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Setremedes was born during the Second War - his father was a footman who fought valiantly, leaving his mother to tend to him. She was one of the few surviving Clerics of Northshire, but refused to become a Paladin when Uther Lightbringer brought the Azeroth refuges to Lordaeron. Thus, she devoted her life to raising her son, hoping to educate him in the practices of the Holy Light. She was mostly successful, but while she wanted him to become a Priest, he chose his own path.

As a young boy, Setremedes was always enthralled by his father's strength and valour, as he charged into battles fearlessly, in the name of the Alliance. However, Setremedes was always sure to follow his mother's lessons, and by the age of twelve he had learnt the ability to heal minor wounds. By his late teens, he had also taken up the sword and shield, and it was then that he realized what he wanted to do - he wished to become a Knight of the Silver Hand.

By this time, the Second War was over, and Setremedes' parents wished to return home. Setremedes, however, wanted to remain in Lordaeron so he could learn how to become a Paladin. Thus, he began his training, following the holy order of the Paladins and learning of courage, of honour. Setremedes was disappointed that he was unable to fight the orcs, but he saw his chance for combat when the Scourge invaded Lordaeron. Setremedes fought valiantly against the undead invaders, but it was inevitable that Lordaeron fell to the encroachers. As Setremedes lost little in the war, because his solitary training in the Holy Light made him somewhat of a loner, he was not driven to insanity much like most of the Scarlet Crusade were. Thus, he returned home to his awaiting parents in Stormwind, where he now helps train young new Paladins, hoping to revive the Order of the Silver Hand that was almost wiped out in the Third War.

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