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This fight is designed as a final boss fight for cataclysm. Phase 1 and three are dps races with a lot of co-ordination, while phases 2 and 4 are battles for survival.

Phase 1Edit

Deathwing flies over the raid, dropping Flaming Meteors on a random spot around the center of the stage. The meteors take 5 seconds to get to the ground, and can be killed in the air. If you don't, the meteor will hit the ground, dealing a small amount of fire damage to the whole raid and spawning an Infernal (elite demon, hits hard) and 3 Elemental Remnants (untargetable, don't do anything during phase 1). If you do, two Elemental Remnants will spawn instead.

At the four corners of the stage there is a group of black dragons; a black Broodmother, a black Nestguard and 5 evolving black dragon eggs. These groups of dragons are the main focus in this phase.

As long as the Nestguard is still alive, the Broodmother and the eggs won't attack and are immune to all damage. Also, the Broodmother will lay an additional egg every 10 seconds that she is protected. When the Nestguard dies, the Broodmother will attack you, but not before calling a new Nestguard, that will fly from the top of the stage, giving you 10 seconds to kill it (not as much hp as when it is on the ground) before it lands, once again making the Broodmother and the evolving mobs immune to all damage.

Evolving mobsEdit

The evolving black dragon eggs 'evolve' every 20 seconds, making them gain a level (with the exception of the final 'evolution'), their health pool larger, armor higher and damage higher, and making them gain a new attack. While their Broodmother is still alive, they evolve twice as fast and regenerate 2% total hp per second.

  • The first evolution turns them into a level 85 non-elite neutral Evolving Black Whelpling, with only a basic melee.
  • The second evolution turns them into a level 86 neutral non-elite Evolving Black Whelp, with a basic melee and a tail swipe.
  • The third evolution turns them into a level 87 neutral non-elite Evolving Black Dragonkin, with a basic melee, a tail swipe and a cleave.
  • The fourth evolution turns them into a level 88 neutral non-elite Evolving Black Drake, with a basic melee, a tail swipe, a cleave and a ground tremor (small range PBAoE knockback/stun).
  • The fifth and final evolution turns them into a level 88 hostile elite Evolved Black Drake, with a basic melee, a tail swipe, a cleave, a ground tremor and a lava bolt (2 sec. cast spell dealing high fire damage cast when no-one is in melee range).

If you kill an evolving mob while its Broodmother is still alive, she will gain a stacking buff increasing damage dealt by 200% per evolving mob killed.

Evolved Black Drakes are very dangerous. They will tail swipe and cleave, as well as stun/knockback the tank and all other players in range, making sure that there is no-one in melee range. This means that the tank will take 2 lava bolts before geting back into melee range. Because most tanks have problems with spellcasters, an Evolved Black Drake is even more dangerous than a Broodmother with 5 stacks of the damage buff.

Phase 1 ends when there are no more evolving mobs (evolved black drakes don't count as evolving mobs).

Phase 2Edit

Deathwing lands, creating 2 cracks in the ground at a random spot in the stage. These cracks will slowly grow. Elemental Remnants turn into non-elite Elemental Embodiments.

When he lands, Alexstrasza and Nozdormu enter the room. Nozdormu will tank Deathwing, while Alexstrasza buffs players with two buffs; one is essence of the red from Vael's fight, and the other an endless HoT that heals a lot every 3 seconds. This HoT eliminates the need of raid healers, but will not save you from one of his attacks; earthquake. Though she also places this on Nozdormu, it is not enough to keep him alive, therefore all healers have to focus on Nozdormu.

Right at the beginning of the first phase 2, Alexstrasza summons 15 Life Bombs. Deathwing attacks these, reducing their health to 1% and chaining them to the ceiling so that they will not be able to hit him.

Deathwing has the standard tail swipe and cleave, as well as a spell called eruption that causes four random spots in the stage to erupt in lava, creating lava pools for 10 seconds, an attack called lava cannon which hits everyone in front of him for a lot of fire damage and inflicts a DoT that does less damage every tick and reduces attack/casting speed by 10% for each tick(the lava hardening), A wing stretch attack that is like cleave and tail swipe just for the sides, and an earthquake that stuns everyone for 5 secs and deals damage so high ovr these five seconds that Alexstrasza's HoT won't save you.

He casts eruption every 10 seconds. Lava pools damage players and quickly kill them if players are inside. Superior Earth Embodiments will run to these, becoming a Magma Embodiment and taking up the lava pool. Magma Embodiments hit quite hard. Again, they spawn 2 Earth Embodiments when they die.

When Nozdormu gets encased in hardened lava, Deathwing will switch to Alexstrasza. When she gets encased too, healers must immediately take action, healing a life bomb to full, making it break free and drop on Deathwing, stunning Deathwing for 5 seconds. When the stun ends, both Nozdormu and Alextrasza will break free.

Earthquake is indicated by a rumbling, starting about 5 seconds before Earthquake hits. Everyone must immediately move behind Alexstrasza, who is behind Deathwing casting Dragon's Breath, dealing damage to Deathwing and giving players who stand in it an extra HoT that lasts for 8 seconds. It also starts a debuff that makes you unable to get the HoT for 25 seconds. Earthquake is cast every 30 seconds.

Wing stretch has a raid warning before he casts it. At this point, everyone must run either behind or in front of Deathwing (preferably behind, since you dont want to get hit by lava cannon), then move back to their regular spots.

Phase 2 ends when Deathwing reaches a 20% interval (80%, 60%, 40%, 20%).


Embodiments will head towards the cracks that Deathwing forms when he lands. Once they reach a crack, they become elite Superior Elemental Embodiments, which spawn two Elemental Embodiments when they die.

Superior Earth Embodiments will run to lava pools created by eruption, becoming a Magma Embodiment and taking up the lava pool. Magma Embodiments hit quite hard. They spawn 4 Earth Embodiments when they die.

Phase 3Edit

Deathwing flies into the air once more, and summons meteors like in phase 1, as well as Volatile Whelplings. These will immediately fly towards a player, exploding on impact. The explosion hits for high fire damage to everyone within 5 yards of the player hit, including the player.

If this explosion hits a Magma Embodiment, the Magma Embodiment will become Exposed, making them run towards another Magma Embodiment (exposed or not) and making all attacks against them stun them for one second. If they do not reach another Magma Embodiment within 20 seconds, they will die, without spawning Earth Embodiments. If the Magma Embodiment does reach another Magma Embodiment, the two will fuse, creating a Magma Giant.

Magma Giants are very dangerous, about as strong as a mini-boss. If one spawns, or if Phase 3 has gone on for at least 1 minute, Phase 2 will restart (unless Deathwing has been reduced to 20%, then phase 4 will start instead).

Phase 4 (soft enrage)Edit

Deathwing enters a soft enrage called Old God's Fury, increasing damage by 3000% and making Deathwing cast Thunderstomp every 5 seconds including the moment he lands, dealing 20% health to all players and adds in the room.

Because of the damage buff (and thunderstomp being cast both right at the beginning and right at the end of earthquake) it is crucial that the raid kill Deathwing before Earthquake hits, because the damage buff will make it one-shot even fully-geared tanks in the first second.

Adds should be virtually ignored, because they will die soon anyway.

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