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FlagRSP description of Sefoniel.

Sefoniel is an ancient Kaldorei druid. His frequent smiles offset his otherwise severe look.

SefonielWW Sefoniel is an Alliance, Night Elf Druid on Silver Hand.

Before the FallEdit

Sefoniel Starwatcher was but a very young night elf when the Well of Eternity was destroyed, living on the fringes of Kal'dorei society. He, along with his parents, fled the destruction of Azshara by leaving behind their lives and moving into the wilds of Kalimdor.

Learning the Druidic ArtsEdit

After the collapse of their civilization, virtually all male Kal'dorei studied to attune themselves to nature and become druids. In this respect, Sefoniel was no different than most of his race, and quickly became adept at the multitude of skills necessary to be a druid.

He focused his studies on the Druid idea of "Balance," especially the notion that even potentially terrible actions could be righted if properly responded to. He refers often to the "Lesson of the Betrayer," "By attempting to recreate the Well of Eternity, the Betrayer inadvertently provided the salvation of Azeroth."

Unfortunately, this devotion also required him to enter the Emerald Dream with the rest of his peers, and because of this he was separated from his parents and the Azeroth that he knew.

The Battle of HyjalEdit

When Sefoniel was finally awoken, it was to fight in the Battle of Hyjal. Assigned to help defend the Orc and Troll base camp on the path leading up to Nordrassil, Sefoniel soon found himself on the front lines as the human camp fell.

Up until then, his life had been dedicated to scholarly pursuits. In the thick of combat, he could do little as many of his friends from the Emerald Dream were cut down around him. In the end, their sacrifices won out, and the Burning Crusade and the Scourge were defeated.

Time on AzerothEdit

However, because of his experiences during the battle, he developed a powerful hatred towards the Burning Crusade and the Undead, often organizing hunts with the waning members of the Eternity Wardens to purge their influence from Azeroth. His legendary vigils in the Blasted Lands, and leading crusades against resurgences by Lord Kazzak are but one facet of his tireless war against the Legion.

Though holding no grudge against the Orcs for the death of Cenarius (in the end, just one more loss from his time in the Emerald Dream), he feels that Thrall has betrayed the brotherhood between the Orcs and Night Elves forged on Hyjal by siding with the Undead and the Blood Elves.

The War of the Shifting SandsEdit

As one of the first Agents of the Nozdormu, Sefoniel prepared for the war of the shifting sands by scouring the deserts of Silithus for clues to the past. As the hour approached, he led one of several armies into combat against the Qiraji forces. They engaged in fierce combat for several hours, before driving the Qiraji back to their warrens. For his honorable service in this conflict, he was awarded a signet ring commemorating the Path of the Invoker, in thanks for the healing support he provided to many front line fighters.

The Battle of the Dark PortalEdit

Joining the many agents of the Argent Dawn in the Blasted Lands after Lord Kazzak re-opened the dark portal, Sefoniel fought alongside many famous warriors of the realm, including Theris. After several punishing days of combat, the united forces of Azeroth were successful in pushing back the Legion and entering the Dark Portal, affirming Sefoniel's faith in "The Lesson of the Betrayer."

Through the Dark PortalEdit

The wastes of Outland confirmed Sefoniel's long standing fear that the Sin'dorei were treading down the same path they had during the Sundering, whether they realized it or not.

In the course of his travels in Outlands, and even some back on Azeroth, he traced the line of demonic corruption in the world back to its source. Medivh's tower, Karazhan, that still carried some of the Fel energies that started the cycle of war again in the world.

As far as his Druidic studies went, Sefoniel became a full fledged Druid of the Talon, as he had long aspired.

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