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HordeNPC 32Sin'Serrar
Champion Cyssa Dawnrose
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Character class Blood Knight
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Undercity
Position Servant to the Dark Lady
Location Plaguelands, Kirin Tor

Blood Knight Sin'Serrar


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The woman who would be known as Sin'serrar was born in the ancient Quel'dorei city of Silvermoon, far northeast of the kingdom of Lordaeron. Born as Kim'anar ("The Little Light"), the daughter of an accomplished noble enchantress and a decorated city guardsman, Kim'anar lived her younger years in idle joy.

Not long after her coming-of-age, Kim'anar strove to join the Rangers, the premier military force of Quel'thalas. With the proud encouragement and support of her father, and the notable rank and station brought by her mother, she was easily accepted into their ranks. She quickly proved herself to be a valiant and powerful warrior, and was soon assigned to the defenses of the city of Silvermoon.

It was during this assignment that Kim'anar had the occasion to meet then Ranger-General of Quel'thalas, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. The encounter stirred Kim'anar into greater dedication and focus in her pursuits, and she hoped to someday be worthy to join Lady Sylvanas' own forces. But her skills would very shortly be tested.

A virulent plague had been spreading across the lands of Lordaeron, killing many thousands of Humans and others. Prince Arthas Menethil of Lordaeron, tracking the source of the plague, journeyed to the continent of Northrend and returned a changed man. Almost immediately, rumour reached Silvermoon that Prince Arthas had killed his own father and now led a growing armada of the undead, known as the Scourge. Worse, he was now leading that armada towards Quel'thalas.

Lady Sylvanas led the Rangers into defense of the woods of Quel'thalas, and bolstered the two Elfgates against Arthas' arrival. Kim'anar remained amongst the younger Rangers assigned inside the city of Silvermoon, though she ached to be in the forces at Sylvanas' side. However, messages soon arrived that Arthas, now a Death Knight, bad broken through the Outer Elfgate, driving Sylvanas back to regroup at the Inner Elfgate.

As she watched from the high walls of Silvermoon, Kim'anar witnessed the destruction of the gate, and Arthas' murder of Sylvanas. But more agonizing still, Arthas drew the spirit of Sylvanas into undeath, and her his slave and lieutenant, the Banshee Queen. The forces of the Scourge crawled their way through the remaining forests of Quel'thalas and into the gates of Silvermoon. Kim'anar and the remaining Rangers and guards of the city threw themselves at the undead, but were brushed aside as the armada made its way through the city and to the Sunwell.

With little resistance left to interfere, Arthas used the power of the Sunwell to resurrect the lich Kel'Thuzad, poisoning the waters of the well in the process. Soon afterward, Arthas and most of his forces withdrew, taking their armada southwest to the city of Dalaran, leaving a small contingent behind.

Wounded, but alive, Kim'anar and the other surviving Rangers help guide the evacuation of Silvermoon, withdrawing the Quel'dorei to a point of safety to recover. The following years were brutal and painful, as the Quel'dorei realized that they had become severely addicted to the arcane magic of the Sunwell, and now absent that power, it affected the survivors greatly. Many Quel'dorei, driven nearly mad, became the 'Wretched', trying to still draw power from the poisoned Sunwell; the results were unpleasant, and the Rangers were forced to defend their people from both the Scourge and the mad Wretched.

Kim'anar's father did not survive the evacuation of Silvermoon; he was last seen holding back a force of the Scourge, allowing a group of evacuees to escape the city. Her mother had escaped from the city, but unfortunately was strongly affected by the absence of the Sunwell. Rendered nearly feeble by the lack of arcane power, and compounded by the loss of her home and husband, she killed herself in the camps of the Quel'dorei.

The revered leader of the elves, Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, set out to work with the Alliance to force back the Scourge, but was betrayed by the Humans and shortly after vanished. However, the Quel'dorei learned how to feed their arcane addiction by tapping into, and withdrawing, the energy of demonic beings, and used this skill to recover their power. Inspired by their Prince, the Quel'dorei renamed themselves the Sin'dorei ("Children of the Blood"), and mobilized to retake their city of Silvermoon.

Meanwhile, having escaped the control of Arthas and his master, the Lich King, the banshee queen Sylvanas Windrunner led a force of similarly free undead, named the Forsaken, back to the capitol of Lordaeron and build a home there. Feeling the betrayal of the Humans against their Prince, the Sin'dorei reached to their former Ranger-General, and formed an alliance with the Forsaken. Also, the Sin'dorei managed to capture a powerful entity of pure magic, a Naaru named M'uru, and imprisoned it in the recaptured city of Silvermoon.

Tapping into the seemingly limitless power of the Naaru, the Sin'dorei realized they could gain the previously out-of-reach magic of the Holy Light, and began creating a new class of warriors; an order of paladins named the Blood Knights.

Kim'anar, like many of the surviving Rangers of Arthas' invasion, was amongst the first to volunteer to join the Blood Knights. Becoming infused with the power of M'uru, the young Blood Knights quickly found their place as the replacement to the Rangers, defending their homeland with greater and deadlier power.

When she was accepted as an initiate to the Blood Knights, Kim'anar renamed herself Sin'serrar, "The Bloodied Blade." Bitter at the loss of her parents, and driven to defend the last of her people, she eagerly drew upon the power of the Naaru and began her own mission of vengeance against the Scourge.

And when she gained the rank of Adept, Sin'serrar traveled to the Undercity, home of the Forsaken and of the Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. Sin'serrar pledged her loyalty to the Dark Lady, still inspired by the resolve and power of the former Ranger-General.

To date, the Blood Knight Sin'serrar can be found roaming the wilds of the now titled Plaguelands, the former farmlands and woods of Lordaeron and Quel'thalas. Her eyes have been set firmly on the citadel Naxxramas, home of the lich Kel'Thuzad, and, beyond that, she watches the far north, to Northrend, where it is rumoured Arthas still dwells…


  • Usually addressed as "Sin" by non-Sin'Dorei, a fact which she finds endlessly amusing.
  • The shown image is not Sin'Serrar. But it'll have to do for the moment.

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