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HordeNPC 32Serva Sin'Anar
Serva Sin'Anar
Gender Female
Race Sin'dorei
Character class Priest and Paladin
Affiliation Silvermoon
Position Blood Knight, Healer, Miner, Jewelcrafter, Enchanter and Tailor
Location Shattrath City

Serva Sin'Anar a.k.a. Sylistar Edit

Serva Sin'Anar (means servant/ slave to the light of the blood) is a Sin'Dorei Priestess who is also training to be a paladin on the side. As she trains and follows the Blood Knight's code, she uses her sister's name, Sylistar. It is her way of not being completely notice of her actions and not force to abandon her priestess ways. Because of the Prince’s betrayal to the Sin’Dorei, her strong supporter of the Horde has grown even more. Now she sees her additional skills can help the Horde and give her even more opportunities to grow and expand even being 187 years old.

Friends Edit

Few pictures of people that Serva (Sylstar) has hung out with. (More are coming)

Skills Edit

Over her life, Serva has slowly trained to improve her tailoring and enchanting professions. She is close to truly mastering the professions but recently hit a dry patch where she just does not seem to improve her skills no matter what she does. She has begun to believe that she will be stuck with her abilities she has now for a long time. Also as she trains to become a paladin, she has picked up mining and jewel crafting. (Secondary skills in parentheses are Sylstar’s Skills)

Enchanting - 354/375
Mining – 0/375
Jewel Crafting – 0/375
Tailoring - 364/375

Secondary Skills:
Cooking - 219/375 (39/375)
First Aid - 375/375 (0/375)
Fishing - 142/375 (0/375)
Riding - 225/375 (0/375)

Current Activities Edit

Serva has begun training as a paladin under the alias of Sylistar. She is not rushing through the training so she can keep up the appearance of still being a priestess. As she is training, she is travel across Azeroth to better her reputation with others. When she is not focus on her training, she is spending her time traveling all over Outland and the Isle of Quel’Danas.

Serva still resides in Scryer's Tier in Shattrath City and she still tries to sit in and watch the meetings of the Convocation. However, there are times she does miss them because of her schedule. Serva plans to travel more and visit the other Horde cities to see what new opportunities are there. She has also heard of other councils and wishes to observe them. All the while slowly making new friends and maintaining the close ones she has already.

Description Edit

Standing at average height, Serva's soft curves give her a truly feminine body compared to the muscular, plate armor wearing women. Sadly she can at time look very bland or like another elf. She has her straight golden silk hair that reaches her mid-back loosely pulled back and bounded half way with a white iron silk web lace band. Because her hair is pulled back, her loop ear rings are easily shown off while her face with soft features, glowing jaded eyes and soft pouty lips can be easily seen with out a single thread of hair covering it.

Just below her chin, a pure white nether web lace choker with five fel crystals with a green glow snuggly hug her neck. The crystals shrink in size as they move from the center. With her fair silken skin, her scars from her past can be easily seen. She has scars on top of her shoulders where trolls dug their fingers into as they were holding her to cut her low abdomen open which also bares a scar that she tries to cover up all the time. Also she has a few other small scars that dot her back.

Overall Serva loves to wear her many different outfits, she does have her favorite dress which is a green and white hibernal dress with not anything else. It matches her choker and eyes so well and because of that she tends to wear it more then her others. But, she made sure that she has an outfit to fit any occasion that she might be involve in.

Personality Edit

First time meeting Serva, she seems to be shy, meek and quiet. She is only like this at first while still being very respectful to who ever is talking to her. The whole reason she is like this is to get a feel of the other person's body language and speech habits. After she gets comfortable with the person, she might have a problem staying quiet because she becomes chatty and more outgoing while remaining respectful towards the person. Overall Serva seems sweet, caring, respectful and loving person.

History Edit

The Beginning Edit

Serva was born 161 years before the creation of the Dark Portal and the First War, in the beautiful capital city of the High Elves, Silvermoon as a member of the House of Quel'Anu. Because the House was known and used for service to the royal and noble families, Serva was made to learn and follow the teachings of the light to better serve the families. After becoming a skillful priestess, she spent her days serving the House of Sunstrider and other Houses apart of the Convocation by being a personal physician, maid, cook, messenger, and what ever else was needed to be done.

Second War Edit

When the Second War came to Quel'Thalas and the call for the army, Serva was added into the ranks. She followed her duty to the Tee and beyond; however, it was not enough in some battles. Her last appearance in the war almost cost her life. In a misguided attempt with the humans against the Forest Trolls and Horde, the company was slaughtered by the enemy which was caused by the trolls attacking her and other priest and priestess first. Serva received several blows and cuts access her low abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms and lower jaw. She could barely keep herself alive and was really lucky when a passing scouting party found her in the body covered battle field. They took her to the city of Lordaeron so other healers could save her from near death.

