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December 11, 2008

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Hey, I'm Shadowsaber, or shadow for short. I've been at the wiki for a while now, but never got into it until a couple weeks ago. I have a particular interest in Lore of the Night Elves, and the Alliance, though I'll make edits to any page the i see that needs help that i can help with. If you need anything, just message me either on the wiki or actually in WoW, I have most of my characters of the Lothar realm. I have a level 55 Dwarf Warrior(Ithray), who I stopped leveling once i hit 55 so i can make my Night Elf Death Knight(Narsil, the name comes from the sword Isuldur used to cut the Ring from Sauron's hand in Lord of the Rings). I also have a level 30 Draenei Shaman, as well as a level 22 Draenei Hunter.

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