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Hi, I'm Sebry, if you've seen me talking about a subject, then you'll probably have noticed that I can drag on, and on, and on, mainly cos I try to make sure that I've made my point clear, and, one of the things I like the most about sites like this is that I can write and nobody can stop me mid-sentence and then start going on about stuff I already know is wrong to be wrong cos they completely misunderstood the point I was trying to make. Anyway, I'm into WoW lore (duh), I'm also into the concept of time travel, so, I really like CoT, and want to find out more about Nozdormu and where he's at (so many theroies that connect him up with the infinate dragon flight, which I think may actually be undead bronze, and he becomes their leader after his death, but, the current him is still alive, for our chars and Chromie as we aren't from that far in the future, so, Nozdormu appears to us alive so that we can recognise him in Quest Avail 16x16Quest Complete 16x16Neutral 15 [75] Mystery of the Infinite and Quest Avail 16x16Quest Complete 16x16Neutral 15 [80] Mystery of the Infinite, Reduxwhen my head is in the warcraft universe, but not thinking up fan theories, I tend to consider what might be where, all those little quiet, abandoned places that nobody seems to like to visit, where it's quiet, peaceful, sometimes the atmosphere is a bit disturbing, but, mysterious, places like Newman's landing or tauren village, or even the South Seas islands, I guess I just like coming up with possible fan theories for the less visited places.

I also often feel unsure about if I did a good job on an edit or w/e and would appreciate any possible feedback, if there's anyone out there thinking that I've only recently found out about wowwiki fairly recent, just so you know, I would wonder round the articles just looking round, until one day, I wanted to make an edit and needed to make an account, so, I've been on wowwiki a lot longer than I've been editing, just so that nobody can say that I haven't been on this site very was (and still is) my homepage, even months before I set up an account, I'm not too fond of spam, personally

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