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January 10, 2012

Hello. You may call me Razorshark. I play WoW every know and then. My main realm is Skywall. My Characters Razorshark-Human-Warrior-Lv.49 | Mining-350 | Blacksmithing-2 Fláme-Gnome-Mage-Lv.20 LVCAP | Tailoring-IDK | Echanting-50-60 Monkeytit-Worgen-Rogue-Lv.14 | Skinning 30 | Leatherworking- 100

I have more but they are shared characters so they are classified...

I have about 25000 Gold on my Characters(not each)

On the top two I'm in a new guild me and a few friends made. Light Of The Rising Moon On my rogue he is guildless so if you wan me in a guild message me when i get on ;)

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