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Character Information Edit


A reasonable lookalike to Dalton Ein. (Source: Aspharr of the game Ninety-Nine Nights)

  • Name: Knight Guardian Dalton Ein
  • Positions Held: Knight Guardian of the Kingdom of Stormwind
  • Age: 31 (At death)
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 183 lbs.
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Race: Human

Biographical Information Edit

Father to Aeryn Ein, and husband to Neda Karney Ein, Dalton Ein was a selfless and faithful Knight in the service of Adamant Wrynn III, King of Stormwind prior to and during the First War. Born in the town of Goldshire, Dalton spent his childhood dreaming of one day becoming a great hero to the people of Stormwind Kingdom, and it was this dream and ambition that led him to enlisting into military service, and undergoing Knighthood. Protecting the lands of Stormwind was, at best, menial labor and involved minor incursions against thieves and the like - to the hero-minded Dalton, he feared his life would end meaningless and unaccounted for, never achieving greatness as he wanted.

The monotony of his life ended when he ran into Neda Karney, a woman who worked the military as a medical aide. The two almost immediately fell in love, and Dalton's ambitions for becoming a great hero waned when, inevitably, he became a father. Because the two were actively involved in the military, however, both parents knew that their daughter, Aeryn, would be subject to hardships that they felt uncessary. So whenever the family needed to move to separate locations, young Aeryn would be sent to live with the Monks of Northshire, where she would be taken care of, and properly raised.

During the First War, Dalton Ein succeeded in slaying a number of Orcs, leading his unit of Knights to victory after victory in an ultimately futile war effort. Though Dalton now only fought for the safety of his wife and child, part of him remembered his childhood dream of becoming a great hero - and the combination of these things pushed him forward, day after day, battle after battle, through impossible odds.

It is said, however, that what defines a hero is the tragedy that they undergo - and this was no different for the Ein family, and Dalton in particular, when the family reunited one last time in Stormwind City. The family, joyous at their reunion, could not enjoy their time together for long. While Anduin Lothar pushed for the Tower of Medivh, Orgrim Doomhammer led his orcs for a final, devastating push on Stormwind Castle. The Eins, adamant on protecting their bloodline, sent their only daughter away to safety while they rushed to protect the gates.

Dalton Ein, who spent his life searching for a way to become a hero had his life cut short when he and his soldiers were over run by the Orcish invasion. Though he was never remembered as one of the great heroes of Stormwind's History, his sacrifice contributes greatly to the survival of some of Stormwind's refugees, who would eventually be able to join up with Lothar's men, and flee to Lordaeron.

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