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This article is a player character biography page The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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There was once a rogue named Poul,

Whom many decreed a fool.

He was at his best when the treasure a chest,

Especially a brassiere over-full.

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Poul Official horde mini-icon Feathermoon IconSmall Undead Male Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 70 The Undead Legion
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Only by his strength of will and total love and devotion to Yzera did Poul awaken beyond the clutches of Scourge. He still retians detailed memories of his previous life: a ravager of the seas, that was tamed by love.

Raised on the coasts it was natural for Poul to seek a life at sea. He was fortuneate enough to have an uncle that granted him a commission and he learned the skills of an officer at sea.

Poul was impatient; he wished a command of his own. Unwilling to wait for the recognition of his skills he hatched a plot that would advance him to captaincy. When assigned to a ship with a notably weak Captain, he hatched a plan for mutiny. One that was successful. At command he unleashed his crew on to the sea lanes and began a career as pirate.

One of his captured vessels held the grandest prize of all Yzera, and knew love for the first time, and she knew a perfect foil for her courtly schemes. Together they intrigued and plotted their rise in status among nobility until they were caught. Even as tthe pair approached the gallows, Poul screamed out his devotion to Yzera, claiming that if there was more beyond he would seek her out and be at her side.

Then came along Juliandra and Trsiel, the Three that shook the foundations of Azeroth, making them leek bodily fluids at the mere mention of thier names. Alas it was love and a wild hart untameable that broke them assunder, sadly.

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