After her time there and finding out the decision of King Sunstrider to end the alliance with the humans, she discovered she had mixed feelings over it. She had many family members died in the war which made her understand the King's view; however, she developed a notion that it was the King's fault for the many deaths in her house because many were not trained to fight and just to heal. Sadly, Serva was one of them and it almost cost her life.

Peace Time and into the darkness Edit

Serva debated for a long time before deciding not to return to Quel'Thalas. The war made her view some things differently regarding her house and the ruling houses. So Serva left Lordaeron and traveled south to South Shore. She thought about traveling farther south but stayed put. Serva traveled from Dalaran, Hillsbrad, South Shore, Tarren Mill and all the way to Stormgarde. In her travels, she learned and trained how to properly use a wand and staff for fighting and defense. Her visits to Dalaran, she trained on how to cast attacking spells. Also with her among humans, she picked up darker abilities that were known. The new abilities slowly ate at her, while she grew to enjoy the shadow spells.

At the wake of her new spells, Serva began to work at Durnholde Keep and traveled to Hammerfall and Lordamere Internment Camp. Over a month time, Serva found enjoyment mind controlling Orcs to their death. Her dark actions fed the darkness growing inside of her while pleasing Aedelas Blackmoore with trained arena fighters. It was very easy for her to kill and watch orcs die; since she still saw them as the enemy and it was them that killed family members in her house. However, the slipping into darkness caused her to lose control over her magical addiction. One night, she awake with the hunger and slipped into rooms with mages. She covered their mouths and pushed a dagger into their chest while she drained the magic from them. Once realizing what she did, Serva fled from Durnholde Keep. She ran north only to rest for a night in towns like Andorhal, Darrowshire and Corin's Crossing.

As Serva fled for her crime, she began to feel like she was going crazy because she heard a voice speaking to her. After some time, she gave in to the voice with the promise to get back at those that killed members in her house and make all kneel to her will for a change. She went out looking for Kel'Thuzad. Once she found him, she pled herself to him and Ner'zhul as the voice told her to do. She faithfully followed the Cult of the Damned's will with spreading the Plague across the Kingdom of Lordaeron.

Third War Edit

When the Third War began, Serva followed the Scourge into battle using her stronger shadow spells while standing in the army as a shadowy form of her self. In one battle, she was accompanying a small group of undead and ran into an alliance scouting party. Serva ordered the attack and had the alliance party killed. She examined the bodies before she allowed her troops to feed on the flesh. Like the biggest explosion from a dwarf bomb, it hit Serva as she looked down at the priestess body. Her mother's body laid there at her feet. She ordered them to have their fill but leave her mother's body alone.

She ordered the solders to head back to camp and leave her there. Serva stood there staring at her dead mother. Her whole point of joining the cult and agreeing with the voice was to get back at those who had her house members killed and get power so she wouldn't be a slave again. Serva went to get her horse and place her mother's body on the horse. She led the horse north to Quel'Thalas. She sought out her sister by traveling to Goldenmist Village and Tranquillien before she found her sister in Fairbreeze Village. Serva and Sylistar buried their mother next to their father. Serva wanted to leave but her sister talked her into staying. Sylistar spent her energy counseling her sister through her issues. Serva was happy in Silvermoon with her sister; she was getting better but guilt and haunting faces of the murder mages never left her as her sister did everything she could to help Serva.

Second Chance Edit

Everything was improving for both sisters; Serva seemed to be happier and more positive. She kept her past to herself and her sister while she worked with her sister. For Serve, her time of peace came to a crashing holt. The Scourge invading Quel'Thalas and Serva saw the attack a window to redeem her self with the sins against the house and race. Serva joined the army to fight. In a mix of her shadow and normal form, she used her complete range of attacks; she didn't want what happen to her in the second war to repeat. So Serva unleashed hell on the undead and the cult members. She put her all into the fight but Serva hunger to seek all the revenge she could on the evil that misguided her. In the battle, she left the ground forces and was alone with the scourge around her. She fought to stay alive and kill those in her path that she once served.

As Serva blasted spell after spell at her enemy, she was pulled back. It was her sister pulling her from moving forward. Sylistar pulled Serva back through both armies all the while Serva screamed in a bloody tone of hate and desire to kill the scourge. Once in a safe area, her sister slapped her several times trying to get Serva to calm down. However, the fighting came to the city before Serva was completely calm down and for Sylistar, fear set in. She begged for Serva to come with her but Serva said no. It was the last time Serva saw her sister when Sylistar left the room. Serva waited a few minutes thinking how to ask for her sister forgiveness since she was being selfish before leaving the room.

