor of the people's militia, at your service.' Dorana looked at him, then back at me.

'I was worried about you after I saw how tough the guards were. I figured they probably sent equally strong guards to the Jangolode mine. After I disposed of the defias shipment men, I went looking for you.'

I tried to get up, but couldn't. 'Pace yourself,' Dorana said, 'After all, You've just recovered from a coma.'

'But pace yourself quick,' Korelor added, 'because Gryan Stoutmantle has a new mission for you and Protector Dorana.'

Chapter 6Edit

A day passed before I fully recovered, and Dorana and I went to see Gryan Stoutmantle.

'Your mission,' he said, 'Is to infiltrate the defias base, The Deadmines, and to stop the defias leader, Edwin Vancleef, from departing with the mines' ore and gems.'

We left right away towards Moonbrook. The guards outside were cake, and we soon got into the mine. Not far into the mine, we felt a quake.

'That's no quake,' Dorana said, ' That's Rhahk'Zor, The foreman. He's a literal ogre.'

'I know you there! come out, Intruders!' Rhahk'Zor yelled.

'I'll take him,' I said, ' You go on. I'll catch up.'

She looked at me, then nodded, racing ahead.

'Hey! Ugly!' I yelled, 'Over here!'

He swung his hammer at me, but I dodged his blow, and threw a smokebomb on the ground. Realigning myself behind him, I struck the back of his neck, paralyzing him, then stabbed both of my daggers into his back. He turned, and this time I didn't dodge his blow.

I rocketed towards the wall from his blow. Man,, this guy was strong. Sure, slow and dumb, but strong! I slammed one of his major muscle nerves, then stabbed at his back. He swung with his hammer, but I jumped, then slashed him as hard as I can with my daggers. He yelped, but came right back, whacking me hard. I tried to get up, but my legs wouldn't respond. He slammed me again with his hammer, and I recovered, but I was weakened greatly nontheless.

One more shot. That's probably all I was still capable of before he finished me. One shot. I had to make it count. I jumped up so that my daggers reached his neck, then spun around, slashing at his neck 5 times. He yelped, but the yelp didn't last long with his now severed head. He fell, and I knew he was dead.

Chapter 7Edit

I abandoned Rog'uk to fight against the foreman as I moved on, but I didn't make it very far. Not long after, I reached a set of steel doors, then another one. Behind each one was a group of enemies waiting to kill me.

I opened the first one, and barely reacted in time as 3 blueish living blobs came towards me, along with 2 fireballs, a purple ball, and 5 arrows.

I clapped, knocking down the blobs, then raced towards the 5 men, knocking one onto the ground. The others attacked me, but I raised my shield and held it tight. The blows still pushed me back, but I didn't feel nearly as much pain. I clapped again, knocking the 5 down. One started forming fire in his hand, but I hit him with my already-raised shield. Only one was left now, and I slashed at him with my blade. They weren't that hard, but they still weakened me.

It was the second door that really got me. This time I was ready. Shield raised, I opened the door, but my shield didn't help much as minor explosives collided with it. I blew back from the force of the blows. Once more explosives were thrown- but I clapped, throwing the explosives back at the ones who threw them - goblins, working for the defias.

Two landed dead on the ground, and a third one got up. I was about to rush at him, but there was a mechanical sound as A giant robot with a buzzsaw for a hand and a goblin piloting it emerged.

'Well, a pack always has a leader.' I said to myself, rushing and knocking the injured goblin back onto the ground, dead. Two more goblins stood beside the shredder, and the steel doors behind me closed shut. I knew I would have to fight my way out.

I lifted my shield and held it there with both hands as the shredder detached its buzzsaw and threw it at me. It collided with my shield, and I felt my grip on the ground loosening, as lines on the ground were drawn by my feet desperately trying to keep their place. Finally the saw knocked me down onto the wall, and came back to the shredder like a frisbee.

I looked at my shield, to see a big mark through the middle that the buzzsaw made. I hit the shredder in the glass at the top, cracking it. It probably would have broken with another second if not for the other two goblins responding with dynamite.

