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Wayward of AgamagganEdit

I am called "the wayward one" by my people the quilboar we were a noble people decendants of a great god who passed on to save our world he is known as Agamaggan and he is not gone from this world forever. He was fortold to return to us one day and even before that his form is preserved in ours and in the great Razor Fens that grew where his blood was spilt by the Burning Legion. Our shamans hunters and priests have led us since then and we prospered in the land laid barren by his death and the sundering until the ravagers came the the barbaric swift running centaur slaughtered or kinsmen and took the oasies from us and the harpies rained fire and death on us from above. We learned the ways of war quickly from our tormentors and drove them back. However we grew suspicious of others and far too eager for war and in our haste attacked the tauren and the orcs and were soundly routed by their superior forces.

Retreating back to scattered Razor Fens and our two greatest Fens the Kraul and the Downs. Recently the Deaths Head became the primary religious cerimonial masters and the crone Charla Razorflank came to lead them before anyone knew it the Downs had been overrun by the scourge Charla "saved" us from them evacuating us to the Kraul. But then she reversed directions and openly began to court the horde somehow my people were enthralled and began giving themselves to undeath all to willingly. The scourge ranks swelled as more fell to thier promise of taking back the barrens for us their leader Amnennar the Coldbringer well rewarded charla and her ilk. I fear their next attempt will be to necromance our great god agamaggan.

I had, had enough of this insanity I ralied whatever Quilbor would heed me and we fought our way from the fens bringing a thicket of Razor vine with us and set out and found a home allong and under the hills between Thousand needles and tanaris. However we were beseiged by our old foes the centaur who raided us the harpies who scoured us off the cliffs and their slaves the kobolds who tunnled beneath us to wreak havok upon our caves. In desperate need of help I set out twards Gadgetzan to garner assistance.

I fond some the potent Gravin Dhash Steamwheedle and his forces including gnoll grandstalkers and kobold elite underminers cme to my assistance in exchange for a pact that we would do likewise for him When called upon. His underminers estblished a quarden zone of nigh-empty space in which their harpy-enslaved breatheren were routed the gnoll grandstalkes used elaborate traps to ensnare the centaur for elimination, the harpies were pathetic to watch attempting to escape the goblin fighters as they swept them from the skies.

From then on my people pledged themselves to the steamwheedle catel in gratitude. our city and lands grew to prosper as Goblin trade mmade us rich.

I am Ka'Rag the Spine Banked and my people are not the wayward ones the Death's Head are.

FOR AGAMAGGAN!!! Agamaggan2

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