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The End of The Lich KingEdit

After the fall of the Burning Legion, another problem arose. The harsh, icy continent of Northrend was requesting assistance from both the Horde and the Alliance to stop their malevolent ruler, The Lich King. Quickly, forces of the Alliance and the Horde arrived in the Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord in Northrend. The Lich King tightened his grip on the world, and the two armies only choice was to band together to stop his rule. The Lich King quickly called for more reinforcements from the Scourge once his Death Knights turned against him at the hand of Highlord Darion Mograine. Thrall and Varian Wrynn both reported to the icy continent, and the people of Azeroth, whether it be Tauren or Dwarves, Night Elves or Undead, and stormed the walls of Icecrown Citadel, and took down the Lich King. Finally free from the Lich King's grasp, the world was peceful for a while.

Fighting the Lich King proved to help out the Dwarves and the Tauren the most, as the Tauren were reunited with their ancestors, the Taunka, and the Dwarves met up with new relatives, the Frosthammer clan. Both factions were also gifted with new allies, the Death Knights, as they wrestled free from the grasp of the Lich King, and then helped to take down their once-ruler. Though with all this help, no race was prepared for what was to come next.

The Emerald DreamEdit

With the Lich King gone, the world was safe for a little while, besides some small problems. Though 5 years later, something happened. strange looking races came out of nowhere and attacked. For a period of time, these people were known as the Unknown. As the people of Azeroth gained more information, It was revealed that Malfurion Stormrage and a dragon aspect named Ysera had created a pact to allow people to begin going through the portals in Duskwood, Ashenvale, Ferelas, Hinterlands, and Crystalsong Forest in Northrend. Stormrage, unaware of what her had done at the time, had allowed Ysera's army, now called The Nightmare, to enter the mortal world. Little did Stormrage know, Ysera was not what he thought. Ysera was a malevolent ruler of the Emerald Dream, an area accessible only to Druids. but now that the portals in these areas had been opened, forces of the Alliance and the Horde poured through the portals, and thus began a new fight against new, unknown enemies.

New Playable RacesEdit

The WorgenHorde 32Edit

Hailing from another dimension, the Worgen have been on Azeroth before all races. As the other races began to be created, the Worgen were overthrown, and forgotten, taken as enemies by all races. Though one clan, the Greymane Worgen, hailing from Gilneas, storm out from the gates of Gilneas, and quickly create a pact with the Undead, living in Tirisfal Glades, north of Gilneas. The Worgen quickly ally themselves with the Horde.

ClassesIconLarge Warlock Warlocks are an important part of Worgen society. With the Worgen being dark creatures and using the forces of Shadow, Warlock are a necessity.

IconLarge Hunter Worgen are devoted hunters. they use their senses to hunt out their enemies and many Worgen Hunters exist.

IconLarge WarriorWarriors are a necessity for all races.

IconLarge Death KnightWorgens escaped the grasp of the Lich King once he was killed, and many Worgen allied with the Greymanes.

IconLarge Mage Mages have existed with all Worgen tribes.

Racial Traits Coming Soon

Mounts Worgen ride Stags. Normal Colors: White Stag, Brown Stag, Black Stag Epic Colors: Swift Whit Stag, Swift Grey Stag, Swift Shadow Stag(has red eyes and is black)

Racial Capital Loarsen is the Worgen Capital.

The Pandaren Alliance 32Edit

Hailing from Pandaria, the Pandaren are extremely elusive people. no other race has ever seen their world, Though as of recently, the Pandaren were attacked by The Nightmare. the Pandaren were forced to create a portal to get to Azeroth, and join up with the other races. The Pandaren engineers created The Emerald Portal, and the Pandaren left the lands they knew and loved. The Pandaren met up with some of their people, living west of the Stonetalon Mountains, in an area they called Bael Modan,a settlement once used by Dwarves and Gnomes, and established a new capital city called Timberhold City. The Pandaren allied with the Alliance soon after arriving on Azeroth.


IconLarge Druid After studying The Nightmare, the Pandaren have learned to use this skills of a druid very usefully.

IconLarge Shaman The Pandaren have a natural connection with the spirits and nature.

IconLarge Warrior The Pandaren have always known how to be skillful warriors.

IconLarge Hunter Hunters are an important part of Pandaren society, and they are extremely skillful.

IconLarge Death Knight Pandaren quickly learned from the Death Knights of the Alliance, and are able to be Death Knights.

Racial Traits Coming Soon

Mounts The Pandaren ride large dogs from their native Pandaria. Normal Colors: Gold, White, Brown Epic Colors: The Epic mounts appear with Fire around their necks and other parts of their body, perhaps derived from Chinese Mythology. They come in Swift Black, Swift White, and Swift Gold.

Racial Capital The Racial Capital of the Pandaren is Timberhold City.

New Hero ClassesEdit

Instead of there being just one hero class this time around, i decided each race should get its own Hero Class.

Alliance Hero ClassesEdit

'Humans- Humans have the ability to be Infiltrators. Their 3 talent specs will be Speed, Stealth, and Assassination. Speed will be the DPS spec, Stealth will be the Healer spec., and Assassination will be another DPS spec.

Gnomes-Gnomes have the ability to be Bombardiers. Bombardiers have been an important part of gnome society. The three talent specs will be Demolition, Tinkering, and Sapper. Demolition will be the Tank spec, Sapper will be the DPS spec, and Tinkering will be the healer class.

Dwarves-Dwarves have the ability to become Mountain Kings. Mountain Kings 3 talent specs will be Firearms, Decimation, and (TBA). Firearms will be the DPS spec, Decimation will be the Tank spec.

Night Elves- Night Elves have the ability to become Demon Hunters. Demon Hunters had nowhere to go after the defeat of their ruler, Illidan Stormrage, so they asked to be welcomed back into the ranks of the Night Elves. The demon Hunters 3 talent specs will be Spectral, Destruction, and Metamorphosis. Spectral will be the Healer spec, Destruction will be the Tank spec, and Metamorphosis will be the DPS class. Metamorphosis will take on the aspects of a druid, changing shape.

Draenei- Draenei have the ability to become Vindicators. Their 3 talent specs will be Light, Shadow, and Rage. Light and Shadow are the DPS specs, and Rage is the Tank spec.

Horde Hero ClassesEdit

Orcs- Orcs have the ability to become Farseers. the 3 talent specs will be the same as the original Shaman class, just with different, more powerful spells.

'Undead- Undead have the ability to be Lightslayers. the 3 talent specs are Stealth, Deception, and Divine. Stealth is the DPS class, Deception is the Tank class, and Divine is the Healer class.

Trolls- Trolls can become Witch Doctors. the 3 talent specs are Worship, Voodoo, and Brew. Worship is the DPS spec, Voodoo is the tank spec, and Brew is the healer class.

Tauren- Tauren can become Spirit Walkers. Spirit Walkers 3 specs are Nature, Ethereal, and Light. Nature is the Healer spec, Ethereal is the the DPS spec, and Light is another DPS spec.

Blood Elves-Blood Elves can become Blood Mages. The three talent specs are Fire, Frost, and Shadow. They are all DPS classes.

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