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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Rescîndent Official horde mini-icon Zenedar Europe IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 80 Shield of Faith Officer
Omnîscient Official horde mini-icon Zenedar Europe IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes deathknight Death Knight 80 Shield of Faith Alt
Ascêndent Official horde mini-icon Zenedar Europe IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 35 Copula Fatalis Alt
Armystice Official horde mini-icon Zenedar Europe IconSmall Orc Female Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 70 Draconis Immortalis Officer
Contrivian Official horde mini-icon Zenedar Europe IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Mage 80 Shield of Faith Private
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
User Information
Gender Male
Location England, United Kingdom
Main Server Zenedar EU
Status in WoW Active

Storyline & LoreEdit

Over a great deal of time, attachments to particular characters have founded a self-writing storyline, forging the story of Contrivian, Rescîndent, Ascêndent and Omnîscient. The story continues to this day...

Contrivian (Aynashera Eversun)Edit

A prominent Mage during the Second War, she is also mother to the three sisters that go by the aliases "Rescîndent", "Ascêndent" and "Omnîscient". Recently Contrivian has been re-honing her skills as a Sorcerer, following her recent recovery from magic withdrawal.

Rescîndent (Evali Eversun)Edit

Eldest of the Three, she was teleported out of Silvermoon by Contrivian. Being young, she suffered less from the magic withdrawal that beset the High Elves and, seeking to help restore her people's home, showed a curiosity for the healing power of the Light. The more she learnt, the more other elves noticed her talent in wielding the Light.

From Priest to PaladinEdit

It was during this time that many Blood Elves were conscripted to help in the efforts to push-back the Scourge, but inexperienced Priests were tasked with looking-after those in magic withdrawal. The acquisition of M'uru and the birth of the Blood Knights presented an opportunity to channel the Light into more dangerous pursuits, and Rescîndent followed the example of Lady Liadrin. Despite using the Light in a more offensive capacity, Rescîndent vowed to use her powers to heal whenever possible.

Retribution for the FallenEdit

Many Blood Elves and remaining High Elves wish to see Arthas put to justice for the destruction that he visited upon their race, and Rescîndent is no exception. Rescîndent has chosen a far more offensive path to achieve her goals in Northrend, as she sees Arthas as the last obstacle to the redemption of her people. Currently Rescîndent has her heart set on avenging those that fell in Quel'Thalas.

Ascêndent (Alleesa Eversun)Edit

Also rescued during the siege on Silvermoon City, she was been recruited into the ranks of the Blood Knights and has remained at the rank of Initiate, assuming a Guard position in Silvermoon City.


Rescindent joined World of Warcraft on the 14th February 2005, at 14:35 CET. His gamestyle is mainly concerned with 'having fun' as opposed to hardcore raiding or the pursuit of perfecting characters.

The BeginningEdit

Upon reaching level 20, Rescindent moved to the server Zenedar, in order to be amongst a group of friends that were forming a guild by the name of Copula Fatalis, leading to the creation of Armystice]; a female Orc Rogue. However, a sudden loss of interest in the game in November 2005 caused Rescindent to leave, with Armystice only reaching level 46.

The ReturnEdit

Rescindent returned to World of Warcraft after prolonged inactivity on the 4th June 2007, by which time many in Copula Fatalis had achieved level 70 on one or more characters. Determined to eliminate the level-difference preventing participation in certain guild activities, Rescindent began leveling Armystice, who became his first character to step through the Dark Portal into Outland. By this time, Rescindent had created a Blood Elf Paladin, by the name of Rescîndent, destined to become much more than an alternate character.

Winds of ChangeEdit

Armystice, by June 2007, had reached level 64 when Rescindent decided to put leveling to 70 aside, and give Blood Elves a look. Despite enjoying the Horde more than the Alliance, Rescindent had been discontent with the member races (Orc, Troll, Undead and Tauren), for purely aesthetic reasons, but also wished the High Elves to show themselves in World of Warcraft.

Rescîndent was not only a Blood Elf, the remaining High Elves in Azeroth, but also a Paladin; a class that had always intrigued Rescindent, mostly for storyline and lore reasons. Within the space of a month, Rescîndent became the primary character to level, and specialised as a Holy Paladin (a healer). Although Rescindent had effectively reset and widened the level-gap between him and members of Copula Fatalis, he was determined to reach level 70 as a Blood Elf Paladin.

Successes and ReassessmentsEdit

Having reached level 70 as Rescîndent on <date>, the future seemed much brighter, until inactivity within Copula Fatalis led Rescindent to leave World of Warcraft at the end of December 2007.

