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Ramei is a name I use some varition of in most games I play, although I don't yet have a Ramei in World of Warcraft. 

From August 27, 2008 to August 25, 2012, I played the original Guild Wars. completing all three campaigns (Propechies, Factions and Nightfall)  plus the expansion (Eye of the North) several times.  From August 26, 2012 through October 2013 , I played Guild Wars 2, getting several characters to max level but stopped playing before beating the elder dragon.  Since then I've been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, I've completed all class stories once and 2/3 of the way through second time. 

For 9 days in May 2014, I beta tested WildStar.  After tiring of dying every few minues I decided it wasn't for me.  Ironically, it was comments about World of Warcraft posted in WildStar forums by "hard core" players complaining that WOW has gotten too easy that led me to WOW.

I play both sides, one side per server, Darrowmere for Alliance and  Hyjal for Horde. For the most part I alternate, playing an alliance character for awhile than switching to horde. However, some of the Alliance characters I decided not to keep so I currently have more Horde than Alliance characters.

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Hyjalloc This user plays on the US Hyjal server.
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Characters Edit

Alliance (Darrowmere):
Kewalaka - male Draenei Elemental Shaman
Merilinor - male Night Elf Feral Druid
Vados - male Gnome Shadow Priest
Jeyna - female Worgen Affliction Warlock
Anvindir - male Dwarf Retribution Paladin
Rojavon - male Human Survival Hunter
Yingjie - male Pandaren Windwalker Monk

Horde (Hyjal):
Yulyadya - female Goblin Destruction Warlock
Qiong - female Pandaren Marksmanship Hunter
Josra - male Forsaken Assassin Rogue
Tanox - male Tauren Arms Warrior
Lachdaer - male Blood Elf Frost Mage
Sortdor - female Troll Enchantment Shaman
(this space reserved for orc deathknight [only race and class I don't have])

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