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I play Bronzebeard.Jaeliyah (Warrior, lvl 70 - Jae's Be.imba), Bronzebeard.Caake (Priest, circa 58-65) and Bronzebeard.Cupcaake (Shaman, 24 but retired). I'm a member of the Daughters ofthe Alliance guild. I like polishing information other people have already put into the wiki, so most of my edits will consist of me interlinking things that weren't previously tied together, or inserting tooltips where they'll be useful.

I desperately wish there was a better bookmarking system at I've been watching things but I think that's not a good way to do it. So... my userpage will be my bookmark list.

Being primarily a warrior, I often find myself looking at the Warrior sets available to me in the high-end BC instances. Eventually I'm sure I'll need Priest sets, but I think it'll be a long time before I need Shaman sets. I also found the discussion of the relationship of Defense Rating on items to Defense to be very enlightening. Point-423, must remember that.

I'm an Alchemist. I mastered in Transmutations. Eventually I'll make a little table of which transmutes I have and which I still need. Maybe. You know. If I ever get around to it. In light of the 22 slot Glacial Bag, I think I'm going to make Caake into a tailor. Which means I will need the Tailoring leveling guide. A lot. : <.

I'm not much of a PvPer but I'm beginning to dabble in Arena stuff (dear God, what's possessed me : < ). I do find First Aid and Fishing to be fun, but Cooking between skill lvl 270 and 300 was a pain. I'm not an enchanter, but I have guildies for that : p.

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Other pages I have found myself looking at often:

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Badge of Justice rewards Want List! Empty for now... who knows what will happen next ^_^

I really do click these links all the time.

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