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This article is a player character biography page The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Roxane Braveheart Edit

Roxane is a still young priestess living with her parents in Elwynn Forest. When Roxane was young she once fought a foul creature of darkness wich took her life. Beeing it not yet her time, the Light made a save haven for her between dead and living. Knowing time has no effect in this place, she lived here for several hundred years without ageing. On the day she was returned to life, she fell pray to a bandit ambush. Taking her mothers neckless and what few cloths she had. Hurt and confused she drag herself up a hill. As she looked up trough the rain she could see a small house. The owners of that house, nursed her back to health and took her in like her real parents. She learnt Alchemy and Herbalism from them.

Felian Lightfire Edit

As she was walking to Goldshire one day, she came across a girl who claimed to be cursed by a witch. With the help of a young paladin named Felian, she tryed to get rid of the curse. But before they could lift the curse, the girl ran off, and was never to be seen again.

Roxane and Felian started talking to eachother and became friends. Traveling with Felian for a while, they became close friends. Felian was a Paladin of the Silver Hand before it fell. ( for more information about Felian Lightfire, check his profile )

A savehaven Edit

Roxane her faith is laid down before her by the Light and the gods. After beeing deadly wounded by a lich, a kind man took her to a village, here she met great heroes from times long passed. A small town where all was pure, and everyone was happy. This town was called savehaven, a village between dead, and alive. Time has no effect in this place. Roxane her wounds were to bad to heal, she died and was send to the savehaven. She spend hundreds upon hundres of years here with no ageing. Within the long forgotten books, she found her who her real parents were. Velnor Braveheart, a powerfull mage who was part of an underground rogue organisation to make sure Lordaeron was never taken over by corruption. This organistation will later be known as SI:7. Her mother was only known as the Swift Justice. She was known as a Witch Hunter who was kind of heart but mercyless against anything unholy. The last time anyone saw her was with the Silverhand when Lordaeron fell.

Roxane, -happy to finally knowing who her parents were- still she felt something was amiss. A feeling she could not explain, she was missing something....or someone. After a long time, the Light returned Roxane back to life, to once again walk free the lands of Azaroth. Only hours had passed there. She met a lord, a captain from the Stormwind Guard, and a hero among the Royal Knights. Felian Lightfire. At first she did not remember him, but after Felian fell pray to the Lich wich also wounded her, her memory started to return. Felian was fine the next day but, Roxane made a promise swearing that she would not rest untill the world was pured from Darkness, she took up the ways of the Paladin. Now in training, she is growing up to be a Knight in the slowly healing Silverhand.

She had found out that there were 7 very powerfull Liches in this world, each of them carring a Black Diamond, to comunicate. -Roxane found the first Black Diamond in a tomb underneath a Tavern in Stormwind. A seal hold the body of a Lich long dead. -The second Diamond was found in a grave in the middle of the (Scarlet) Monistery Cathedral The other stones had not yet been found, but the Lich that wounded Roxane must have had one of the 7, knowing her last known location was an orc village, we still think it's hidden there.

Traveling with Felian had made them very close, they were in love...

A night to remember Edit

Time has gone past, new friends are made, new enemy's have revield themself. Battles have been fought and obstacles have been conquerd. Today, an everlasting friendship was born.

Me, Silver VanCleef, and a few other friends wanderd into an old Keep, known as Shadowfang. A place of great evil after an Archmage had cursed the place. The mage fell in darkness after his dear wife died in the fight for Lordaeron. Cursing the castle and everyone in it. Along the trip, Silver started acting odd. Weakend by the darkmagic around us, she got possed by her greed, her rival, and a cursed robe.

Her greed weakend her, the demons she had been fighting for so long took this chance to manipulate her, and when she finally picked up my fathers robe, she turned paranoide. She made the keep colaps, me and a few high ranking Night Watch officers barly made it out alive. Silver flet to Goldshire, hiding in the celler of the Inn. When I arrived I talked to her, calmed her and eventally got rid of her paranoia. Silver still confused made a plan, trying to get rid of the demon that haunted her for so long. She wounded herself badly, and just before turning to the Light, I had to heal her. It was a close call, but she made it. She was finally free, no longer possed by greed or that demon. The happyness filled her eyes with tears. Finally, she could get a warm bath at the Goldshire Inn.

True love Edit

After beeing together with Felian for a long time, Roxane and Felian fell in love. One night Felian asked Roxane out for a romantic dinner in Elwynn Forest. When they were done eating Felian showed Rox a ring, and asked Roxane to marry him.

A few weeks later was the big day. All our friends and guild members joined us at the Stormwind Cathedral and the marriage was a great succes.

Roxane shall from now on be known as: Roxane Lightfire.

Saved by a turtle Edit

Training in the Hinterlands, Roxane discoverd a huge Troll city. Returning to the Dwarfen fort Roxane fell down a hill. The nearby wolves would have got to her if it wasn't for a large, log, and friendly animal. The place where Roxane landed was a lake filled with friendly Snapjaws. They protected Roxane and her horse untill they returned to strenght. Because of the large shells the Snapjaw carry, they are a difficult pray for wolves and trolls. The only enemy they had were the Owlbeasts, who often murderd large numbers of Snapjaws as pray and for fun. The last Owlbeast raid got scared away by the Holy Fire attacks from Roxane. Surely they would stay away for some while. But not every Snapjaw was as trusted in humans as the rest of the herde was. A beautifull Blue Snapjaw knowing as Gammerita also the leader of the herde, never trusted Roxane. She was old but still full of strenght. Roxane decided to stay as far away from her as possible, later on Roxane heard from the dwarfs that her old herde and family got slaughterd by human knights who were questing nearby. Since then she has been very hostile to humans.

Full recoverd, Rox left the herde of snapjaws, hoping to see them again soon.

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