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Neutral alies:

Some races were tired of being in the middle of the war of the aliance and the horde so they decided to help them stop with the war and unit forces.

Those races are:

Furlborgs: Can be: Warrior ; Hunter ; Druid ; Priest ; Shaman ; Some of These humanoids bears were always friends of the aliance and horde and want piece.

Centaur: Can be: Warriors ; Hunter ; Druid ; Mage; Once they were humans but now they are modified and want to live with the aliance again and to do that they need to stop the war

Ogres: Can be; Warriors ; Hunter; Paladin; Warlock; Shaman; Mage ; Some ogres live among the aliance and horde in the game and they want to finish want they think is a silly war

Nagga: Can be; Warriors ; Rogue ; Priest ; Mage ; Warlock The Naggas were always attacked by both aliance and horde but now they want piece because they are a few now. In the past the naggas cooperated with the blood elfs

Satyr: Can be; Warriors ; Rogue ; Mage ; Warlock ; Druid They once from the burning legion but now it is defeated so the satyr needed new alies and they found the furlborgs that though them the way of light and with time they learned the abilities of the druid

All these races speak orchis and common and have their on language. They can go to horde and aliance cities. They all have their own capitals (except satyrs they sare the cities with the furlborgs

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