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The demon Elements is a pvp-like fight summoned when Mornarin detects your presence in the second wing of the Titan's Siege Halls.


Earth ElementEdit

  • [Rock Shell]—Summons a rock shell on other elements, absorbing damage on them. Stacks, cast every 1.5 seconds on the element taking most damage.
  • [Splinter]—When the rock element is attacked, it gets splintered, spawning three Earth Splinters that run towards it. Passive. If splinters reconnect with the earth element, it will trigger...
  • [Meteor Smash]—Smashes an enemy with the power of a meteor, dealing colossal nature damage and stunning the target. Instant. Cast whenever no one is attacking him.
  • [Landslide]—Pulls all enemies towards the caster and redirects all damage to the caster for 5 seconds.

Fire ElementEdit

  • [Fireball]—Deals fire damage to the target. 2 sec. cast. Cast whenever the fire element is not casting anything else.
  • [Flame Aura]—Deals fire damage to anyone within 10 yards of the Fire Element. Passive.
  • [Pyroblast]—Deals large fire damage to the target. 5 sec. cast. Cast if no one is attacking him.
  • [Flame Circle]—Summons a circle of flame at the feet of another element, causing colossal fire damage to any enemy within the circle after 3 seconds. cast on the element taking the most damage.

Air ElementEdit

  • [Stormstrike]—Deals nature damage to a target in melee range. Instant, cast whenever not casting anything else.
  • [Stormfury]—Deals nature damage every second to anyone within 10 yards of the caster. Channeled, 5 seconds.
  • [Wind Coat]—Immune to physical damage Passive.
  • [Air Burst]—Launches a player into the air, Preventing all actions for the time in the air. Instant, cast on player with highest threat.

Water ElementEdit

  • [Riptide]—Heals every second. Stacks infinitely. The Demon Element all start with a single stack of this. Lasts 12 seconds, cast on element taking the most damage.
  • [Ice Block]—Traps target player in ice, preventing all movement for 20 seconds. Cast on player with the highest threat.
  • [Burst Heal]—Heals target. 2 sec. cast. Cast if no one is attacking the Water Element. Cast on element taking most damage.
  • [Water Explosion]—Heal all three other elements for a large amount of health, at the cost of 20% of caster's health.


  • [Thick Fog]—Enemies within 40 yards have the range and hit chance of all spells and abilities reduced by 50%. Passive.


  • [Lava Leak]—Leaks lava from the caster's body, creating a pool of lava that deals damage to anyone standing in it. Instant. Cast semi-randomly.


As previously stated, this is a pvp-type fight. Earth Element is the tank, Water Element is the healer, Fire Element is the ranged DPS and Air Element is the melee DPS. There are many aspects in this fight that are different from regular fights. For one, all four share a threat table, meaning damage done to one element will create threat with all four elements. The second is that they hep each other in many ways, making it hard to kill any of them. The third is that they are immune to taunt and high-threat abilities.

Three of the four have a dangerous attack that they only cast if no one is attacking them, a passive effect, and a cast-when nothing-else-is-cast spell, though each of the three abilities have a different three that cast them. All four have at least one 'assist' spell. In this fight, you must balance many factors to make sure that no one gets targeted constantly. For instance, if everyone attacks a single element, you will have to deal with the cast-when-no-one-is-attacking-them spell of the other three, as well as their assist spells all focused on that specific element. You also have to balance DPS, or else your top dps/heals will get air bursted/ ice blocked.

When the first element dies, a second element becomes either a storm or lava element instead of what they were, gaining new abilities. The type of element, the abilities gained and which element becomes this 'combined element' depends on who died. If the air element dies, then the water element becomes a storm element and gains Thick Fog and Air Burst. If the water element dies, the air element becomes a storm element and gains Thick Fog and Ice Block. If the fire element dies, then the earth element becomes a lava element and gains Lava Leak and Flame Aura. If the earth element dies, the fire element becomes a lava element and gains Lava Leak and Splinter. The 'combined element' should then be first priority kill, so that the battle may return to normal, with only two elements left. When the third element dies, then the final element turns into the appropriate 'combined element', gains the appropriate abilities, and outputs twice as much damage/healing.

The air element is a very strange element compared to the others, as it is immune to physical damage and has no cast-when-no-one-is-attacking-them spell. It also deals the heaviest damage, and has the only dangerous and unavoidable assist spell. He will chase after players on top of the threat list, and stormstrike/stormfury them quickly to death. He has the speed of a regular player, and he is very hard to deal with if he is kept alive for too long.

The water element is the healer of the group, possessing no damaging attack. He usually just spams riptide on the target with the most damage (though he will cast it on others taking damage), but he also has two other heals; he can sacrifice a portion of his health to heal the other three elements, and he will use a spell much like a healing wave when no one attacks him. Though annoying, he is not as dangerous as others, and therefore should be left to second, and not first as is the natural order. Like the fire and earth, you need to have at least one person dealing damage to him at all times.

The earth element is the least dangerous of the 4 elements, though he is not by any measures useless. He will quickly decimate the raid with his meteor smash if no one attacks him, so a single player, preferably with a slow weapon, must continually attack him. When attacked, though, the earth elemental will splinter, spawning 3 earth splinters that will head towards him. These have low health and must be destroyed, or else he will gain a stack of Strong Build, which will destroy anyone if it stacks too high. He also has landslide, an assist ability that pulls everyone towards him and redirects damage to him for 5 seconds. During this time, all damage must stop and players must return to their places, for if you try to attack during these five seconds of redirection, he will splinter, and stack a very high stack of Strong Built.

The fire element is a ranged dps, with some bother for melee. He has an aura that does damage to everyone too close to him, which is designed to keep melee away from him like in real pvp. He mostly casts a continuous chain of fireballs, which will be fatal to any player if the player continues to be the target for more than a few seconds at a time. If you find yourself targeted by the fire element, stop dpsing immediately or, if you are healing, announce in raid chat so that others may take your place quickly, before you get hammered too hard. He must be continuously attacked, or he will cast a pyroblast, which will one-shot any player targeted by the effect. His assist is also a one-shotter, so when you see a red circle form under an element, get away or die from massive unresistable fire damage.

It is difficult to control the targets during this fight, because the elements will team up on the target that is doing the most effective healing or dealing the most damage. The element that should be destroyed first is the air element, to facilitate the battle greatly. This, however, turns the water element into a storm element, which must be destroyed before anything else, and makes keeping damage on the elements so that they don't use their no-one-attacking-me spell hard. Still, this is advisable over the alternative of having both healer and insane damage dealer up while a lava element is spewing lava everywhere.

Once the Storm element is dead, the fight continues, but now only with two elements, the fire element and the earth element. It is now advisable to attack and kill the fire element, then focus on the lava element that is created, which is weaker if it is an earth element instead of fire.

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