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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
Ramtaks fake Azeroth New World Map

The WoW map as of this expansion

The mysterious swirl in the middle of the map is finnaly known that is...the maelstrom

World of Warcraft: The Maelstrom Edit

  • Related areas: Many new areas and hidden areas currently closed off
  • Related opposing forces: Burning Legion
  • Related intelligent/playable races: The addition of the Neutral faction (Goblins and Arakkoas
  • New classes: Monks and Runemasters
  • Possible new stuff: water mounts, tinker profession

New Playable Races Edit

Neutral Edit

Template:Goblin Race
IconSmall Arakkoa Arakkoa

Goblins Edit

Classes: IconSmall Shaman - IconSmall Warlock - IconSmall Mage - IconSmall Deathknight - Monk logo

Starting Zone: Isle of Kezan level 1-12

Racial Capital: Undermine

Racial Abilities: Tinker Specialist, Nature Resistance and Beg (Gives you a 20% discount on vendor items but after 1 second the price goes back to normal.) 20 minute cooldown.

Racial Mount: Red and brown Fox. Black war fox (pvp). these fox are basic wild fox's bred to be ridable and swift.

Arakkoa* Edit

Classes: IconSmall Warrior - IconSmall Shaman - IconSmall Rogue - IconSmall Deathknight - IconSmall Priest

Starting Zone: Hyjal level 1-20 (excluding a Dungeon levels 78-82)

Racial Capital: Ravatarr

Racial Abilities: Bird brain (increases the arrakoas intellect by XX for 20 seconds, 5 minute cooldown.)**, Reduced damage(falling speed reduced by 25%), Frost resistance.

Racial Mount: Grey, brown and black bears. Swift panda (pvp). These bears are small and swifter than the wild bears.

What is "neutral"? Edit

The neutral faction allows you to choose which faction you want to join (Horde or Alliance) at level 10 with a series of quests marked with a red !. After finishing the first 3 quests, which are simple speaking and killing quests, you will be put on a neather drake (flight monster) to orgimmar or darnassus (depending on which faction you choose). After arriving you will speak with either Thrall or Tyrande Whisperwind. Speaking with them will grant you the proper language skill being orcish or common.

New Areas Edit

there are a number of new areas in WoWtM

The Maelstrom - level 78-90 .

zones of the maelstrom: Edit

Instances inside the maelstrom:

New Instances Edit

Dungeon Name Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Gishan Caverns 87-90+ 10-man 1-3 Hours
The Drowned Reaches 90+++ 20-man unknown

Other Areas Edit

Echo Isles

the mysterious plunder isle

  • Hyjal - shown above
  • Kezan - shown above
  • Tel Abim - level 48-56
  • Plunder Isle - level 50-54
  • Zandalar - level 67-72
  • Gilneas - level 60-80
  • The Broken Isles - level 75-78 a portal to the eye of the maelstrom will be hee
  • Sunken Kalimdor - visable by swimming underwater off the coast of the maelstrom, nothing is there except ruins and one level ?? boss guarding a chest with several Legendary items and the great artifact known as [Bloody War Axe of the Gods]. it is unknown how many plyers it takes to kill this boss but a level 90 would get killed by him in very few hits.

The New Classes Edit

Monks Edit

a monk would start off Unarmed and move to fist weapons and pole arms. their secondary weapons would be Daggers maces and staves. Monks can be compared to Rouges in a way. at level 40 monks learn how to use all ranged weapons except guns. Monks, like rogues, use energy.

Sample Monk Abilities Edit

  • Low stealth - blends the monk with the area around him/her giving them a 25% chance to be seen also gives a 25% movement speed decrease
  • Pressurize - hits your opponents pressure point stuinning it for 3 seconds
  • Low kick - hits your oppontent causing XX-YY damage.
  • Crack - cracks your opponent across the face causing XX damage. awards 1 Combo point.

only Goblins, Undead and Humans can be monks.

