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In a small town borns a little girl. Her name's Emerald. When she grows up she opens the portal to the Emerald Dream. But the price is - her soul. Sun never goes up in the Azeroth. Kalimdor will sink in eternal darkness for thousands of years.


Emerald Dream

Aftermath Edit

When the king of Stormwind Varian Wrynn enters the Emerald Dream everything changes there. Therefore the Horde uses chance and wipes the Kingdom of Stormwind to the ground. Blood elves using the power of the Emerald Dream restores the Sunwell and conquers Ghostlands. Trolls restores their mightiest empire of Zandalari. They conquer all of the Khaz Modan except Dun Morogh, Wetlands and Loch Modan. Then starts the riot of Kalimdor when every single nation declare's war to each other. Therefore Night elves became members of Horde and moved to Eversong Woods. While new faction - Antante tries to save the Emerald dream Alliance is breaking. Some of them were in the Mount Hyjal. They burned the World tree, now it will never rise over the great valleys of Azeroth. Then Taurens moved to Dun Morogh and adapted it. Gnomes moved to Arathi, but Dwarves to Loch Modan and Wetlands. After these events, mortals entered a new century - The Emerald War started.

Zones affected by the Emerald Returns Edit

Kalimdor and Northrend

Eastern Kingdoms

Classes Edit


Hypnotists are verry strange. They were found only with Druids. They were a secret for every mortal race on Azeroth but when the Emerald Dream was discovered world discovered them. Hypnotists can change your mind, change everything, even change your faction but they are weak. Hypnotist can be Human, Tauren, Druid, Furbolg, Night elf.

Water lord

Water lords can control water. When titans lived with Druids and Furbolgs, Furbolgs learned magics from titans. They learned only water magic, because magic, which uses titans is verry strong. Water lords can control water, ice and everything what is liquid. Water lords can be Human, Blood elf, Pandaren, Gnome, Furbolg.

Features Edit

  • New continent - Emerald Dream
  • Level cap increased to 100
  • New faction - Antante
  • New races - Druids (Antante), Furbolg (Antante), Dalarians (Alliance)
  • New capitals - Brogle (Druids), Qualda'dashi (Trolls), Weleris (Humans), Barteff (Gnomes), Erilis (Dwarves), Dur'fore (Taurens)
  • New battlegrounds
  • New quests
  • New monsters
  • New secondary profession - Science
  • New items
  • New spells
  • New dungeons
  • New raids
  • New classes - Hypnotist, Water lord
  • Create a World tool

Attention! Expansion pack isn't real (yet), and I think wont. Expansion pack is not based on Warcraft lore. Except same Emerald Dream. Sorry for bad english. If you saw mistake somewhere, please correct it, if you can. Thanks. Information may be supplemented.

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