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Neutral 32Súrion Dínendal.
|Image of Súrion Dínendal.]]
Title <Watcher of The Northern Woodlands>
Gender Male
Race [[race::night elf]]
Level 80
Affiliation Cenarion Circle Avatar
Location Nightfall (EU)
Darkmoon Faire (RP)
Alignment Neutral Good

A lonely but proud protector of the northern woodlands of Kalimdor, under the orders of the Cenarion Circle.


This profile is based around a Nightelf Balance Druid Character on the EU RP Server of Argent Dawn.


This elf bears marks of long and hard times in his face, when not found shapeshifted into the many creatures of the woodlands. When you look in his eyes you sense a deep calm and understanding wisdom from them. In his hair there's small twigs and leafs and around him there's a feint scent of mold from the place in the forest where he spend the last night. Lately he've been spotted wearing Dreamwalker Regalia which he obtained battling the scourge.

Background StoryEdit

As a kid Súrion used to play around on the parks of Zin-Azshari, having a peacefull and guarded childhood amongst many other Nightelves. It was not untill he reached the age of a thousand years that he decided to settle down and focus on his future, after all he had an eternity ahead of himself. Súrion where amongst the younger night elves, only about a thousand year old, when The Great Sundering tore the supercontinent of Kalimdor apart. And did thus not really participate in anything mayor during the war of the ancients, but felt he could still support after the end of the war. Shortly after he took up druidism, seeing it felt natural to him and his golden eyes showed a natural affinity for it, and was beeing taught by one of Malfurion's own desciples in the arts for many years, after he finished his studies he went into the dreams for quite many centuries, to fullfill his duty to Ysera. After waking up he walked the path of many forests for millenias healing and easing the wounds he could find in nature, and in time he came to detest those who hurted nature. As he hunted down those who hurt nature with an unquenchable thirst of vengeance, he met another kind druidess, Taríanõr, who teached him to be patient and tolerant of other peoples needs and instead of only restoring and avenging he would turn to maintain and preserve the balance. Beeing very happy for those few centuries he lived together with Taríanõr in the forests of Moonglade untill the day where they on a trip to Azshara got ambused by a remaining faction of Naga's who overthrew them and left Súrion in a very wounded state. When Súrion woke up again after beeing knocked out he saw them drag Taríanõr away. After hours of long struggling he managed to get into some camps of uncorrupted furbolgs where they attended his wounds. Till this day he still awaits the day where he yet again will meet Taríanõr, if not alive then at least in the Emerald Dream, where he hopes her spirit may reside still waiting for him. Now a days he is often found disguised as a beast known as the moonkin, known as guardians of Elune, in his favorite areas of Winterspring where he awaits a sign of his help is yet again needed by the Cenarion Circle. Though every once in a while he will also be found near Sporeggar where he is helping out the inhabitants whom he has a small compasion for seeing the suffering they had been through would have to be mended.

Notable people from Súrion's past Edit

  • IconSmall Draenei Female User:Caelic: Súrion's best friend whom he joined up with in outlands on his preparations for battling the scourge and their destruction of the woodlands.
  • IconSmall Night Elf Male Malfurion: The mentor for all night elf druids, whom Súrion admires alot and strives to be like.

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