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Neutral 32Azeri Fire
Gender Female
Race [[race::Half-high elf, half-human ((blood elf in game.))]]
Character class Rogue, formally Mage
Affiliation None
Position Spy
Location Unknown
Status Living
Relative(s) Elsharin (mother), Darith Fire (father), Seriau Fire (Brother)

Azeri Fire Edit

Azeri is nothing more than a common Rogue, she is an outcast, a thief, and a vagrant. She has spent most of her life stealing to afford the basic food and drink she needs to live, although, recently she has been taking odd jobs from a shady Tauren, Tomahna "Half-Horns" Grimtotem.

Appearance Edit

Azeri is oddly short, even for her race. She wears often dirtied leather armor, sometimes no boots, and has a dagger strapped to each side of her belt.

Azeri's Tragic Childhood Edit

Azeri's mother, Elsharin, and her father, Darith, met long ago during one of Darith's ventures to find new and more explosive magics and immediately, fell in love. After three years of being together, Elsharin became pregnant. To both Elsharin's and Darith's surprise, she had twins. The first of the twins to be born, was a boy, who Darith named after his father, Seriau. The second born was a abnormally small girl, who Elsharin named Azeri.

Azeri and Seriau lived alone with their father for the next twenty years, in a remote forest. They saw their mother maybe once or twice a year due to her job a Mage Trainer. During this time, they were raised by their father. He taught them both the basics of the arcane. Azeri had always been bad with magic, due to the fact she ran out of energy very quickly. Seriau, however, excelled in magic. In fact, he was better than Azeri in pretty much everything. He was faster, stronger, and smarter than Azeri as well. He quickly became his father's favorite, and his father made this quite apparent.

At the age of sixteen, Seriau found a horribly powerful sword, containing a bloodthirsty spirit. The spirit, now awakened by Seriau, began to use him for its own sick desires. Influenced by the spirit, Seriau sought out objects of fel magic. After finding many books, scrolls, and various objects, Seriau began to study and use them. Azeri however noticed Seriau's odd behavior and soon caught him in the act of drawing out a summoning circle in his own blood. After keeping Azeri quiet by threatening her life, Seriau continued his studies of the dark arts. His mind corrupt by the spirit, he thought he was only seeking knowledge.

At the age of twenty, Azeri's life made a drastic change. Seriau, through his knowledge of the dark arts, found that his father also studied the unholy magics. After approaching his father on the subject, he found that his father was truly a necromancer. His anger multiplied by thousands by the dark spirit, Seriau took his blade and ended his father's life. Just at that point, Azeri walked in to find her brother standing over her father's dead corpse. Although, at that point, it was more the spirit of the sword than Seriau, all he did was turn to Azeri and smile. She ran and never turned back, not knowing her father's ties to the Cult of the Damned.

After this point in her life, Azeri began to steal to live, the role of a Rogue forced upon her. She wandered around for many, many years, unable to find a true home or any real job. She eventually found her way to the Blood Elven city of Silvermoon, with the many rich people there, she found a steady source of stuff to steal. Still to this day, she has flashbacks of the ordeal that lead to the death of her father.

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