Runemasters (Hero class) Edit

At level 57 you get the choice to reroll a runemaster as a hero class character. Like death knights, runemasters use runes instead of energy, rage or mana. There are 10 runes for a runemaster (as opposed to 6 for a death knight) which are 3 frost, blood and unholy runes and 1 "finishing" arcane rune that deals a more powerful spell at an enemy. Runemasters can only use staves, fist weapons and 2 handed axes (advanced). each spell casted takes up 1 rune. In order to cast the finishing rune you must have used up 3 runes within the past 20 seconds. each rune takes 30 seconds to come back.

Sample runemaster abilities Edit


A tauren runemaster on his rune giant mount.

  • Frost blast - shoots a blast of cold at an enemy chilling them for 3 seconds. deals XX-YY damage. costs 1 frost rune
  • Unholy spirit - enchant your weapon with unholy energy giving it a 50% chance to curse an enemy. costs 1 unholy rune
  • Infect - after using slash (another blood ability) infects the targets wound causing XX-YY damage over time plus an additional ZZ damage every 10 seconds. costs 1 blood rune.
  • Arcane protection - surrounds the runemaster with an arcane shield causing XX-YY damage on hit. also has a chance to chill the enemy for 5 seconds. costs 1 arcane rune.
  • Summon rune giant - summons a ridable rune giant. this is a very fast mount. costs 1 arcane rune.

all races can reroll a runemaster at level 57.

Tinker Profession Edit

The new tinker profession allows you to create weapons, trinkets and even zepplins!! It cannot be learned until you have journeyman engineering. After you learn the tinker profession you must give up engineering.

Tinker limits Edit

tinking is split up into 3 categories; gadgets, weapons and transportation. Gadgets are small things like time bombs, trinkets, pets etc. Weapons are normal weapons but split into the new tinker weapon category (instead of axe sword dagger etc.) no tinkner weapons give stat bonuses but ALL tinker weapons have a chance on hit or use action. Transportation inventions are things like zepplins, teleporters and even mounts at a high skill level!

Sample tinker inventions Edit

the number in () is the skill level required to use.

  • Tinker claws (1) - 40-57 weapon damage. chance on hit: stuns the enemy for 2 seconds.
  • Remote bomb (20) - 30-50 fire damage. goes off when you give the command!
  • Laser gun (150) - 99-133 weapon damage. chance on hit: sometimes the fire will scorch an enemy causing 100 fire damage over time!
  • Tinkers luck (70) - trinket. Use: transforms the wearer into a wisp upon death. 10 charges
  • Lead zepplin (250) - summons a zepplin that takes anyone who hops on to any neutral town or city. 1 charge
  • Mechano-duck (400) - summons a mechano duck flying mount. this is a very fast mount!

Water Mounts Edit

There are 2 types of water mounts; normal and epic. There are also 3 races of water mounts (for alliance horde and neutral). Unlike other mounts they barely cost a dime its the riding skill thats expensive!

Horde Edit

  • Blue sea dragon - increases speed by 100% in water and 20% on land
  • Swift armored sea dragon - increases speed by 200% in water and 40% on land

Alliance Edit

  • Blue sea turtle - increases speed by 100% In water and 20% on land
  • Swift scaled sea turtle - increases speed by 200% in water and 40% on land

Neutral Edit

  • Blue hydra - increases speed by 100% in water and 20% on land
  • Swift giant hydra - increases speed by 200% in water and 40% on land

More Info'

  • if used on land a breath meter appears and when it runs out your mount is dismissed (lasts 3 minutes).
  • Normal mounts cost 20 gold and require expert riding.
  • Epic mounts cost 60 gold and require artisan riding.
  • Water mounts require level 72 and are used as a form of inter island travel in the south seas and the maelstrom since they are in the same "instance" (loading screen area)

Expansions after this Edit

click here for more info

Related Edit

*the playable arrakoas are a new tribe not tied to outland

**if the arrakoa is a warrior bird brain will generate X rage per second. if the arrakoa is a rogue or monk bird brain will increase maximum energy by X. if the arrakoa is a runemaster bird brain will decrease the cooldown of rune spells by half.

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