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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


These pages are used for me to display my actual characters in WoW, my achievements, and many other things.


MY two other accounts, User:XXNat swatterXX, and User:Z33w0wmast3r have three expansion Ideas all thogether, i will be taken them down and posting them here instead.


Official alliance mini-icon Draenei - Ironforge dwarves - Gnomes - Stormwind humans - Night elves - Naga

- Neutral - Goblins - Ethereals - Dryads - Treants - Furbolg - Earthen

Official horde mini-icon Blood elves - Forsaken undead - Orcs - Tauren - Darkspear jungle trolls - Makrura

Official alliance mini-icon Stormwind City - Ironforge - Darnassus - Bc icon Exodar - Naz`nuevo

Bc icon Shattrath City - Wrath-Logo-Small Dalaran - Undermine - Zandalar

Official horde mini-icon Orgrimmar - Thunder Bluff - Undercity - Bc iconSilvermoon City - Mak`aru

My Ideas for Future ContentEdit

Under Organization Daily Note: These articles are under major organization and will be completed soon.


Expansions after Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

These expansions will either expand the level cap to 85 or keep it at 80 and will focus on the events happening after Wrath of the Lich King.

  • A World in Danger - Dive into the mysterious oceans of the Great Sea and discover mystical artifacts of power before you finally confront Neptulon, The Old God.
  • Flight of Deathwing - Explore another part of the remains of draenor and uncover secrets beyond knowing. Secrets will unfold as you dive into Draenor's and Azeroth's past and uncover the true villain behind Deathwing.

Expansions after A World in Danger or the Flight of DeathwingEdit

These expansions will focus on either raising the level cap to 85 or 90, or keeping it at 80/85. Expansions will focus on events happening after the noted expansion above.

  • War of Emerald - The Old Gods have become angry. Tristful Grove has become ripped and unleashes the fury of the Old Air God. The sacred land of Moonglade is destroyed after the Earth God is unleashed and his fury is brought upon Azeroth. Citizens are seeking refuge to Outland and the Emerald Dream. Ysera is slowly being corrupted by the Emerald Dream. The Old Earth God, although thought to be dead, is seeking revenge against Ysera for her unspeakable methods of dealing with the Nightmare. He sends the Dream spiraling into the heavens. All that was a dream is now a mortal reality. And the place you thought was safe is now waiting corruption and destruction. The War of Emerald has begun {Happens After A World in Danger)

Expansions after War of EmeraldEdit

These expansions happen after the War of Emerald and are focused on either bringing the level cap to 95 or keeping it at 90. Expansions will focus on the events happing after the noted expansion above.

  • Titans' Legacy - After finding out about the unleashings of the Old Gods, the Titan's return to Azeroth. They observe the choas and find out about Deathwing, the Defeat of Malygos, the corruption of Ysera and how Nozdormu is missing. They are angered of such events and enter Azeroth. The Azerothians reveal that the Titan fortresses of Uldaman, Uldum, and Ulduar have been destroyed and cursed upon that of the Black Dragon. But, the Titan's return brings concern to Sageras. He calls Kil'jaeden to rip Nordrassil from it's roots and drink from the well of eternity. He does so and is killed by an unspeakable force. But the legion is still strong and summons Sageras through the well, and succeed. Sageras seeks out the Titans. At first all is calm. But then the Titan's speak about the removal of Azeorth. Azerothians know that they can't stop the titans from doing so, and so deal with their last few days on Azeroth as a total war. But the titans continue up with their plans, leading leaders into tapping into an unusual power which could destroy the titans, forever.

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