The blast threw me against the wall, and one goblin approached me with a knife. I laughed, swinging the dagger out of his tiny hands and striking him in the chest. I charged the shredder, slicing though his armor, bit by bit. I only got about 2 millimeters through before he grabbed me and threw me against the wall.

The two goblins approached me, reaching for their dynamite. I couldn't take much more of this, but I suddenly noticed I wouldn't have to, because one of the goblins' explosives pouches were gone. I smiled, because I knew what that means.

Two pieces of dynamite hit the two goblins, killing them. Another piece hit the damaged glass of the shredder, breaking the glass. Rog'uk landed on the shredder's shoulder and threw the pilot against the wall, then proceeded with throwing knives to kill him.

'Rog'uk,' I said, sighing in relief. 'am I glad to see you.'

'Why yes. Yes you are.' He smiled.

Chapter 8Edit

We opened the doors silently as to not attract attention. When nothing attacked us, we kept going and saw that we were in a room with what looked like a giant forge and at least 20 goblins running around, one carrying a heavy mace.

'The one with the mace is Gilnid, the smelter. Head defias goblin, higher ranked than the shredder,' I said.

'And probably the most powerful goblin, too, then,' Rog'uk said.

'Probably. Defias ranking goes from strongest to weakest. I take Gilnid, you take the lackies?' He nodded, then jumped down, swing from loose pipes so they wont see him. After stunning a few with his many tricks, he signaled for me to come down, and I ran down to challenge Gilnid.

I charged his tiny little body, and he jumped back, grabbing his mace. 'Rahhhh!' he yelled as he charged. I tried to parry his blow with my sword, but his mace flung the sword out of my hands. He swung again, but I raised my shield, blocking three blows without a scratch on me, then hit him with my shield. He took two steps back, dazed from the blow, then took out a gun.

'This can't be good,' I thought. I was right. The gun shot a taser, which went through my metal shield and shocked me. I couldn't move, and a little more would kill me. Suddenly a goblin corpse hit the string connecting the gun and the taser, taking the gun out of Gilnid's hands and the taser out of my shield.

'Switch?' Rog'uk said. Though I didn't know where he was, I nodded, because Gilnid didn't either.

*** Rog'uk ***

I punched Gilnid in the stomach as hard as I could, then stabbed my dagger into his back. He spun around to hit me, but I dodged and spun around too, but hitting him with my daggers. I only managed thrice before he slammed me with his mace, throwing me back and disarming me at the same time. I threw a throwing knife into his stomach and he recoiled, giving me enough time to take my daggers and spin his mace out of his hand.

It didn't do much, as he was still stronger than me and kicked me hard in the ribs, and I recoiled this time, giving him enough time to take his weapon. He hit me again, and approached for a final blow. Suddenly, Dorana jumped out and hit him over the head.

'The lackies are dead,' She said. 'Let's finish the last one together.' I smiled, and Gilnid knew as well as us it was his end.

Chapter 9Edit

Rog'uk blew through the door with the left over dynamite.

'You there! Check out that noise!' shouted someone.

'Get ready,' I said to Rog'uk. He nodded and jumped off the side of the deck onto the rocks, then under the deck. I hid behind the wall.

A lone pirate walked towards us, and in a flash, Rog'uk jumped and killed the pirate. He had enough time to scream, though.

'Were under attack! Repel the invaders!' The voice shouted again.

Dozens of pirates charged the entrance, and Rog'uk and I wiped them out, one by one. One shot at Rog'uk, striking him in the chest, but he got up without a problem, smiling as he showed the lone pirate it hadn't even penetrated his armor. The pirate ran, but not for long, as I ran at him, sword first.

A Tauren jumped down from the ship. I knew that tauren.

'That's Mr.Smite, the ship's first mate and the second most powerful person in the defias organisation,' I said.

We looked at each other. Without words, we knew what had to be done. I had to stay behind as he went forward, like when he fought Rhahk'Zor.

'Go,' I whispered, and he disappeared, throwing something into my hands at the same time. Mr. Smite saw Rog'uk and ran towards him. I stopped him by running as fast as I could and bashing him as hard as possible with my shield. By the time he recovered, Rog'uk was gone.

