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HordeNPC 32Tircassia Dal'Rien
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Affiliation None
Position Paladin - Independent Warrior of the Light.
Location Unknown
Status Living
Relative(s) Maellai Dal'Rien (mother), Aetharion Dal'Rien (father), Kiyara Dal'Rien (Sister, Deceased)

Personality Edit

Tircassia is an extreme mixture of yin and yang, depending on how she is crossed. She attempts to be kind, caring, and aid those that are in need - having to make a conscious effort at it since those traits do not come naturally to her. Yet, she feels an obligation to assist others and be polite due to her status as a Paladin and the mistakes she has made in her past.

She has a sharp wit and a quick temper to boot. When angered, she usually finds an outlet in fighting, making her more warrior-like in her rage than a paladin. So far, she has shown a great amount of restraint with others who have crossed her the wrong way.

Appearance Edit

Cassi stands at 5'8 and stands broader than most other female blood elves with a musculature outline along her body at 152 lbs. Her hair is cropped short, hugging her jawline, and is the color of crimson. Her eyes, fel green in color - like her people, appear a bit darker than usual, as though the glow within them is dimming.

History Edit

Tircassia was born to her parents, who were high elven hunters living within the Hinterlands. Both Maellai and Aetharion raised their children to appreciate nature, balance, and most of all neutrality.

But that was before the Scourge invaded Lordaeron... During the third war, both parents helped to fight against the tides of undead, both forbidding their daughters from aiding. They believed that if they died, at least the Dal'Rien line would live on with both children. Kiyara was studying to be a Priest at the time, and Tircassia a warrior. Both young women were forced into hiding with others during the war, but that does not mean that they did not see violence.

After Quel'thalas fell, the family shifted gears to aid in the rebuilding of their ancient homelands. Both daughters helped in the efforts. Kiyara was especially helpful for aiding to heal the injured soldiers. They both saw the death and destruction that the Scourge left in their wake...

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