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Introduction Edit

As the dreaded Death wing was slain a strange event happened. Some how is death has caused the Malstrom to dissipate revealing several uncharted islands, with unknown creatures. As the Horde and the Alliance realize that there has been new resources that can be claimed, replenishing those resources lost in the Cataclysm, but as the two mighty factions land on these uncharted Islands now part of a continent called the "Great Islands", in name of the sea they center in, conflicts begin to flare and the two hated sides shall battle each other for supremacy of the islands. Unannounced to either faction there arrivial has awakened the terror of the seas the wretched Naga, and there demon Queen Azshara.

New Races Edit

Alliance: When the alliance landed on the closest chain of islands to the Eastern Kingdoms they found themselves unprepared for the challenges they faced, but as they where exploring they discovered a civilization of Pandaren whom left there homeland behind many years ago, the Panderan welcomed the Alliance they cared to them and provided them with maps of the islands, the Alliance was grateful enough that they welcomed the Panderan as the newest race into there faction.

Horde: As soon as the Horde set foot on the islands they knew there was trouble, when they where setting up camp the where suddenly ambushed by the Naga, when all hope seemed lost a group of Ogres came and where able to save the Horde from certain death, the Ogres revealed that they where shipwrecks who built a society on the islands they landed on. The Horde where great full enough to the Ogres to welcome them back into there faction.

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