Mr. smite was angry, that's for sure. He swung at me violently, and I got knocked back hard. So hard that I fell of the ship onto the dock, and he ran down.

He jumped at me, and I spin-kicked him into the water, then took out what Rog'uk gave me. A taser gun. I shot it onto Mr. Smite, and the water's amplification made it incredibly strong. Mr. Smite punched through the dock, tripping me and deactivating the taser. He got back up, and stomped his mighty foot so hard it rattled the entire dock and sent me into the water.

He ran over to his chest, and replaced his hammer with a sword. The battle recommenced, and we fought, me having the advantage in a sword vs. sword battle. I hit him on the head, slit his wrist and clapped, sending his sword into the water. He smiled and stomped , again running for a new weapon. This time it was an axe.

He swiped with it, knocking my sword and shield out of my hand, leaving me defenseless. He swiped again, knock me into the water, then yelled,

'Cookie! Help me finish her off!'

A murloc ran out of the kitchen and stabbed me with his dagger. I regained my weapons and tried to hit him, but he was too fast. I dodged Mr. Smite's axe, then kicked cookie as he jumped at me. his dagger fell into the water, and I seized the chance to hit him over the head. I would deal with him later.

Mr. Smite swiped at me, and I jumped, then slammed him with my shield and whacked him with my blade. He recovered, but I didn't give him time to attack, And clapped to knock him on the floor. When he was knocked on the floor, I jumped on him and slit his neck. That takes care of him.

Cookie jumped at me, knocking me into the water, then jumped in. Water was a murloc's element. He grabbed his knife, then made a circular pattern around me with lightning-fast swimming, slashing at me with his dagger. I couldnt take much more. I clapped, and he got thrown out of the water onto the dock. I got up, and before he could recover, I slit his neck too.

Now it was done.

Chapter 10Edit

I climbed the ramp on the way to challenge Edwin Vancleef. Leader of the defias, and also the strongest. Stronger than Rhahk'Zor, stronger than Gilnid, stronger than any of them. And I was going at him alone.

I came in, without a sound, and hid behind a barrel. I saw him pacing around the room , and decided to wait until he came my way.

'Why hasn't Smite reported yet?' I heard Vancleef think out loud. His back was facing me, and close to me, now. I leapt at him, Pointing my daggers straight into his spine. Before they got there, Vancleef turned and struck me with his sword, and i flew back, knocking over the barrels that I had hid behind.

He had seen me. But how? I was silent!

This wasn't a time to ponder it. Arrows flew from his bow, and I had to strain to dodge them. Such fast arrows were only possible with immense strength and a bow built to endure such strengths. I already knew how strong he was from when he hit me, though, and this was barely a surprise.

I threw a smokebomb onto the ground and leapt forward, punching him in the stomach. I slammed both blades into his back, and before he could recover, hit him in the lower neck, where a major muscle nerve was. It wouldn't last long, and I seized the time to stab at his back. When he turned, I punched him in the crotch, and again stabbed him in the back.

He let loose an arrow that struck me in the chest, then threw a smokebomb down. He knew the art of subtlety too. that's how he had spotted me; he knew all the tricks.

More than me, I soon noticed, as I couldn't find him at all. Suddenly, he leapt out, stabbing me in the back with both of his swords. I hit him as hard as I could, then slashed at him as fast as I could. He did the same, parrying every one o my blows but not landing a blow of his own, until I started to tire, and he slashed at me three times before he, too, tired out.

We circled, me throwing my knives and him shooting arrows, but his arrows struck much more often and did much more damage. I had no more smokebombs. Only one thing left, one trick unrevealed. I took some special dust out of my pocket, some that had cost a pretty penny, might I add, and threw it At his face. It covered his eyes and I seized the chance to Stab at his back. One. Last. Time.

With no sight, he still bested me, twirling my weapons out of my hands and nearing with his swords. I was domed. It would take a miracle to save me.

And that miracle happened. Dorana charged out of the blue, knocking his weapons out of his hands and throwing him back. She then jumped on him, brandishing her weapon, and slit his neck.