Sevra went after her sister but was unable to find her while the Scourge entered the city. She decided to assist in the fight and she with others met the Scourge with in the city's walls. She spent all her energy trying to keep others around alive while fighting too. The fighters and her began to slowly move back with the large numbers of the Scourge surging against them. Although she was able to keep the few that were close to her alive; their fates changed as an abomination hit Serva in the ground then picked her up to throw through several walls. She laid there almost life less barely breathing while the city fell and all life around her ending.

After the Scourge completed their goals in Quel'Thalas and left, Serva spent the time believing it was the end for her. When there was a sudden beam of light shining on her then a hand reached towards and grabbed her out of the rubble. She was carried to a camp where some survives had set up and laid her down. Healers spent some time ensuring she would recover which she took full advantage. She rested and search for members in her house as others rebuilt. While many blood elves and the Prince headed out and fought the Scourge in Northrend and Outland; however Serva remained in the rebuilt Silvermoon City trying to pick up the pieces of her life. With her entire house destroy and being the solo survivor of her family line so she thought; she made a decision to follow her ancestor and change her name. She simply changed Quel in her surname to Sin.

New Beginning Edit

Serva Sin'Anar started to travel again and saw the destruction the Scourge caused. She felt great remorse. Blaming herself for some of it, she went through the scourge infested plague lands killing as many undead as she could. She made Tarren Mill her home as she traveled to and from the plague lands. Over the course of her travels she met with survivors. One Sin'Dorei named Nisa Dawnsinger began to travel along side her. Serve enjoyed the company. In the past she traveled alone but an extra hand helped her. Shortly after Serva befriended Nisa, she added another survivor, Cylia Shadowsinger. The three travel and preformed tasks for the Horde to better prepare them for their journey into Outland.

Once in Outland, the three began to fulfill requests for the Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula. As they traveled around Hellfire, they met up with two more Sin'dorei, who were Jenei and Ellendia. The five of them made several visits to Hellfire Citadel and went through Ramparts and Blood Furance fighting the corrupted orcs for the Thrallmar. However, Nisa decided to head back to Silvermoon and enjoy peace and quiet. Then Cylia moved on too, she headed elsewhere in Outland leaving Serva with Jenei and Ellendia. The group splitting up was just the start. Serva made visits to Nisa in Silvermoon even though her new home was on the Scyers' Tier. Also spent time to find where Cylia would be and visit with her about updates such as news and gossip.

Over a period of time, it was apparent to Serva that her two closest friends were fighting between each other and grew to hate each other. In the fighting, she was force to pick one or the other and she could not do that. Serva made it clear to both of them that they were her closest friends and was not going to lose both of them. Some what truce was made and she headed back to traveling around in Outland. While she was in Zangarmarsh improving her status and relationship the Cenarion Expedition, Jenei and Ellendia repeated what Cylia and Nisa did. However, as the fighting went on, Serva picked a side and went with Jenei. Now seeing her friends getting into fights with each other and the stress it caused. Serva decided for a short period not talk to her friends and just travel alone to work on getting a good name with the many factions in Outland. ((tbc))

House Information Edit

Quel'Anu - Translate: High Light
The house was formed by Quel'Anu when he with the others arrived in Tirisfal, he took a wife around the same time and changed his first name to A'belore. After the changes and new wife, he started his family. In the beginning, it was a small family that grew larger and larger because of the growth in the family. The house could not save, learn or master what they need to become a noble house. Over the years up to the Troll Wars, the house became known for their healing abilities and personal servitude to the Noble Houses that were involved with the Convocation of Silvermoon.

The House survived the Troll Wars and spent the next 2,800 years serving the Noble Houses. When the Second War reached the High elves, the house was commanded into war, but some nobles held selected members back while others were killed for the lack of skill of fighting but mastery of healing. Over the 7,000 plus years, the Second War was the biggest lost of life for the House until the Third War. The Scourge's slaughter of the house in their attack on Silvermoon which made Serva and her sister, Sylistar the only two members left but Serva assumes she is the last. Since her sister disappear because she fled from the invasion and was enslaved by a tribe.

Family Information Edit

  • En'Amo Quel'Anu
    Father - Decease at the age of 826 while fighting in the Second War. He was an Arcane Mage. He was known for being a loving husband, father and brother. He made sure his family came first.
  • Lauda Quel'Anu
    Mother - Decease at the age of 797 while fighting in the Third War/Scourge. She was Priest and was a wonderful, caring, loving mother for Serva, who taught Serva almost everything as she grew up.
  • Sylistar Quel'Anu
    Twin Sister - Assumed died after the Fall of Quel'Thalas. Serva's loving best friend. Unknown to Serva, Sylistar is alive but held as a slave by a tribe when she fled from Silvermoon

Out of Character Information Edit

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