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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


Tortoise-like race, lurking somewhere in the depths of the Maelstrom.


Ape-like race, with appearance base mostly on the main citizens of the Planet of the Apes and/or the Indian god Hanuman. Culture based on the Indian.


Race also based on Indian culture, this time it is sentient elephants with great empire somewhere in the planet's southern hemisphere.


Rodent-like race, distant cousins of Kobold, but they look much nicer, more like a hamster than an actual rat. With altruistic, light-devoted culture, they're healers and priests living in the same continent as Nsikh and Hanumanese.


Race based on something little and avian, like chicken or duck, without further specifying which one. Cognut will be mercenaries and traders in continent of the Nsikh.


(From "Hordes of Pandaria") Race based on the lotus flower, meditating with culture based on the Tibetan one, treated as teachers of the Pandarens in their mysterious ways.


(From "Hordes of Pandaria") Lizardmen, living on islands east of Pandaria, with culture based on the Japanese.


(From "Hordes of Pandaria") Mid-stage of Furbolg-Pandaren evolution, small enclaves on Waitan.


(From "Hordes of Pandaria") Ancient plant-like race, said to be as old as the dragons themselves and to forge the island of Pandaria.


(From "Hordes of Pandaria") Race of wanderers and "holy men", loosely based on one of ancient chinese religious sects. Appearance... vaguely humanoid.


Race of camel-centaurs, with culture based on the moslem one. Present in Pandaria and Nsikh continent.


Let's say... Tauren reversed. Human torso and head, with lower parts of a bull. Present in Nsikh continent.


Another tauric race, with an ass instead of horse. Nsikh continent too.


Aquatic centaurs? Having torso and head of a man, later horse parts and finally ended with fish tail instead of horse.


Next insectoid (hornet) race, living in Pandaren continent, serving the Old God within their hives.


Spider-like race, crafted by the Titans to eliminate the insectoids, serving the Old Gods, but Derspions rebeled and are now hostile not only to insects, but to everybody.


Sentient snakes, living in northern parts of Pandaria, believes that their hidden leader, Apophis, is the ancient God of Chaos and Destruction and they're trying to bring him back to life.


Genie-like race, old friends of Naaru, but not so much devoted to the light.

Some races in User:Shargas the Naga/Hordes of Pandaria.

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