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World of Warcraft: The Twilight StormsEdit

The Third World of Warcraft Expansion, the War of the Tides can begin.

Before we start i just want to tell you a few things. Dont be to nasty, im only 12 years old and from Sweden so my english is not very good, yet. If your swedish you can find me at althought im not very popular there... and they deleted my "New Expanisions Treads". Well, this is my Great Sea expansion idea. It will feaute ONE new race. Three new proffesions and two new hero classes + much, much more. Its some years after Wrath of the Lich King and strange things begins to happen in the Great Sea so here it is!

Features Edit

Explore the Great Sea, both its islands and its deepths!

Play as a Goblin, choose your side!

Three new proffesions: Woodworking, Woodcutting and Constuction!

Player Housing, build houses, shops, guild halls and much more!

Swimming Mounts and Boats!

8 New Zones! Lots of new instances and raid dungeons!

Hundreds of new quests!

Hundreds of new monsters!

More comming soon...

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