'Even?' She said.

'Even,' I answered, 'Now back to the tower.'

Chapter 11Edit

'For helping to protect Westfall from one of its greatest threats, I pronounce Rog'uk to have passed advanced training, and he is welcome to join the People's Militia at any point in time that he desires,' Gryan announced the next day in the academy.

'And I declare Rog'uk officially graduated from Stornwind academy!' Kor'la followed. I waved to the cheering crowd. When it was over, I came down and met Mag'uk at the bottom of the stage.

'Well, I guess that wraps that up,' he said.

'Not quite,' I smiled. Mag'uk caught my eye and smirked.

'Meet you outside in 10?'

'You're on.'

Ten minutes later I arrived outside stormwind, in my battle outfit. Mag'uk did the same.

Right away I threw down a smokebomb and charged, punching him in the stomach. I followed with stabbing both daggers into his back and punching him inthe crotch. His lightning reacted, and i recoiled for a brief second, long enough for him to recover.

He summoned rocks to hit me, and hit me they did, pushing me against the wall of Stormwind. I recovered and threw a knife at him, but he easily dodged it and summoned a ball of lightning from his hand.

I jumped over it and hit him in a major muscle nerve, then seized the chance to stab at his back, triggerring his lightning once more. He threw another ball of lightning at me, and this time it hit, blasting me against a tree.

I threw a smokebomb down and punched him in the stomach, then stabbed with both weapons at his back and again followed with a punch in the crotch. I was about to stab at his back, but lightning struck his entire body and blasted me far past the tree.

Mag'uk turned and smiled as green light from his hands circled his waist and spine. I attacked, but was warded off by his hammer, so I used my special dust and got behind him, attacking with both weapons. He fell on the ground, but his lightning blasted me, so that we were both quite a distance from each other. A ball of lightning formed in his hand and he threw it, just as I threw a knife. The two projectiles collided with us, and we both went down.

Before I blacked out, I had but one thought in my head; I had tied with my step-brother/. The one that finished top in his class, two years early, that had always been the best, the one that I supposedly would never get to. And I tied with him.


The day before my duties as an official member of the Militia began, Dorana challenged me, and I, of course, accepted.

I threw a smokebomb down right away, and charged as to quickly punch her in the stomach. Then I stabbed both daggers into her back, punched her in the crotch, then both slammed her with the side of my dagger as hard as I could and stabbed at her back. I didn't get to hit her major muscle nerve because she hit me too quickly.

She charged and hit me over the head, then slit my wrist and, holding her sword with two hands instead of one, hit me as hard as she could.

I rocketed against the tower's wall, but threw dust in her eyes before she could attack me again. She smiled and I realized my mistake; she never used her eyesight when fighting me anyways. She charged at me and knocked me down, at the same time removing the dust from her eyes.

With her shield, she held me up against the wall, her sword closing in. I slammed her sword with both my daggers and tossed it out of her hand, then kicked her hard enough to get her to let go of me.

I knew I couldn't catch her by surprise with a smokebomb, since she knew where I was going to attack, so I charged at her. She swung, but I dodged, went on my hands and kiked her with both feet hard in the stomach. I could tell it had done the job of a punch in the stomach, so I started the routine.

I got behind her, stabbed with both weapons, punched her in the crotch, stabbed at her back, hit her as hard as I could, struck her major muscle nerve, stabbed her back again, then spun around, daggers in hand.

She staggered, and I lunged to finish it. The moment my feet left the ground, she looked up, smiled and hit her shield hard, and the vibrations were much stronger than her clap. I fell down, and for a second or two I was defenseless.

This, apparently, was her plan, as she seized the chance to hit me over the head and slash thrice.

I was almost down, barely standing up, but she was the same way. We lunged at each other, but my faster moves brought me victory as I slashed only once for her to go down.

'This time, I win,' I said.

'Yes, I should have seen it coming,' Dorana said, 'I noticed you improved a lot.'

We both heard clapping. Gryan Stoutmantle stood above me.

'I was right to enlist you in the People's Militia, and you are already promoted to Second Hand, the third highest position in the militia.'

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