Rise and FallEdit

Rescindent returned to World of Warcraft on the 16th March 2008, in the wake of the resurrection of Copula Fatalis. The next few months were full of activity in Karazhan up until June/ July, when disputes over direction and conflict between parties within the guild resulted in a significant proportion of the guild leaving. However, Rescindent remained in the largely inactive Copula Fatalis until September 2008.

Back and ForthEdit

Upon returning from another distant land Rescindent continued the advance to level 80, in the hope that activity in Copula Fatalis would increase. However, upon reaching level 80 on 26th December 2008, Rescindent made the decision to move over to Steamwheedle Cartel on 28th December 2008 where Calming Storm, a guild with a number of friends, were present. Over the course of a month Rescindent was introduced to the various Heroic instances in Northrend, Obsidian Sanctum and Naxxramas. However, feeling a certain loyalty to Copula Fatalis Rescindent returned to Zenedar the following month (January 2009).

Patience vs ProgressEdit

For the next 3 months Rescindent waited for signs of renewed activity in Copula Fatalis. The return of another founding member of Copula Fatalis in March 2009 was encouraging, but did little to stir Copula Fatalis into any lasting activity.

With loyalty to the guild weighing against the new opportunities in Northrend, particularly all raid instances being 10-man, the few active members in Copula Fatalis decided to form a guild with the intent of actively recruiting ready for the challenges in Northrend that awaited to be conquered. The new guild, formed 20th March 2009, was named " Shield of Faith".

User Interface CustomisationEdit

World of Warcraft allows players to personalise their interface with any combination of add-ons, and through the progression of time Rescindent has developed his own user interface. Using two machines, a laptop and a desktop PC, has required two separate User Interfaces to be developed to minimise the use of screen space and maximise the usefulness of the interface. The principle of both UI systems is to allow cross-compatibility with button placement; buttons seen in one implementation of the UI will be in the same respective place in the other.


The desktop implementation of RescindentUI.


RescindentUI Version 3.0is the latest re-vamp of Rescindent's user interface (version 3.0) that took place on the 9th December 2008. This is a re-working of the 'Blood Knight Edition' of version 2, effectively being 'Blood Knight Edition version 2'. The revamp was necessary for Wrath of the Lich King.

Several add-ons were replaced in this version, such as eePanels for kgpanels. Others, such as cyCircled, were removed due to incompatibility and lack of further development. However, AG Unitframes, Bartender, Cartographer, Skinner, Smartbuff and VisualHeal are mainstays of the UI and are highly recommended, particularly for healing.

Add-ons UsedEdit

AG UnitFrames, AtlasLoot, ArkInventory, Auditor2, Bartender4, Cartographer, Critline, DrDamage, Deadly Boss Mods, ElkBuffBars, kgpanels, Outfitter, QuestHelper, Recount, Skinner, Talented, SmartBuff, VisualHeal, WoW Instant Messenger

Version HistoryEdit

Version 3.09 25/2/08

Version 3.0 9/12/08

Version 2.0 29/3/08

Version 1.0 23/11/07


The mobile, laptop, implementation of RescindentUI.


RescUI Version 1.3is the latest version, consolidating various changes made in terms of unitframes, buff displays and minimisation of 'screen clutter'. Some long-standing add-ons, such as Cartographer, were axed due to compatibility issues in patch 3.3.3. Questhelper was removed, to be replaced by the Blizzard quest UI, to remove the high CPU and memory usage of the add-on.

Add-ons UsedEdit

ArkInventory, Atlasloot Enhanced, Auctioneer*, AutoPlates, AutoRepair, BadBody: Anti Spam Automatic Reporter*, Bartender4, ButtonFacada, ButtonFacade: Elegance, Cartographer, Cooldownbuttons, Crap Away!, Deadly Boos Mods, Gatherer, Gatherer Database, GearScoreLite*, Grid, GridStatusHots*, kgpanels, LevelRange, Outfitter, Overachiever*, Prat 3.0, Quartz, RatingBuster, SellJunk, SexyMap, Skada Damage Meter, SmartRes2*, Smart Screenshot*, Talented, TidyPlates, TipTac*, WIM (WoW Instant Messenger), WinterTime*, VisualHeal, XPBarNone, YurrCombatLog*, X-Perl Unitframes, ZOMGBuffs

\* Optional add-ons. Can be disabled to improve performance

Version HistoryEdit

Version 1.3 07/06/10

Version 1.2 25/6/09

Version 1.0 15/1/09

Video ProjectsEdit

All of Rescindent's past video productions, within Azeroth and beyond, can be found here!

WowWiki ContributionsEdit

Copula Fatalis WowWiki page (Added and maintained)

(EU) Zenedar realm page (Updated and reformatted)

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